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YouTube Side Bar Missing - FIXED

Recently many YouTube viewers and creators reported YouTube sidebar missing issues. There are two sidebars on YouTube, the left sidebar and the right sidebar. So if you have trouble relating to any of them, I have the solution just keep reading the article.

YouTube has become one of the most popular social accounts. According to Hootsuite, there are around 2.3 billion users which is almost 79% of the total internet users.

What is a Menu bar or Sidebar on YouTube?

YouTube Menu bar gives you quick access to options like history, subscriptions, and trending videos.

There are two sidebars on YouTube and the left one shows options like Trending, Subscription, library, history, and many more.

The right bar shows suggested videos and extensions while playing any videos on YouTube.


How to Fix YouTube Sidebar Missing

YouTube menu navigation is very easy and impressive but it becomes really annoying when the “YouTube sidebar is not showing” or working.

I am sharing 6 quick and easy methods to fix YouTube’s right and left sidebar not showing issues. But before proceeding I would request you to restart the browser or app.

I would also recommend waiting for some time as many users suggested that the sidebar disappears but come back automatically after some time.


Method 1:- Open YouTube in Incognito Mode

Incognito mode is a private window where it does not store any data, caches, and third-party extensions. Many users have reported that the suggested video on the right sidebar has disappeared and was fixed by opening in incognito mode.

So if this work for you try method 5 and 6 to fully resolve the problem.

On Google Chrome Click on the 3 dots at the very right-hand top and choose “New Incognito mode”.

Youtube navigation bar missing
The Youtube navigation bar missing

New dark windows will be up, copy the link of the same video you have a comment problem with and paste it here in the incognito mode. Hope this fixes the problem.


Method 2:- Check the YouTube Menu bar and Zoom level

These are the basic solution and most of the time we ignore this. On the YouTube page on the very left-hand top, you will find 3 minus icons called the menu bar. Click on that icon and the left sidebar will be up.

YouTube Menubar
YouTube Menubar

You also won’t see the YouTube sidebar if the chrome screen zooms level has been increased. By default chrome zoom level is 100 but sometimes accidentally zoom level increase to around 200 and both the YouTube sidebar disappears.

YouTube Sidebar not showing
Chrome Zoom settings

Click on the 3 dots located at the very right-hand top and hover up to Zoom. Click on the – sign to reduce the level to 100.



Method 3:- Resign into YouTube (YouTube Sidebar missing)

About a month back I had the same problem and this method worked for me on Chrome.  Here you need to sign out from YouTube and sign in again.

So even if you have not signed in to YouTube, then please sign in with any of your Google accounts.



Method 4:- Disable Chrome Extensions (YouTube Sidebar missing)

Installing too many extensions can collapse sometimes or extensions like MOZ occupy the top bar space and so you may have trouble seeing the left sidebar.

I would recommend you uninstall all those extensions that you don’t identify or are not in use. You can also try disabling all the extensions to make sure what the reason behind the YouTube menu bar not working was.

To disable extensions click on the 3 dots at the very right-hand top, hover up to more tools, and choose Extensions.

how to open Chrome extensions
how to open Chrome extensions


You will see all the installed extensions here. Click on Remove to delete all those extensions you don’t identify or are not in use. For all other extensions, click on the toggle switch to disable them. Once done restart the computer


How do i get my YouTube sidebar back
How to remove or disable Chrome extensions


Method 5:- Clear YouTube Cookies and Site Data

YouTube saved cookies and site data can also be another reason behind such issues. This method also fixes YouTube comments not loading problems as well.

Click on the chrome 3 dot at the very right-hand top and choose settings. Now from the left menu bar click on “Privacy and Security” and then on “Site settings”.


Chrome site settings
Chrome site settings


Now scroll down to content and click on “Cookies and Site Data”. Again scroll down and click on “see all cookies and site data”.


Chrome cookies and site data
Chrome cookies and site data


In the search cookies bar, type YouTube and hit Enter. Click on the trash icon of every YouTube cookie to clear. Once done restart the Chrome browser and check if this resolved the problem or not.


Youtube comments not loading on chrome
Youtube comments not loading on chrome


Method 6:- Clear Chrome browsing data and Reset

If none of the above methods is working then probably the problem is with chrome which can be fixed by clearing the browsing data and resetting the chrome.

To Clear browsing data, click on the 3 dots and choose Settings. Click on “Privacy and Security” from the left menu bar and then click on “Clear Browsing Data”.


Clear chrome browsing data
Clear chrome browsing data


Click on Advanced, set the time range to “All time” and leave the Password and Autofill form unchecked. Now click on Clear Data.


Youtube comments not showing on chrome
Youtube comments not showing on chrome


To reset scroll down and click Advanced.  Again scroll down and click on “Restore settings to their original defaults”. Now click on Reset and wait until this is completed.


YouTube sidebar missing 2021
YouTube sidebar missing 2021



I am sure all the users asking  How to get my YouTube sidebar back must get the solution now. The YouTube navigation bar especially on the left-hand side is mostly used by the viewers. 

I have shared the most effective and working methods to resolve the problem. If your problem is fixed, then let us know which method worked for you. Also, let us know if you have some other solution for this problem of the YouTube sidebar not showing.


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