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what is idp.generic

You are here to know what is idp.generic which is basically a bug or threat mostly detected in AVAST and AVG Antivirus.

IDP stands for Identity protection and mostly detected while downloading or playing any games. Below you will get 6 ways to quickly fix IDP.GENERIC

Recently many people complained of getting IDP Generic while streaming.

So why I am sharing all this information with you, so that before fixing idp.generic avast you must know what is idp.generic.

what is idp.generic


What is IDP.GENERIC | FACTS you must know

  • Idp generic may be a Virus, Trojan, Stealing software, or maybe just a normal threat.
  • As the information on Antivirus database update keeps on changing, so possibly the name of IDP GENRIC may also change and can appear next time by any other name.
  • generic is also used by few scammers who send a fake message or a pop-up like Pornographic Virus alert from Microsoft on your browser to trick you with some money.
  • Many scammers may call you claiming that they are from Avast and will threaten by saying that your device has idp.generic virus. In return, they will ask for some money to fix it.
  • Keep your device protected with any proper Antivirus protection.


what is idp.generic


Sometime these detections may remove your downloaded files and saved data.

But possibly all these files and data may contain some harmful virus or Trojan.

In most cases, idp generic are false positive which means a check outcome that incorrectly suggests a certain file is available, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore that message.


Cause and Damage of IDP.GENERIC


  • This threat can occur while downloading an infected email attachment
  • generic may also occur while downloading any games or software from a third party website
  • Downloading software cracks from different harmful and free internet sites.
  • While clicking on malicious online advertisements
  • Visiting Pornographic or Online gaming websites


  • Important data and files can be infected or deleted
  • Banking Information can be compromised
  • Your device can be remotely controlled by someone else without your permission.
  • Online Ids and Password can be stolen as well.
  • Misuse of Social accounts
  • May damage your update files and give you an error like undoing changes made to your computer


OK, this all was the information I was eager to share with you and hope you have read the above information and will keep in your mind that what is idp.generic.


How to fix idp.generic

There are different software/antivirus and manual way to remove idp.generic threat from your computer.

We will start with software/antivirus which will be an easy task and then in a manual way. It depends on you.

Before starting I would recommend you to create a restore point in case if anything goes wrong we can easily restore our device.

How to create a restore point

  • Type create a restore point in the search box of windows
  • Click on Create a restore point from the results displayed
  • A system properties box will now come up
  • Look for create at the right-hand bottom and click on it.
  • Give any name for your restore point(you can give today date to remember)
  • The system will now start creating a restore point, wait till it gets completed


Now our restore point is created and we can now proceed towards fixing idp. Generic avast.

I am giving three Malware removal tools and recommend you use all of the three tools.



FIX #1:- Remove IDP.GENERIC with Malware byte

Malware byte is anti-malware software to find and remove all kinds of Malware and threats from your Computer.

You can download a free version and scan to find and remove all suspicious malware and files.

I know till now you know what is IDP.GENERIC and its damage, so let’s focus on how to delete it.

Malware byte scan for idp.generic

Download Malware Byte


FIX #2:- Remove IDP.GENERIC with Hitman pro

Hitman is another lightweight and portable antimalware program to remove malware, Trojan, and malicious files.

This program will also increase your computer performance by deleting all malware, Trojans, and bad files.

Let me remind you as we know now what is idp.generic and its harm so doesn’t miss any of the steps and instructions.

You can avail Hitman pro with 30 days trial and then it’s up to you.

Hitman pro


Download Hitman Pro


FIX #3:- Use your Antivirus and then follow manual removal as well

You can use your installed Antivirus program to scan and fix this threat. Make sure if you have a free version, then please uninstall it and get another paid antivirus program.

The paid Antivirus program will not only clean such viruses and threats like IDP generic but also protect you in the future.

Note:- Do not install 2 Antivirus program on one device, make sure you run 1 antivirus at a time. Installing two antivirus programs may conflict and won’t work.

If you want to purchase a new one then make sure you completely uninstall it first and then install your new Antivirus.


FIX #4:- Manually Remove IDP.GENERIC

As discussed above what is idp.geneic and deleting it manually from your computer can be complicated as compared to any Anti-Virus or Anti Malware.

Well it’s not 2 hard and you can try

Step 1:- First we need to find out the name of the malware running on our device which we can find out through the task manager.

How to Open Task manager

  • You can type task manager on the search box
  • Press Windows + R key to open RUN box and type taskmgr and click OK
  • Right-click on the taskbar and select task manager

Once the Task Manager is up, look for the suspicious program running on your computer


Step 2:- Download and install a program AUTORUNS which will help you to know all auto-start applications, their registry presence, and file location.

You can try running Autoruns in Safe mode with Networking which is preferred.



  • Once Autorun is downloaded open Autorun.exe and run it to install.
  • Now you can see the dashboard of Autoruns. Which will display all applications installed on your computer?
  • Look for those which looks suspicious or you found from task manager, right-click on it and delete it.
  • Once deleted, look for the same file on Windows search and delete it.
  • Restart your computer



NOTE: – Please read the Frequently asked question below, which will clear all the questions in your mind related to IDP.GENERIC


FIX #5:- Execute File from Antivirus


Now here we need to add Exclusion on Antivirus. I am giving basic steps to follow on Antivirus; you can look for these options according to your antivirus program.

  • Open your Antivirus program
  • Go to Protection and look for Virus Chest
  • Make a right-click on the file, select system restore and add Exclusion
  • Close and restart your Computer

Now Antivirus program won’t add the excluded file in its database


FIX #6:- Update Antivirus and Java Run-Time Environment

Outdated Antivirus may not support current IDP and can be a cause of IDP.GENERIC. Updating Antivirus and Java may fix Discord no route error as well.

You can update your Antivirus by opening your Antivirus program dashboard and look for Updates or Check for updates depending on your Antivirus program.

To update Java Run Time Environment follow the steps

  • Press Windows + R key to open RUN box
  • Type APPWIZ.CPL and click ok to open Programs and Features
  • Look for Java icon and click on it to open Java Control Panel
  • Look for update and restart the computer

Frequently asked questions


Question: – Is IDP.Generic a Virus?

Answer:-  Idp.generic is basically a malware or false-positive mostly detected by the Avast Antivirus. Idp generic may cause identity theft or money loss.



Question: – What is Generic Virus?

Answer:- Generic Virus indicates false-positive alert mostly from an outdated antivirus or program. You can follow the fixes shared above to fix the issue.



Question:- Is there a chance of coming idp.generic again on the computer once fixed?

Answer: – Probably Yes, if it comes again you need to follow these fix instructions again and keep creating a restore point for your computer and data safety.



Question:- Can I ignore IDP.GENERIC  avast

Answer: – NO, as mentioned above IDP.GENERIC is often a false positive. You cannot ignore it  



I believe the above fix methods will definitely help you to fix IDP.GENERIC and you also know what is IDP.GENERIC and its causes and damages.

Make a practice of updating your software, programs, windows, and restore points.

Go through the steps carefully and let me know if this worked for you and if not let me know I will update you with a new trick sooner.

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