Snake bite in Dream good or bad

Is Snake Bite in Dream Good or bad – (3 Hidden Truth)

Dreaming about something is very common but what about a snake bite dream, is a snake bite in dream good or bad.

I have seen people with a scared face in the morning after seeing such dreams.

Now there are different spiritual meanings of snakebite in dreams in different religions.

Most people see 3 types of snakebite dreams during sleep.

  • Snake is biting you in your dreams.
  • Snake is chasing you
  • Or, a snake is biting someone else.

There can be many scenarios like biting on different parts of the body.

In this article, we will cover everything that you should know and what you must do after seeing such dreams.


Is Snake Bite in Dream Good or bad

According to most of the different religious experts, a snake bite in dreams is a bad indication.

I went very deep to find what a snake bite in a dream means with different religious spiritual leaders.

Though there are lots of variations with different meanings like

  • Snake biting while pregnancy
  • You are playing with a snake
  • Snake biting on your toe or any other part of your body.


Snakebite’s meaning is almost the same in different religions like Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.

Let’s quickly see and understand all of them.


Bitten by a Snake Dream Meaning

What is the main reason behind the snake-biting dreams, let me share the truth and real secret of this universe about snake bite dreams.

Is snake bite in dreams good or bad and how this can affect us.

However, snake-biting dreams can be of many types in many conditions that we will discuss below but mainly there are two kinds as discussed above. 

  • one is the snake is biting you in your dreams and the second one is
  • snake is biting somewhere else in your dreams

But both kinds of dreams have deep secrets in themselves.


1 – Snake biting you in your Dreams

So now if you see a snake is biting you in your dreams it’s a very clear sign to you that nowadays you are doing something very wrong with yourself.

Because the snake is also the symbol of your soul in this kind of dream and your soul is suffering from your mind thinking or thinking patterns.

Or probably you are making some kind of future plans that you should check again.

Because your God is giving you signs that nowadays whatever planning you are making will not get successful because you have missed something very big in your planning.

Our soul knows everything, even our future. That’s why our soul gives us some indication of dreams so if you see snake-biting dreams during sleep just check your current planning deeply and try to find out possible errors.


2 – Snake Biting someone else in your Dream

If you see a snake biting someone else in your dreams it means this universe gives you some indication for your loved one.

Nature, first of all, tries to give an indication to someone in his dreams himself but when someone fails to get nature’s clue then this universe approaches his close related person.

Snake biting someone else in Dream
Snake biting someone else in Dream

Now it’s a very clear sign to you about your loved one that a particular person is not in the right direction or making some big mistakes.

So now it’s your responsibility and time to show your love towards them.

Better you speak to them about their planning and try to find the mistakes. 


What does a Snakebite in a dream mean during Pregnancy?

How many people have questions about what a snake bite symbolizes during pregnancy?

I spoke to a woman who had these dreams for the last 3 to 4 months, she said

I have been having a dream where most of the time black snakes bite me most of the time, sometimes a white snake as well.

The next day I feel some physical problems like stomach pain and now I am really scared and not sure what to do.

Now in such situations, all pregnant women need to protect themselves from the negative energies of people.

Bitten by a snake dream  when pregnant
Bitten by a snake dream when pregnant


Snakebite Dreams in Pregnancy meaning according to Hinduism

During pregnancy women’s kundalini (divine feminine energy) is very aggressive and women are advised to safeguard themselves with negative energy called “ Nazar ”.


Snakebite Dreams in Pregnancy meaning according to Islamic interpretations

These dreams are mostly through the “Shaitan”.

Women are advised to be careful against the people who can harm them and never share these bad dreams with anyone.


Snakebite Dreams in Pregnancy meaning according to Christianity

Pregnant women getting snakebite dreams means it’s warning you against the people who can harm you or betray you.

Few experts even say that it can also be indicated towards miscariage and that’s the reason many women feel physical problems like stomach pain on the very next day.

You are advised to be in touch with the people whom you trust.


You are playing with a Snake

As I said there can be many scenarios related to snakes and one can be if you are playing with a snake during your dreams in sleep.

Though this is not something indicating any kind of negative or positive energy but points towards the romance.

Many mens start thinking of other womens why they become bore from their wife on bed or either not interested in them.

According to Hindu interpretations, these dreams of playing with a snake are mostly seen by the men.

This means that a man is in seek of sex and keeps thinking of sex and watches most of the women with the imagination of sex.

Such men are advised to better have sex either with their partner or find some alternate solution to get relaxed.


How to know Snake Bite in Dream Good or Bad as per the bitted area

As you know snakes can bite anywhere depending on how our position is.

Mostly you may have seen a snake biting on the foot and then on the hand, now depending on where the snake bit you in your dream it can have a different meaning.

Now I am not sure which religion you follow so I shared a little on the different spiritual meanings of snakebite in dreams according to different religion experts.

However, below I will share detailed information that different followers of Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism say about such dreams.

But let’s first understand and see whether snake biting in dreams in different areas means. 


Dream on Snake Bite on Foot

So far I believe you have understood what exactly snake bite in a dream meaning is and if a snake bite in dreams is good or bad.

It’s clear this dream indicates a bad alert and warns you according to the type of bite. 

dream of snake bite on foot
dream of snake bite on foot

Check these few interpretations and indications of snaking biting on foot

  • A clear indication that some hurdles will be there in your future plans or in the upcoming days.

  • Lack of confidence and chance of betrayal while making a stand.

  • Pointing your mistakes as you might be on the wrong track or not following proper religious beliefs. 

According to some beliefs, dreaming of a snake bite on your toe can symbolize the matter of your security or life risk.

