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undoing changes made to your computer

In this article, you will learn about the windows 10 error of undoing changes made to your computer on your screen and 7 ways to fix it.

OK JUST CALM DOWN we will fix this problem and there is no need to worry as there are many methods to fix this issue of Windows update.


This error can be because of 3 reasons.

  • You have an old device where you are updating Windows 10 features and security programs, so compatibility issues can also be a cause of Undoing changes made to your computer.
  • Windows update gets installed on your C: drive where OS is installed, so probably your C: drive doesn’t have enough space and due to this Windows update gets stuck.
  • Your PC took a long time to update so you shut down or restarted the computer which can also brick the PC.


undoing changes made to your computer


Though there can be many more other reasons but the 3 reasons I listed above are the ones which I got to know while troubleshooting recently. 

You may get a blue screen on the device with a few of these messages

undoing changes made to your computer                                                              we couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes                                          couldn’t install some updates because the pc was turned off     

we couldn’t complete the updates


NOTE:- [Perform all the methods one by one starting from the method 1]

Method #1:- Wait for the update to fix Undoing changes made to your computer

Yes, If you have time then please go with this method, why I pushed this method on the top because recently I fixed one of my user’s computer by leaving it as it was for around 3 hours and when I came back I saw the regular screen of Desktop with all the desktop icons.

This method can only be tried if you have time; let’s suppose you got this issue in the evening then you can leave it for the whole night and check in the morning.

If this doesn’t work then follow the method 2



How to Enter the Windows 10 recovery environment from Boot

Before proceeding towards the other methods we must know how to bring the advanced options like SAFE MODE, RESTORE, RESET, or REPAIR options.

We have trouble starting our Windows so we might not be able to bring these options through the normal Windows settings.

So let’s see how you can bring these options while starting the computer.


NOTE:-Perform these steps carefully by reading the instructions as you may need to follow few steps multiple times

  • Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to turn off the device (1)

undoing changes made to your computer

  • Now press the power button to turn on the device
  • Once Windows come up with a logo sign, press and hold the power button again for 10 seconds until the device shuts down. (2)
  • Turn on the device again
  • Repeat step no 3 which is as soon as Windows gets to start to press and hold power button for 10 seconds(3)
  • Start the computer again and wait till you see WinRE screen which is Windows Recovery Environment


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Method #2:- Restore the Computer

Why I am recommending you to go with this method as number 2 because through this way you can easily switch the computer to an earlier date when it was working fine.

As at this period of time we need our computer back so that we can proceed with our work.

So this issue of we couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes can be easily fixed by restoring the device to an earlier date

Please follow the steps to restore your computer and fix Undoing changes made to your computer

  • Once you are inside the Windows Recovery Environment please look for TROUBLESHOOT and click on it.
  • Look for Advanced options and click on it.
  • In the Advanced section, you will System Restore and once you click on it, it may ask you for Windows password in order to proceed

System restore in Windows 10


  • After putting your password you will be getting a new window of System Restore, click on Next


System restore in Windows


  • In the next window, you will see a few restore points created. Check on the box of “Show more restore points” which will display more restore points.


undoing changes made to your computer


  • Highlight the one you want to go with and hit next.
  • Confirm the restore point and click Finish.


system restore in Windows


  • Wait till the Windows restore your computer.

If this fixes your issue of “undoing changes made to your computer” then you are all set no need to proceed ahead, if not follow the Method no 3


Recommended Laptops for you on AMAZONMethod #3:- Go with Start-up Repair

Instead of finding and spending a long time for the solution, we can run start-up repair which will automatically fix all issues which are preventing Windows to update.

Start-up repair is a Windows default feature that we simply need to run.

I am starting with the easiest way and this will be a good way as a start-up repair look and fix the missing and damaged files.


Let’s see the steps to run Start-up repair and fix we couldn’t install some updates because the pc was turned off error message in Windows 10.

  • Enter the Windows Recovery Environment by restarting the computer 3 times as instructed above.
  • Go with Advanced start-up/Automatic repair and select troubleshoot
  • Now select Advanced option and click ok

Start-up repair in Windows 10

  • Select Start-up repair and click Ok.


Now this will start looking for the problem and try to fix it, if not proceed with the Method no 4


Method #4:- Clear Software Distribution Folder

The software distribution folder is an important component for Windows update and managed by WUAgent (Windows update agent).

This folder temporarily store files needed for the new updates which help our device to fix bugs and improve security.

But in some cases, the Datastore and download folders stop synchronization which can result to update failure.

So at this situation problem of we couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes can be fixed by deleting the software distribution folder.


