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YouTube recommended broken

You may be receiving irrelevant and weird video suggestions when “YouTube recommendations are broken”.

YouTube works on the specified algorithm and so on the recommended videos also depends on what searches you make and channels you follow. But sometimes YouTube may get confused and start showing you irrelevant videos.

In this article, I will cover everything about YouTube recommendations and how to fix YouTube recommendations.


What are YouTube Recommendations and how it works?

I know there is a question in your mind that “what happened to my YouTube recommendation and how to fix it” has patience let’s learn something before fixing it.

As discussed above YouTube works on algorithms there are many other criteria of recommendations like depending on the region and language.

How YouTube Recommendation works

We visit YouTube for different purposes like for entertainment, music, educations, and as a creator too. Depending on your interest, search and watch history YouTube start suggesting similar videos matching your interest.

For example, if you like watching prank videos and also subscribe to such channels then YouTube will start showing you similar prank videos in the recommendations.

But what if suddenly you start receiving irrelevant videos, which can be weird and even you get scared if such recommendations open in front of anyone else.


How to Fix YouTube Recommendations broken

I am sharing few best methods to fix YouTube recommendations both for the PC and Phone.

Method 1:- Make sure you are logged in to YouTube with your ID

Do you have a couple of Gmail ID or someone else also use your device?

If yes keep in mind YouTube with different ID sync different recommendations and if you are logged in with another YouTube account or with no account you may get different recommendations.

There can be multiple problems like the YouTube sidebar missing just because of not signing into the account.

On the right-hand top of YouTube, you will find the profile picture, make sure you are signed with your account.


How to fix youtube recommendations
How to fix youtube recommendations


Method 2:- Make sure YouTube Recommendation is ON (YouTube recommendations broken)

YouTube provides you an option of YouTube recommendation which can be enabled and disabled depending on your choice.

If due to any reasons or accidentally this option is turned off, YouTube recommendations will break and you will get random suggestions.

How to Enable YouTube Recommendation

Open YouTube on your browser and click on the profile picture at the very right-hand top. From the drop-down choose “Settings“.

Click on the “Notifications” tab located on the left-hand menu bar. Now under your preferences, you will find recommended videos, make sure this option is enabled.

You can enable other options as well if disabled, once done restart the browser and check again if this resolved the issue.


Turn off youtube recommendations
Turn off youtube recommendations


Method 3:- Reset YouTube Search and Watch History (YouTube recommendations broken)


In this method, we need to clear YouTube search history and watch history which will reset the entire YouTube recommendation.

So the people asking “Why does YouTube keep recommending videos I don’t like” so if the above solutions don’t work you need to apply this method to fix YouTube recommendations broken.


How to Clear YouTube Watch History

Open YouTube in your browser and click on the profile picture located at the very right-hand top. From the drop-down choose “Your data in YouTube”.


How to delete youtube recommended
How to delete youtube recommended


Scroll down to “Manage YouTube Watch history” and click on it. This will show you the entire watch history with all available options.


Reset YouTube recommendation
Reset YouTube recommendation


Now click on Delete which will open the new page.

Reset YouTube recommendations
Reset YouTube recommendations


Click on All time and on the next page click on Delete to confirm. Wait until the process gets completed.


How to Clear YouTube Search History

From the YouTube page, click on the profile picture again and choose “Your Data in YouTube”.

Now scroll down to YouTube search history and click on “Manage your YouTube search history”.

Click on Delete again to proceed.

Delete YouTube Activity
Delete YouTube Activity


From the time section choose All time and then click on Delete to start the process.


Method 4:- Mark Recommended videos as not Interested

If the above method worked for you till some end but still you are getting few irrelevant videos then you can mark them as not interested.

Doing this will give an indication to YouTube that you don’t want such videos on your recommendation. As these YouTube recommended sucks.

You can mark these videos as not interested both from the home page and also from the sidebar. Simply click on the 3 dots beside the video and chooseNot interested”.


How to fix irrelevant YouTube recommendations
Mark YouTube videos as not interested


Method 5:- Clear Browsing Data for Browser and App (YouTube recommendations broken)

According to few users previously browser saved caches and data from the different synched accounts can also be a cause of YouTube recommendations broken.

So for the phone, you need to clear YouTube Cache with data, and for the browser clear browsing data and reset.

Reset browser and clear browsing history

On Google Chrome, click on the 3 dots and then choose Settings from the drop-down.

From the left-hand menu, click on “Privacy and Security” and then click “Clear Browsing Data”.


Clear chrome browsing data
Clear chrome browsing data


Now click on the advanced tab and set the time range to All time. Uncheck the box of Password and Autofill form data. Once done click on Clear Data.


Youtube comments not showing on chrome
Youtube comments not showing on chrome


To reset scroll down, click on Advanced, and again scroll down to the very bottom to “restore settings to their original defaults.



Frequently Asked Question

How do I get rid of recommended videos at the end of YouTube?

If you don’t need any video recommendation either at the end of the video or on the homepage, then you need to disable YouTube recommendation from the YouTube settings.


YouTube recommended not loading?

For PC follow method 5 and for phone open settings and tap on Apps or App Manager.

In the Apps, search for YouTube and tap on it to open. Now tap on Storage and then tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache. Once done, restart the device.



The above 5 methods are the best working methods to fix YouTube recommendations broken and stop irrelevant searches.

Though many times this can also be because of a YouTube bug so in case of nothing worked for you then kindly wait for some time.

If your problem is solved, please let me know in the comment box which method worked for you. Do let me know if anyone of you has other solution for this problem

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