I am not sure as these are just beliefs but I have seen people saying this.

So as a precaution you must be careful for a few days and avoid any task that includes risk factors.


Dream on Snake Bite on Hand

Snakebite on hand dream can also be of two types that can be either on the left hand or the right hand. 

According to the Bible, the right hand is identified as the special place of honor and symbol of glory.

Snakebite dream on hand indicates that either you are surrounded by lots of negative things and toxic people which you are ignoring so far.

You are advised to be alert and stay away from such people and pay special attention to the things you were ignoring so far.

Difference between Snakebite dream on the left or right hand

Snakebite on hand can be on either your left or right hand so does that really make any difference.

There is no such authentic information on this but according to some religious experts, you should be more careful when the dream of a snake bite is on the right-hand side.

So it’s just a matter of high and low priority according to me. 


Dreams of Snake Bite on Finger

Now while reading this article you need to keep in mind that area where snake bits in your dreams are associated according to the body parts.

Though the meaning of snakebite on the finger in dreams is a minor indication that you need to be more serious towards your decision in order to make the right decision.

Especially if you are in leadership which can be towards your family or public then you need to be more careful as you may lack confidence.


Snake Bite Dream Meaning & Precautions according to different Religion Experts

Different religion experts mostly see this snake bite dream in a negative sense.

However, the meaning and precautions can be a little different according to all of them, and here we will understand according to 3 major religions

If you even belong to any other community you can consider this dream a negative sign and better consult your community expert.


Snake Bite Dream Meaning and Precautions according to Christianity

I will share some authentic information here with references given in the bible. In Ecclesiastes chapter 10 verse 8 the Bible says


He who digs a pit with fall into it

And whoever breaks through a wall

Will be bitten by a serpent.


The snake dream is one of the most common dream activities among the children of God today. Whenever you see a snake in your dream the first things that a child of God should do is to pray against serpentine spirits and thereafter pray against Marren Network

When God asks a man to do something and the person does not want to obey or is akin to the voice of God then that person has broken the edge of his protection.

So serpents are biting you in your dream to transfer those spirits, those poisonous substances into your body.

In other ways, a snake bite is poisonous and deadly. Once a snake bites you in your dream many meanings have been generated. It can resort to untimely deaths, it can resort to struggle and it can resort to difficulties.

Way-out after seeing Snakebite in Dream

Now in order to feel better and get yourself out from the problems and trouble the first thing that you should do is take a shower and think about all the problems and negative energies.

Rest follow the below instructions

  1. Give your life to Christ, if you did not have full faith so far then better feel regret for that and come under the shelter of God by praying with a pure soul.

  2. Repent from every known sin.

  3. Break every covenant between you and marine spirits.

  4. Separate yourself from evil inheritance and barricade yourself with the fire of holy ghosts.


Snake Bite Dream Meaning and Precautions according to Islam

Now the most satisfying answer I got was from a few Islamic experts as they defined these dreams in very practical parts.

According to Islamic experts, snake bite dreams can be because of

  • Some gastro problems 
  • Overthinking about any specific term or object.
  • Shaitan might be misleading you

Now again this indicates negative energy and you are advised to better keep away from such negative energies through adopting positive energies.

There can be no better option than GOD in terms of positive energy. 

Way to Out 

I spoke to 2 Islamic experts and according to them 

  1. You should immediately recite “audhubillah min al shaytan al rajeem. audhu billahi min ash shaytanir rajim” three times which means “I seek refuge in Allah from the outcast Shaitan”. After reading this you should whiff 3 times in the air.

  2. Experts also advised that you should read  “Surah Falaq” and “Surah Naas” for the next couple of days until you feel relaxed or stop seeing a snake bite in your dreams.

Apart it’s better to stay away from all the bad works that you were doing or planning to do in the future that is against Islam or humanity.

Think of the people who are hurt because of you and better apologize.


What If Snake Fight with another Snake to Save you

What if you are being chased by a snake and another snake comes and saves you. 

One of my friends saw a similar dream, he told me

A small snake was trying to attack me and suddenly a bigger snake comes and saves me.


According to Islamic experts, the interpretation of this dream is that a small snake was your enemy and a bigger snake was a savior sent by the grace of Allah. You will be helped by someone with whom you have never expected or thought of.


Snake Bite Dream Meaning and Precautions according to Hinduism

In Hinduism, different sub-communities have different views on these kinds of dreams.

But according to Hindu astrologist called Swapna Shastra, snakes in dreams can symbolize both negative and positive energies.

Snakes represent death, rebirth, mortality and are also worshipped because snakes are associated with Lord Shiva and Vishnu.

According to Brahma Vaivarta Purana chapter no 77, if you see a white snake biting in your dreams then it’s really a good symbol and indicates that you will be wealthy soon.

But astrologers according to Swapna shastra have explained the meaning of snakes coming in dreams in very simple words.

Hindu Interpretation if Snake is chasing you in a dream
  • If you see a dream where a snake is chasing you and you are scared then it means in your real life you are scared of your future. 
  • You are really worried about something 
  • Or, either you are not able to accept the truth or don’t have enough strength to accept it.


Hindu Interpretation if Snake has bitten in your dreams
  • This warns you against danger and threat coming into your life.
  • This can also be an indication against any disease or health issues.
  • You must start bringing some changes in your life and need to be careful for the upcoming few days.



I have also seen people with no reactions after seing these type of dreams and avoid it moving ahead. Even nothing happens to them as I know someone for a example.

Now what my recommendations are that you should take some precautions and follow as advised by your religous experts.

So is Snake bite in dreams good or bad, you know what all experts says and let me know your thoughts on this.

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