How to Fix “Unfortunately NOX launcher has stopped” Working on Windows 10

Nox has its own use and benefits but what if you get errors like “Unfortunately nox launcher has stopped” working on Windows 10 or Windows 11.   

But the best part is we have the solution for this problem and applying these solutions will even not take enough time.

I understand how a gamer or a game streamer feels when such an error occurs.

I have been using emulators like NOX and Bluestacks for the last 4 years and know very well how to fix NOX players not opening issues.



How to Fix “Unfortunately NOX launcher has stopped” Error

So here in this article, I am sharing the best and 5 effective solutions that will also fix other related problems like

  • Nox google services has stopped
  • Nox app player not working
  • Nox Crashing on Windows 10

Perform these steps one by one, even if you have tried any of them before.


SOLUTION 1 – Increase Virtual memory Size on Windows

Low memory is one of the major causes for the “Unfortunately nox launcher has stopped” error.

Low memory or extra load on Windows 10 can also cause system thread exception errors

The best solution is upgrading your RAM, but here I am giving the temporary solution that will do the work.

  1. Open your Windows settings. You can search by typing windows settings in the search box.
  2. Click on System, scroll down the left-hand menu options, and click on “About” which will be at the very bottom.
    Nox crashing windows 10
    Increase Virtual memory on Windows 10
  3. Now on the right-hand side, under the related settings, you will find “Advanced System settings” click on it.
  4. A system properties box will now be coming up and by default, this will open the advanced tab. Now under the Performance box, click on Settings.
  5. Another performance box will be up, click on the Advanced tab.
    How to increase Virtual memory on Windows 10
    How to increase Virtual memory on Windows 10
  6. Here you will find Virtual memory, click on change.
  7. Now by default, this will be checked on “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives”. Uncheck this and check the Custom size.
  8. In custom settings, you will find the Initial size and maximum size. In the initial size type the value that is shown in recommended and now in the maximum size type the value 3 times of initial size.
    How to change Virtual memory on Windows 10
    How to change Virtual memory on Windows 10
  9. Once done click on Set > OK > Apply > OK

This will ask to restart the device, which you can do later once done with all the methods.


SOLUTION 2 – Close all the other Apps to fix Unfortunately NOX launcher has stopped

Your PC and NOX will also freeze and stop working if you are using multiple apps and emulators like Bluestacks.

Let me explain, applications like Browser, emulators, games, and editing software occupy a lot of space both on your disk and memory.

So the solution is you need to close all these applications which you currently don’t need.

You can close it from the task manager, see the steps below.

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and choose Task Manager or you can also use the shortcut key by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + Esc key.
  2. From the task manager box, click on the “Details” tab.
    How do i fix unfortunately NOX launcher has stopped?
    End all tasks on windows 10, not in use
  3. Look for the application that you want to close, right-click on it and choose “End process tree”.

Do the same for every application you want to close.



SOLUTION 3 – Quit NOX player completely and Restart Again

Probably, there are some NOX files running in the background which can create the error of “unfortunately nox launcher has stopped”.

So lets completely quit NOX and restart the game again but make sure you apply this solution after the solution 1 and 2.

  1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + Esc key to open the task manager.
  2. Now click on the “Details” tab and scroll to find NOX.exe, make a right-click on it and choose “End process tree”.
  3. Come back to the processes tab again and assure no NOX files are running.

Once done restart your NOX player and see if this fixed the problem or not.


SOLUTION 4 – Disable Antivirus and Restart Internet

Antivirus can be another major cause of NOX players not working problems.

Here in this solution, we need to temporarily disable the antivirus and also restart the internet connection.

If you are using any third-party antivirus like Norton then kindly disable or quit it temporarily.

For Windows Defender follow the below steps

  • On the windows search type windows security and open it.
  • Click on “Virus & Threat protection” and then click on manage settings which will be under the Virus & threat protection settings.Disable Antivirus to fix NOX stopped working errorDisable Antivirus to fix NOX stopped working error
  • Here you will find the real-time protection, disable it by clicking on the toggle.

Once done restart your modem or router and PC as well. Check back again and I am sure this will resolve the problem.



SOLUTION 5 – Completely Reinstall NOX Player to fix Unfortunately NOX launcher has stopped

Have you tried all the above methods, nothing worked for you?

No needs to worry you still have hope.

Reinstalling applications is also one of the best solutions to fix any application issues.

Here we need to completely uninstall the NOX player using third-party software called Revo uninstaller.

Completely removing means deleting its entire file from every location on the PC

Follow the below steps

  • Open the Revo uninstaller website, click on Free download.
  • Once downloaded, click on the downloaded file, choose RUN and follow the installation wizard.
  • Revo uninstaller dashboard will now be up, click on NOX player and then click on Uninstall from the top menu.
    How to fix unfortunately nox player has stopped
    How to completely uninstall Nox player
  • Revo will now start creating a restore point and a new box of NOX will appear. Click on Uninstall and from the Revo uninstaller click on Scan.
  • Found leftover registry keys box will now be up, click on Select all and then on Delete.
    How to completely uninstall NOX player
    How to completely uninstall NOX player

Nox is now completely removed from the device, restart the device and download the Nox player again.

I am very sure, the problem of “unfortunately nox launcher has stopped” will now be resolved.


How to Fix Nox Google services has stopped working

Google Account login is the first screen you see when you opening the NOX emulator.

Things can go wrong and you may receive an error of a “Google service has stopped”.

You can try 3 solutions that will surely fix the problem.

Solution 1 – Change Android Version

  • Open your NOX emulator and then from the right-hand side menu options, click on 3 ⋯ dots to bring up more options and choose “MulDrive”.
  • Nox multi Instance manager box will now be up. At the right-hand bottom, you will see a blue tab of Add Emulator, and just beside is a 3 … dot, click on it.
    How to Fix Nox Google services has stopped working
    How to Fix Nox Google services has stopped working
  • Now this will display the 2 different versions of Android. Now make sure you change it between 5 and 7.


Solution 2 – Change Phone Model number

Many users suggested that they fixed the issue of Nox Unfortunately Google services has stopped just by changing the phone model number on the NOX player.

  1. Launch your Nox emulator and from the top click on the Settings gear icon.
  2. System settings box will now be up, from the left-hand menu options click on “phone model & internet”.
    Nox google services has stopped
    Change phone model on NOX player
  3. Now click on the drop-down of the phone name and from the suggestions choose “Google Pixel 2”.
  4. Click on Save and then restart your NOX emulator.

Hopefully, the problem will be resolved.            


Solution 3 – Reinstall Google Play Services

Now if the above two methods doest work for you probably the problem might be with the Google services.

Reinstalling Google play services may fix corrupted files and other problems.

To reinstall you need to download an APK, follow the below steps

  1. Launch NOX player and open the default inbuilt browser of NOX.
  2. Now simply click on the link to download the apk file. Once you open this link download will start automatically.
  3. Click on the downloaded file and hit on Install to proceed.
  4. Once installed open NOX settings and then open Apps.
  5. In the app’s sections, look for Google play services and choose Clear Cache.

Restart your NOX player and see if the issue is fixed  

Bottom Line

NOX player is a great way to access your phone application on a Windows computer.

But no doubt, you may also face some problems like the “Unfortunately NOX launcher has stopped” error or NOX “Google play services has stopped” error.

But the best part is there is a solution, and hopefully, so far you have started applying these solutions.

If you still have trouble or any other issues related to the NOX player let us know in the comment box.


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