To delete the folder we need to enter inside the Windows through Safe mode with Networking Follow the instruction to clear the folder.

  • Enter the Windows Recovery Environment and choose advanced start-up/Automatic repair.
  • Go to Advanced options from the Troubleshoot and select start-up settings


undoing changes made to your computer


  • The Start-up window will now come up, look for Restart at the right-hand bottom of the window and click on it.

undoing changes made to your computer


  • Now once windows start you will see multiple choices to start the windows, where you can use function keys F1 to F9 to make a choice.
  • As we have to go with Safe mode with networking, press F5.

Start-up settings in Windows 10


  • Now the Windows will start in safe mode, so before clearing the folder we have to stop a few services
  • Type CMD in the search box and choose Run as administrator


cmd run as an administrator


  • Type the following command

“net stop wuauserv” and Enter

“net stop bits” and Enter

undoing changes made to your computer

net stop bits


  • Let’s go to the location and delete the folder now by typing  C:\Windows\Software Distribution in the search box

undoing changes made to your computer


  • The software distribution folder will now come up, press CTRL + A key to select all, and then right-click on to delete the files

undoing changes made to your computer

Restart the computer now and I hope now this might have fixed your problem of undoing changes made to your computer.


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Method #5:- Use the DISM Tool  to fix Undoing changes made to your computer

Windows will not be able to run updates if any system file is damaged, so in order to fix the issue, we can use the Deployment Image servicing and management (DISM) tool to fix the system files.

How to run the DISM tool

  • Enter into the Windows recovery environment.
  • Look for Advanced options in Troubleshoot and then Command Prompt

how to open command prompt while booting windows 10

  • Now the black window of Command prompt will appear on which you need to type

“DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth” and Enter


undoing changes made to your computer

  • Once the command is completed, restart the computer


Hopefully, this fixed the problem if not


We have a few more methods to fix “undoing changes made to your computer”                                            


Method #6:- Reset the PC to FIX Undoing changes made to your computer

You might be thinking why I am recommending this method in the last because I started from the easiest and safest way of keeping in mind to save your data and time.

Don’t worry by resetting your PC you won’t be losing your personal files and data, what you will lose is all the installed apps.

Follow these steps

  • Enter the Windows Recovery Environment and choose to troubleshoot.
  • Click on Reset this PC

Reset this PC in Windows 10

  • Now you will be displayed with two options

“Keep my Files”

“Remove Everything”

  • Click on Keep my Files as this option will keep all your data and files safe except installed apps. Remove everything option will delete all the files and data.


Keep my files while reset this PC



Method#7:- Fully Formatting the PC

If nothing works, we can’t leave our computer as it is, the final way to get rid of this problem would be to go with the full format which will delete everything from the PC.

Then we can install fresh Windows again and use the computer.

To do so you need to choose the option of Delete Everything by following the steps of Reset this PC

remove everything while reset this PC

Keep Optimizing your Device

 Computer Optimization is very important and all Windows devices should be updated every week.

When we browse on the Internet many unwanted junks and files get saved on our computer. These files can harmful and damage system files.

→ Keep Deleting Temp, %Temp% files.

→Reduce Start-ups

→Uninstall unwanted data, software, and applications

→Optimize your browser to prevent from an error like dns_probe_finished_nxdomain


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: – What do undoing changes made to your computer means?

Answer:- This is a blue screen error that will be stuck to the same screen every time you restart. This mostly occurs because of the Windows update.


Question: – How long does undoing changes made to your computer take?

Answer:- If you got this error and did not restart your computer, then Kindly wait for few hours. If still nothing happens and takes ever then you can follow the above methods to fix.


Question: – What happens if you turn off your PC while updating?

Answer: –  Restarting or shutting down a computer in the middle of updates may cause severe damages to the device. 

If it was shut down because of power failure, then try updating again. In such cases, the computer can be bricked as well.


Question: – What is a bricked Computer?

Answer: –  A device that gets bricked won’t turn on and function properly. A bricked computer can’t be fixed through a normal process or software. 




Windows operating system is one of the most used operating systems and we face many issues as well.

But it becomes easy when we easily get troubleshooting steps on the internet to fix our problem.

Windows 10 update issue of undoing changes made to your computer can easily be fixed by the above-mentioned methods.

Finally, I would request you all to leave your comments in the comment box if the above methods did not work for you. Do let me know if you have a similar problem on your Windows.

I will definitely bring easy troubleshooting steps for that. We couldn’t install some updates because the pc was turned off issue can also come by different error message as well; let me know for that as well.

Thanks for reading! Be safe and positive in your life   

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