No Sound on Computer FIXED | Windows 10 sound not working

Windows 10 sound not working | How to Fix Audio issues on Computer

Most of the time it happens with all of us that everything seems to be Ok with our computer and speaker but still, we get no sound, and here we start getting frustrating, here we go Windows 10 no sound FIX

This problem can be because of some software glitches, conflict or computer settings 



Let’s fix Windows 10 sound not working with very basic steps

  1. Make sure your audio is not muted, it accidentally happens that our sound is mute and we try our best messing with other settings.
  2. Double-check your speaker audio jack, by plugging another device just to make sure your speaker jack is OK.
  3. Remove all other external devices from your computer, reboot and check again.

Check Volume Mixer on Windows to make sure sound is not muted


Let’s fix Windows 10 sound not working with advanced settings


Updating Audio Driver from Device manager can fix Windows 10 sound not working problem

  • Type device manager on search box, and click on device manager from the selection list.
  • New window of Device manager will appear, look for  Sound, Video and Game controller and double click on it, your sound card will displayed now right-click on your driver and click update driver.
  • If Windows is unable to update the driver, you can go directly on manufacturer website and download from their or you can also try uninstalling and reinstalling your driver

Uninstall and Reinstall from Device manager can fix Windows 10 sound not working problem

  • Right-click on the audio driver and select Uninstall.
  • Reboot the computer, Windows will automatically reinstall the driver.

Update sound driver from device manager



Audio troubleshooter may also help you to fix the problem, here what you need to do

  • Type Audio troubleshooter in the search and box.
  • Select Find and fix problems with playing sound from the list of results and hit next.
  • You will be prompted to troubleshoot the problem, select the device and start troubleshooting.

Check audio troubleshooter on windows Computer


3.  SET YOUR DEVICE TO DEFAULT to Fix Windows 10 no sound

If you have connected your device though USB or HDMI, make sure you set your preferred device to set as default, follow the steps

  • Type Sound in the search box and hit Enter
  • Soundbox will appear on the screen
  • On the playback tab, you will see your device listed
  • Right-click on the device you want to be played and select set as default

Set your speaker default device on windows computer



  • Type Sound in the search box and hit Enter
  • Soundbox will appear, look for playback tab and you will see the device which has been set as default
  • Right click on that device and click on properties
  • Disable all your Enhancements.
  • Increase the volume to full in Level tab



After Reboot hope the problem gets fixed

if not mention on comment and explain the exact problem with your Computer and  Windows exact information


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