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Walmart grocery app not working

Walmart’s team keeps working on new ideas to enhance their user’s shopping experience. Recently they launched a new Walmart grocery shopping app but unfortunately, this new Walmart grocery app is not working for many people in 2022. 

So far this app has 50M+ downloads on android phones but that could be because they want to try this new app.

In this guide, I will explain why the Walmart app is not working? How you can fix it and even how you can get back the old version of the Walmart app.

So keep reading the article for proper information and solution.


Why is the new Walmart Grocery App not Working?

The main cause of the new Walmart grocery app not working is that the Walmart app server is down. This is due to the huge number of downloads and usage of apps by all the users at the same time.

So what is going on with the new Walmart app, will it work? You might have tons of questions in your mind.

Walmart is working on this and bringing several updates along with upgrades. 

But when we tested the Walmart new app on multiple phones by June 9th, 2022 the app was working fine but the next day we had several issues which we fixed with different troubleshooting steps.

Reasons your Wallmart Grocery app is not working are

  • Wallmart Grocery App Server is down
  • Network Issues
  • App not Updated
  • App Cache & Data

These are the major causes and now that you know the reason behind the Walmart grocery app not working, let’s fix it as soon as possible.

How to Fix Walmart Grocery App not Working?

Several people have different meanings when they say the Walmart grocery app not working.

Few people are not able to download this app, so other says it lags and hang a lot.

Apply all the fixes below and I am sure you will get the solution to whatever problem you have.

NOTEMake sure your phone has enough storage as the Walmart app may not work properly in case of low storage.



FIX 1 – Check Walmart App Outage

As discussed above that due to server update or overload Walmart app server goes down, so it’s better to check its outage status first.

You can check Walmart outage status on Downdetector which will let you know the current status of both the app and website.

If the Walmart server app is down then you will have to wait until it’s up again. But if there is no problem of outage then follow the below fixes.



FIX 2 – Update Walmart Grocery App

From the above causes, you got to know that the Walmart team is working on new app updates to fix the bug and issues.

So probably you are still using an outdated app loaded with bugs. So try updating your Walmart grocery app from the play store or app store.

After updating the app, restart your phone and check if the app is now working properly.

FIX 3 – Check the Internet Connection to fix Walmart Grocery App Not Working

A poor or fluctuating internet connection can cause issues with not only the Walmart app but also with all other applications on your android phone.

Due to overloaded users on this new app, it’s recommended that you must have a proper and fast internet connection.

Check your internet speed by downloading the speedtest app on your phone. If the result shows high ping and low speed then try restarting your phone. 


FIX 4 – Clear App Cache

Probably you have updated the Walmart app or tried all the above fixes then temporary data and cache can be a problem causing the Walmart grocery app not working.

If you are an iPhone user then the troubleshooting methods are shared at the bottom of this guide. For Android follow the below steps.

  • On your android phone open Settings and then open Apps. 
  • Tap on Manage Apps and then from the Apps list look for the Walmart Grocery app. 
  • Look for Storage and tap on it. Here you will Clear data, tap on it and then choose Clear Cache. 
  • Restart the phone and if still doesn’t work, come to the same menu and choose Clear Data.

Again restart your phone and check if the problem is resolved. If not, no need to worry as we still have a few more solutions for you.


FIX 5 – Reinstall the Walmart Grocery Shopping App

Reinstalling the apps and programs always helps to fix several problems. As we have tried all other troubleshooting let’s go ahead and try reinstalling the Walmart app.

  • On your android phone screen look for the Walmart grocery app. Tap and hold on to it and choose Uninstall. 
  • Once the app is uninstalled, restart your phone again. 
  • Now open the Play store and download the new Walmart app again.

Even if reinstalling and all the above solutions didn’t work for you then you better install the older version of the Walmart app.

Additionally before downloading the older version you can also try contacting Walmart. They may help you with some solution or reason why the app is not working.



