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Discord screen share

In this article, you will learn how to use Discord screen share with audio and fix issues like Discord screen share black screen.

Please follow the steps given below to learn.

Discord offers Discord screen share, full Text, Audio, Video, and services and can be set up for small and big chat servers for all Gaming and business purposes.


Discord is a VoIP application designed especially for the gaming community.

This feature is mostly enjoyed by PUBG gamers and You Tubers these days.

Discord is giving great competition to all video and audio apps. Discord can be accessed on Windows, MAC, Android, IOS, Linux, and web browsers.

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Well while using Discord people may have questions or problems like


Question: – How do I share screen on mobile Discord?

Answer: – In order to make Discord screen share on mobile, you must have presenter control. If you are not you can ask your organizer or presenter to promote you to the presenter.

Keep in mind, in Discord screen share mobile your entire screen will be shared. Follow the steps

  • Hover down to Start sharing in you are the presenter box and tap on Start sharing
  • You can now decide what exactly to share


Question:- How do I make my Discord screen share less laggy?

Answer: – While running heavy tasks like Discord screen share and Game stream from Discord, your device may lag.

Try below fixes

  • End all other tasks from Task manager which are not currently in use.
  • Turn on/off hardware acceleration
  • Clearing Discord Cache Files
  • Updating Discord



How to Initiate Discord Screen Share 

Through Discord, we can Video chat with nine other people on the server while sharing screens.

People who have their business or gaming team can communicate with each other while playing games or work.

Before setting up make sure you have connected your webcam and headphones properly.


Now follow these instructions

  1. Confirm Camera Settings

There have to be some settings done to use screen share and video, follow the below steps

  • Go to the Settings icon located at the left-hand bottom of the screen(where you see your profile icon)

How to screen share on discord


  • Settings page will come up now where it will display different settings on the left-hand side, look for “Voice and Video” under App settings.


Discord screen share


  • Scroll down for video settings, and select your cam hardware from camera dropdown.


How to screen share on discord


  • In the Preview, section clicks on “Test Video” to make sure settings are ok.

  1. Make Discord Screen Share by adding friends

Now once we are done with the camera settings we can proceed to add friends to make screen share and video calls.

In Discord, you can be a member of a group server or you can also create your own group server.

Let’s add some friends and see how to share the screen on discord. So if you don’t have friends on your discord, then add some friends first.

If you already have friends on your Discord list, follow the below instructions

  • Locate to Discord icon on the left-hand top of the screen to pull up the homepage.
  • Now click on the Friends to open the friend list

Discord screen share


  • Select a friend whom you want to call or do Discord screen share by locating the cursor on his name

Discord video call


  • Now you will see 3 options including Audio and Video calls, choose video call to start a Video chat


  1. Start Discord screen share

Once Video call gets established you will see a few other features that have been explored through which you can start a Discord screen share.

Let’s have a look at all the options so that you can know what else we can do once a Video call established.

How to screen share on discord


“LEAVE CALL” this option is very common whenever we are on Video or an Audio call we get this option for ending the call.

“MUTE” option will also be displayed through which you can mute and unmute by clicking on the icon which looks like a microphone.

“FULL SCREEN” by clicking on the full-screen icon you can switch to full-screen mode and easily exit out by pressing the ESC key.



Now once the video call is established, you can easily swap to Discord screen share by pressing on the icon (Monitor screen with an arrow in it).

Now by clicking on the icon, you start screen share, and you will have an option where you can choose which monitor or a specific application to share.


  • Use Video Marquee

Now you have a few more options where if you feel that there is no need of sharing all videos then you can click on the user’s avatar to pop out video


  • Discord Screen Share Audio

Once Discord screen share started, you will have an option to share the sound.

This feature can be used while training or educating someone with the sound of the device. You can enable it by clicking on the sound button which will start Discord screen share Audio

  • While starting Discord screen share, you will get a pop up asking to share.

Discord screen share audio


  • Within the pop-up, you will get two tabs, click on Application Window and turn on Sound


Discord screen share audio


SMARTPHONE USERS won’t be able to use the Discord screen share option but can use the Video call option which is very easy

Click on the users avatar you want to call and click on the icon to call, once connected you would be able to see video icon as well.

Hopefully, now you must know how to use Discord screen share


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Discord Screen Share not working | Discord Screen Share Black Screen    


Discord screen share black screen

Many Discord users have encountered an error that their Discord screen share not working or they have discord screen share black screen.

Do not need to worry there is a solution to fix the discord screen share not working.

We will start with basic troubleshooting, and these methods are fully tested and worked for many users.


  1. Restart Discord and Device

  • The first thing you need to do is to restart your discord app and users using discord on the browser can reset and restart the browser.
  • Restart your computer, I know this is something very common but trust me 50% of the time problem get fixed just by restarting.
  • Try sharing screen now hope this may fix the Discord screen share not working and if not switch method 2.



  1. Clear Cache folder of Discord to fix Discord screen share black screen

As Browser and Device Caches create issues that get fixed by clearing and deleting the Cache files similarly clear Cache of Discord can also fix Discord screen share black screen.

