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How to play free Computer games smoothly or make your Computer smoother before downloading any game, Play Pogo on PC.

Are you facing trouble playing online games and if not also follow these instructions before playing online games or downloading games for PC. Play free Computer games to play Smoother on Computer 2019

Most of our senior’s citizen wants to play online game but they face lots of trouble while playing any online games such as POGO Games, Spider Solitaire, Jigsaw Puzzles, Crossword Puzzles or any online games you are interested to play. So no need to worry now follow simple instructions and get rid of all gaming issues.


Play POGO games smoothly

Pogo Games Support phone number


 1.Close all your other applications before starting your Online Game

Please close all your applications on your computer which are not currently in use for you as all those applications occupy much space on your computer and do your processing slow and so on it stop your games run smoothly. So here what you need to do simply follow the instructions given below and even we are putting the screenshots for you to make it easy.

  • Right-click on your taskbar at the bottom of the screen and select task manager
  • The next screen will come up with the Task Manager box which will show you APPS and BACKGROUND PROCESS tab. Now Right-click on all apps which are not currently in use and click END PROCESS.
  • These instructions are for Windows if you have an Apple Computer go to Apple logo on right-hand top and once you click on the apple logo you will get an option to quit all applications.

Free Computer games to play

How to open task Manager in Windows 10How to close apps and background process from task manager

2. Check your Internet Speed and start free Computer games to play on Computer 2019

Internet speed may affect your game speed as well in most of the games, so kindly make sure you have good internet speed. This can be done only by calling your internet service or cable provider and ask them to give a boost on your internet speed. Internet is also a big cause of online game not running smoothly. Check your internet speed first.

Pogo Games Support phone number


3. Make few Computer setting which will stop Online Games Lagged

There are a few settings that you can do to stop online games lagged and even it will increase your computer speed.

  • Type RUN on your search box which is located at the very left-hand bottom and hind ENTER
  • Small box of RUN will appear on left-hand corner where you need to type MSCONFIG and click OK
  • Next screen will come of System Configuration box where you will see many tabs like General Boot Services Startup
  • You need to click on Boot tab, on Boot tab you will see Advanced Options. Click on Advanced Options
  • Boot Advanced Options screen will come up, where you will find an option of Number of Processors. Please check this box and click the drop-down box below to choose the maximum number displayed there and click Apply and OK.
  • It will ask to restart the Computer so please restart now.

How to open System Configuration in Windows ComputerSystem Configuration box in Microsoft ComputerBoot options in System ConfigurationChange number of Processors from Boot Advanced option

4. Do not install any third-party software or tools until you are not friendly with that

  • Make sure you do not install any third-party software or tools available on the internet until and unless you are not an expert or friendly with such tools. These software can create and make big changes which can bring more glitches on your games if not installed or configured properly
  • Uninstall all those applications from your computer which you are not aware of, to do this follow the instructions
  • Go to RUN again by typing RUN on search box and type appwiz.cpl on RUN box and click OK
  • You will get screen of Programs and Features with all applications displayed
  • Uninstall all application which are not in use or you don’t identify by making right-click on it.

Uninstall or change a program in Windows Computer

5.   Delete Browser History and Reset your Browser

Try Playing all online games on Chrome Browser and delete history and reset the browser on every week.

Free Computer games to play

Online game settings

If you still think following these steps would be challenge for you please Contact at +1215-857-8124 and we will help you to fix all your problem as there are many internal game settings which will be quiet tough to do.

Enjoy Online Games with free support to Senior Citizens

Free Computer games to play

Play Online Games Smoother on Computer 2019

  1. POGO Games
  2. Puzzle Games
  3. Card Games
  4. Casino games
  5. Mahjong Games
  6. Facebook Game Fog
  7. Candy Crush
  8. Facebook Gameroom


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