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QUORA Marketing in 2019

What is QUORA and the use of QnA forums?

Digital Marketing is growing day by day and every year new trends are introducing to make search results better. Providing the right and relevant information to the readers who are searching on the internet. Each and every search result has to provide complete information to the user so that they can stay on the site more time. In this article, we will read how good Quora Marketing in 2019  for Marketers and Quora Ads.

QUORA is one of the leading QnA websites where people leave their questions and get the right answer to all categories by many people.

Quora Marketing was very useful for Marketers who started answering the questions relevant to their specifications and very quickly. Bloggers and Marketers got huge followers which is one of the best strategies to do the branding of your product.

People coming on QUORA for asking Questions

QUORA was launched in 2009 and since then it has gained much popularity, users increased day by day all over the globe.

Now people along with Google and Youtube also refer to QUORA for their exact doubts and questions. This gives both options to their users they can broadcast their question and even ask any specialist answering in QUORA on relevant topics.


QUORA Marketing for Marketers and Bloggers

QUORA since 2010 became a very strong tool for Marketers and Bloggers, they answered questions related to their Specification.

Day by day they increased their popularity and followers on QUORA, where they got their right Audience for branding and traffic on websites.

This was very useful till 2018, but now it seems marketers and Bloggers are not so regular and interested in Quora

Now the question is why this happened, are they not interested in QUORA anymore, or they got another good platform?

Why a lot of Marketers stopped using it, reason  below

  1. Marketers after gaining popularity on QUORA started Blogging and had an option of Blog which was based on some of their eligibility. In 2019 Quora removed the Blog option.
  2. Blog directly helped Marketers to get their Audience’s attention on their product and Website. This helped in getting good output and earnings.
  3. Challenges with post link became another problem for Marketers. While posting answers for those questions which is relevant to their blog and product marketers also mention their blog link. Which also increased brand awareness and traffic on the website.
  4. Lack of followers and visitors is also one of the important reasons. People now after getting their questions skip following and visiting their website.
  5. Other Forums Engagement, other QnA sites like Reddit and Stack Exchange.


Quora connecting people 2019

QUORA may launch new strategies or features to gain the Marketer’s attention back. Still, it’s on the top of all QnA websites. Users still love the graphics and mode of QUORA, hope something new again.







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