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how to run EXE files on MAC

In this article, you will learn how to open exe files on Mac with the best and free software.

What is an EXE file?

EXE is a short form of “executable” and standard file extension for all Microsoft users to open Windows programs.

The content of an EXE file may include code and reference details that can be used to load associated developer files included in the corresponding application.

Below you will read how to open EXE files on MAC.



How to run EXE on MAC?

  • In Microsoft Windows, double click the file to open.
  • In other GUI operating systems, a single or double click can open the file
  • To open in MS-DOS, type the name of the exe file and press Enter(type only the file name without exe)
  • In Linux and Unix, type ./ before the file name which you want to open(for ex: to open file name SKY type ./SKY )


How to open the EXE files on MAC?

Exe files are for made for Microsoft users but now there are several ways to use.EXE in MAC.

There are 3 ways to run.EXE file on MAC and all the software comes with the paid and free version if you want to run Windows on MAC free.

How to open EXE files on MAC


1. Through Open Source Program

WINE or other similar emulators in the market. WINE is an Emulator that will help you to open Windows.EXE file in MAC.

To be very honest this Emulator may not work sometimes, in this case, you can try the second and third methods. WINE is free

How to open EXE files on MAC

How to use WINE to open exe files on mac?


  • The homepage of this website will come up, click on Winbottler 1.8.6 stabler, depends on your OS X Capitan.


  • Click download when prompted, which will take you to the advertisement screen which you have to skip by clicking on Skip ad.                                                                    Make sure you do not click anywhere on the screen. Please disable your Adblocker if it creates a problem and you may try again.                                                                        Have patience you will get it if everything is done carefully.


  • Once downloaded, double click the WineBottler set up file and drag both the WINE and WINEBOTTLER icons into the blue Applications.


  • Now make a two-finger click to your exe file to get a drop-down menu.


  • Once drop-down comes up point to open with, which will give you few options.


  • Doing this will give you an alert message “you are about to open a WINE file” where you need to choose Run directly in and click GO

How to open EXE files on MAC


FILE JUICER only helps in searching files inside the .EXE folder, it won’t open .EXE files.

It searches the entire file byte to byte. File types such as JPEG, JP2, PNG, GIF, PDF, WMF, PICT, BMP, EMF, HTML, ZIP, FLASH, MP3, WAV, AVI, MPG, MP4, AU, AIFF or any text file will be saved to your desktop or another folder you choose.
run exe files on mac with FIle juicer



2. Install a Virtual Machine software on MAC:

Install a virtual machine on your MAC and run any operating system you want.

Load Windows OS to use all their features and .EXE files. In this method, you are not running EXE on MAC but on windows.

There are many programs in which you can install and load other OS in your MAC. Few I will recommend are


PARALLELS DESKTOP to open exe files on MAC

Needs a MAC OS with an Intel processor, and why I recommend this because it does not require to restart your MAC every time you wish to use WINDOWS.

Run Windows on MAC with Parallels

Parallels Desktop automatically detects what you need to get started with so you are up and going within minutes, you will be prompted to download and install Windows or any existing operating system.

How to install Parallel Desktop on MAC to run Windows on MAC free

You will need a copy of Microsoft Windows
Install on a part of your hard disk
Make sure this drive is always free of malware and viruses.
Keep MAC part of your disk separate from Windows



VMware Fusion for MAC

Needs a MAC OS with an Intel processor and its an alternate option to Parallel Desktop.

  • VMware is well known in Windows which is used by many people to enjoy other OS like Windows 7, 8, 10, Server or Linux on VMware machine. MAC users can also use VMware Fusion to run Windows on MAC
run windows on MAC with Fusion
Fusion will help you to open .exe files on mac



3. BOOT CAMP to open exe files on mac

Apple MAC is now coming with the Intel process built on it through BOOTCAMP, which allows installing a real Windows operating system on MAC.

It’s just like you switch your user account similarly you can switch between MAC and Windows by simply restarting the device.

How to use Windows on MAC


How to use Bootcamp on MAC?

Here Windows operating system works at a very good speed which is also a very good feature for MAC users.

It makes you feel like having both Windows and Apple devices on the same computer.

Boot Camp supports Windows 8. 8.1 and 10. How to open EXE files on MAC?


How to open EXE files on MAC


Steps to download and Install

  • Download an ISO version of Windows from Microsoft website or if you have already had used it.


  • Open your MAC utility folder, you can make a search from the search box located on the right top of your screen.


  • Look for Boot Camp and double click on it.


  • Set up guide page will appear on the screen now, follow the instructions carefully where you need to select the location to install Windows.


  • Restart your MAC and the next screen after restart will be of Windows installer screen.
  • In the next screen, it will ask you to select the system you want to use to start up your computer. If you are installing from USB you may need to select as it may automatically take in case of ISO file within the device.


  • Again follow the instructions of on-screen windows installation, restart your MAC at the end as you did while setting up Boot Camp.


  • Hold down ⌥ Option alt option key which will load the Startup manager windows.


  • Release the Option key when the Startup Manager appears, which will display all different drives from which you can start your MAC.


  • Go with Bootcamp by clicking on it which will load your MAC into Windows Operating System.


  • Now you are in the Windows system, you can now locate to yours.EXE file and use it until you are logged in Windows through Bootcamp.


How to open EXE files on MAC




  • If you take my recommendation I would recommend Either Bootcamp or WineBottler.


  • Please stop looking for free and browsing to many different websites that may download much harmful malware or adware programs.


  • Download only when you have enough need for Exe or Windows on your MAC.




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