When does TJ Maxx Restocks

When Does TJ Maxx Restock 2022 – (Ex-Employee Advice)

TJ Maxx is a popular retail store for apparel, accessories, and home goods that provides quality products at a discounted price. But we wish to seek the latest stock and so everyone wants to know when does TJ Maxx Restock?

In this article, we will also inform you of much other related information like when does TJ Maxx gets its shipments and from where TJ gets its inventory.

All the tips and advice are from an ex-employee and my own hard collected information.


When does TJ Maxx Restocks 2022?

TJ Maxx merchandise shipments come three to five times a week and they put the new products on the shelves by the evening when the stores get closed.

Restocks are also done when the employee sees the shelves empty and so they keep filling the inventories with new products. Other famous stores like Ross restore almost all 5 days and even on Saturday.

Wednesday is the day when markdown starts and these markdowns tags are in two colors.
Now TJ Maxx inventories keep changing almost every day according to their famous slogan “Never the same store twice”.

Depending on store feasibility and your time schedule you can visit the store to check new inventories and for the cheapest price visit on Wednesday.


When is the Best Day to Shop at TJ Maxx?

If you wish to know the best day to shop at TJ Maxx, then visit on Wednesday morning as on this day they mark down everything.

Tags with red color indicate that it has been marked just once and yellow color tags indicate the final markdown with the lowest price. So look for the products with the yellow tag if you are seeking the products with the lowest price.

You must be aware that how to spot pricing errors and how to read the price tags

So by visiting TJ Maxx on Wednesday you can have a look at the latest products and also check out the products with maximum discounts. 


Where does TJ Maxx get its inventory?

TJ Maxx stores are thriving today as consumers flock to their shelves for discounted clothes, cheap home decor, and seemingly great deals.

But there is a question that more consumers are asking and less know the answer is where do all the items at TJ come from?

There are 3 main ways TJ get their products

  • TJ buys access clothes from full-price stores. Usually at the end of the selling season when retailers have extra inventories, they would like to clear the items so that they can invest in new inventories.


  • The second way is buying directly from the manufacturers. The manufacturers have many surplus products that they want to sell cheaply. Surplus products are mostly sold by such stores like TJ and so the customers get the same quality and cheaper price. 

    Does TJ Maxx get new shipments daily
    Does TJ Maxx get new shipments daily?


  • Partner with Manufacturers to Create TJ store products. So TJ gives a contract to create such exclusive products for their brand that will be only sold from their stores.

These are major sources from where TJ Maxx inventories come from. So even if the sales of other brands sales go down, TJ or similar brand sales still remain constant.

In fact, the demand for them is rising. In their second-quarter earnings report for 2021, TJ Maxx reported a 23% increase in net sales.


Does TJ Maxx sell Fakes?

Now as you read the 3 major sources through which TJ get its inventories, all 3 of them are real products.

No, TJ does not sell fake products and sells only genuine products. These products are either surplus or manufactured directly from the manufacturers for TJ.

TJ Maxx is a huge brand with multiple stores and they would never risk their business by selling fake products. In fact, their products are loved by the customers and this is why their sales never drop.


5 Shopping Secrets from TJ Maxx Ex-Employee

Now is the time to share a few additional shopping secrets that I got from an ex-employee of TJ Maxx.

So these secret tips and tricks will help you next time to shop in TJ Maxx

NO #1 TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home goods are owned by the same company which is TJ. So every TJ store does not have the same item, so the next time you must visit multiple stores of TJ to find multiple items.
If you find a shirt in the color grey and you need a red color, then you can call a different store and ask them to find it.


NO #2 – ways check the makeup and skincare department because you can find some great things. I found a product Aztec Secret that I used to get for $16 on Amazon but got for just $9.99 from TJ Maxx.


NO #3 – To get the best deal, don’t look at the compare price and better check the MSRP number which is located sometimes on the item. Because they have their original manufacturing tags and always check that you are getting the best deal on your clearance items.
Typically when clearance tags are stuck on normal tags or the original tags, they usually cover up the original price.


NO #4 -To know how much the original price of the product was before, look at the last four numbers on the ticket.

When does tj max get new shipments


When does TJ Maxx get new shipments?


NO #5 – TJ Maxx is actually one of the best places to buy many products for your pets like pet beds. There is an incredible collection of dog beds and related accessories.
TJ Maxx is also one of the few major retailers that actually invites your dog inside.


When does TJ Maxx get shipments?

Generally, TJ Maxx gets their new shipments 3 times a week, but depending on store needs shipments can be done more than 3 times.

Does TJ Maxx restock Mondays?

Yes, TJ Maxx restocks on Monday as well, but if you are planning on Monday just to get the best deal then I would recommend visiting on Wednesday.

Wednesday is a day when the markdown starts and you can grab the products with a yellow tag to get the cheaper price.

When does TJ Maxx restock online?

The online clothing clearance section for TJ Maxx is revamped and is restocked the same day as the offline store.



TJ Maxx is one of the best stores to spend some good time looking for the best products at a cheaper price.

You have learned so far when does TJ Maxx restock products on the shelves, so finally, I would recommend you to visit Wednesday for the best deal.

Let me know if you have any other shopping tips at TJ Maxx for other readers.

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