FIX 6 – Download the older version of the Walmart App

Many experts and Walmart’s old users have reported that the new Walmart grocery shopping app is garbage as compared to the older version.

They recommend uninstalling this new app and downloading the old version, but the question is how will you install the older version.

For the solution, I have found a way to get the older version of the Walmart app. Keep reading the article as the steps to download the old app is below.


How to Get the old Walmart App?

Tons of people have raised a question on Google and other forums how do you go to the old Walmart App?

This is just because the old Walmart app was much easy and performed smoothly.

Before moving to the steps, make sure you uninstall the new Walmart app and then follow the below steps.

    • Open any browser on your Android phone like Google Chrome and open the Walmart old app link.

    • You will be now on the Apk mirror website and will Walmart Shopping & Grocery 21.11.1

    • Scroll down and then tap on See available downloads. 
    • Now you will get two download links, you need to download the second one that says 21.11.1 APK. 
      How to get old Walmart app
      How to get the old Walmart app



  • Once the app is downloaded, install it and enjoy the older version.

In case you have a problem while downloading the app, then try again as this is a free website with ads. 


What is New Walmart App?

Walmart recently launched a new Walmart grocery shopping app through which people can now shop for groceries, household, and many other items.

Most of the items are shipping free and for many, you may have to pay.

So you can now customize your groceries, household items, and other Walmart products sitting at home.

Another benefit of installing and using this app is that you will be always notified by Walmart of any new product restocks or offers.


How to Fix Walmart App Scanner Not Working

Many Walmart users reported that when they scan the barcode of the product at Walmart is not working.

They tried scanning from the store employee’s phone and it worked, so why is it not working on your phone. The problem occurs in both Android and also for iPhone users.

The major reasons can be because of the internet, kindly apply the below tips to fix Walmart app scanner not working problem.

  • Try Restarting your phone
  • Check internet connection or connect with some other network.
  • Clear your App cache (steps are explained above in the article)
  • Reinstall the app
  • Get the older version of the Walmart app if you are using the latest Walmart grocery shopping app.

These are the possible reasons your Walmart app scanner is not working. This will even fix the issue of the Walmart pick app not working problem.

You can also ask Walmart employees if there is an issue with their app. If yes then you must wait and avoid applying the above solution.


How to Fix Walmart Grocery App not Working on iPhone?

Most of the troubleshooting steps are almost the same as for Android phones. You can try restarting your phone and internet as well before moving to the fix below.


FIX 1 –  Update Walmart App

The very first thing that you must do is check that your Walmart app is updated.

Because of too many Wallmart new app users, the app is crashing and not working properly. The Walmart app team is working on new updates to fix this problem and probably you are still using the outdated version.

Open your App store and look for the Walmart app and kindly update if available.


FIX 2 – Clear Walmart App Cache on iPhone

Cache and temporary data can also be the cause of such problems on iPhone devices. Follow the below steps to clear the Walmart app cache on iPhone.

  • Open Settings and then tap on general.
  • Tap on iPhone storage and you will see the list of all applications.
  • Find the Walmart app and tap on it to open.
  • Now tap on Offload App  

Once done restart your iPhone and check if the issue is resolved or not.


FIX 3 – Reinstall the Walmart Grocery app on iPhone

Now, the last thing that you can try is to try reinstalling the Walmart app on your iPhone and if this still doesn’t work then you must contact Walmart support.

Simply look for the Walmart app on your iPhone screen, tap and hold on to it, then choose Uninstall.

Once uninstalled open the App Store and download the app again.


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This article contains all those working and useful fixes that can fix Walmart grocery app not working issues both on Android and iPhone.

Better start by restarting your phone and Internet for quick results.

If nothing works then apply all the fixes one by one.  As you know huge app users and internet connectivity is the major cause of this issue you must also wait for some days if nothing works for you.

Let me know which method worked for you and also if you have any other fix for this problem. 


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