What does a 60 year old man want in bed

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  1. What does it mean when your sexually active all your life from age 14 up and you’re a male and you get into your late sixties and you’re still so goddamn horny you won’t have sex twice a day to have an orgasim you do anything you can to please yourself but you can’t find anybody who wants to do it along with you am I mad am I sick good need to be treated or what but I am horny all the time I want to at least have two orgasms a day and I’m willing to take on anybody anytime 69 years old and I’m as horny today as I was when I was 22 what do I do

  2. Not all men want intercourse.
    I like to cuddle and hold a young lady that’s soft and a sweet smell. and talk about plans for tomorrow places
    to visit or just a walk on the beach holding hands.if sex is added later well that’s a plus
    but not expected good times and friendship with sex not expected. BE COMFORTABLE WITH EACH OTHER FIRST.

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