So here we need to delete the Temporary and Roaming data of Discord

  • Close your Discord App and Browser
  • Open RUN by typing run on the search box or pressing Win+R key

Discord screen share black screen


  • Type %appdata% and press OK to open the Roaming folder
  • Look for the Discord folder and delete it by making a right-click on it


Discord screen share black screen

  • Start your Discord again and check hope this will fix the Discord screen share not working

If not don’t worry there are many other methods remaining and keep in mind most of the time just one method only fix the issues


  1. Let’s update the Graphics Driver

Many of us might know the black screen on the computer was also because of the outdated graphics drivers.

Discord screen share black screen can also be because of a faulty or outdated driver.

So here we need to update the graphic driver manually or with the help of any third party program like driver easy which will automatically detect the system settings and update the required driver.


How to Manually update the Graphic Driver

If you want to update drivers manually then follow the steps

  • Press Win + R key and to open RUN
  • Type devmgmt.msc to open Device management

Discord screen share black screen


  • Once the device management screen is up, look for Display Adapters
  • Double click on Display Adapters to see your graphic card

update graphic driver


  • Right-click on your graphics card and click properties


graphic driver properties


  • In the next screen click on the driver tab and click on Update driver

update graphic driver


  • The next screen will come where it will ask “how do you want to search for drivers”
  • Check your Graphic card manufacturer website to download the driver and click on “Browse my computer for driver software“.                                 

How do you want to search for graphic driver


Check how to download from the Graphic manufacturer site

  • Search for the graphic driver by name and the open official site only
  • Now look for the driver and click download
  • Choose between Mac and Windows
  • Select Version 32bit or 64bit and download
  • Once downloaded, follow the above point



 How to update Graphic Driver through Paid Software

 If you feel challenging updating the driver manually you can purchase driver software from   AMAZON which will automatically update everything for you.

What you will need to do is to just purchase the software, install and run it


  1. Enable/Disabling Discord Hardware Acceleration

Applications like Discord which offer screen sharing features occupies a lot of space in the standard CPU of the Computer.

It uses other hardware as well for this purpose to give the best performance and if it fails to find good hardware or hardware acceleration it may cause a problem Discord screen share not working.

Follow these steps to enable Hardware acceleration on Discord.

  • Open the Discord dashboard and click settings which are on the left-hand bottom near to your profile
  • In the setting, the screen looks for Appearance in the Apps settings section.

Discord screen share black screen


  • Now in the Appearance scroll down and look for Hardware Acceleration

Discord screen share black screen

Turn off if it’s on

Turn on if it’s on



  1. Update Discord

Updates are recommended for all the devices and apps from all the manufactures because updates are only for fixing bugs, improving security, features, and Discord no route.

So maybe Discord screen shares not working just because of pending updates and updating Discord may fix it. This is how you can do it

  • Open the RUN box by pressing the WIN + R key
  • Type %appdata% and hit Enter or OK

%appdata% for roaming folder


  • Look for the Discord folder and double click on it


update discord


  • In the Discord folder look for update.exe if you find it, it means updates are available and if not or it fails and goes to update failed loop you need to fix it first. Ignore it which means your Discord is already updated

Once the update done restart your browser and Device to fix the Discord black screen


  1. Close all other apps

Extra load on CPU, hard drive, or Ram may cause Discord black screen, so please keep some free space on all memory.

Close all the programs which you are not using or not in current use.

This is how you can do

  • Open RUN by typing WIN + R key
  • Type taskmgr and hit Enter or click on OK

How to open task manager


  • In the Task manager for to Processes tab and check for all those Apps and Background Processes which are not required

Apps and processes on task manager

  • Close all the apps not required to free some space
  • Run Discord again


   If you are using Google chrome for Discord or any other purpose

Browser occupies a lot of space in your memory and disk, and if you notice in the task manager, it says that there are more than chrome tabs open then what exactly you are running.

So we need to understand what exactly occupy so much of space

  • Please remove all the chrome extension which you are not using
  • Close all the extension which are not currently in use

                – Click on Chrome 3 dot which is on the very right-hand top and click on more tools

                – In more tool look for Task manager and click on it


Chrome task manager


                – Now you will see all the tabs and extensions currently running

              – Close all which you don’t need (Exception:-  GPU Process, Utility Network and Utility Audio service)


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Discord has emerged as one of the most popular and full-featured communication apps providing text, audio, video, and screen sharing options which are booming now especially for gamers and businesses.

Discord users are increasing day by day and many people from other social apps like Skype have switched to Discord.

So while using this app and its feature we may have some issues, so we must be aware of how to fix these issues without having any delay in our work.

In this article, I tried my best to cover all the information on

How to screen share on Discord?

Discord screen share Audio

Discord screen share not working

If still, you have any issues which have not been covered in this article then I am here to help you.

Please mention your comment and query in the comment box to let me know what else you want to know

Call at 1866-244-3059


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