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Netflix code nw-2-5

The Netflix code nw-2-5  is an error that indicates that there is a network connectivity issue and does not allow to reach the Netflix service.

This error you may face on different devices like PlayStation, Roku, Xbox, Blu-ray player, Smart TV, Nintendo Wii U, and other Streaming media player.

There may be few other reasons as well which may show you Netflix unexpected error. So let’s proceed on how we can fix Netflix error code nw-2-5.

netflix code nw-2-5

How to fix Netflix code nw-2-5 error?

We can fix Netflix code nw-2-5 in many ways depending, which of the method work

There are 8 methods in which you can try fixing Netflix error code nw-2-5 or any Netflix unexpected error.

Below we will also help with troubleshooting steps to the people who have related questions.

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Why I am getting Netflix unexpected error?


Method #1. Confirm your Internet Connectivity (Netflix code nw-2-5)

The first step you should proceed with should be with checking your Internet Connection as your weak or unstable Internet connection may result in Netflix error code nw-2-5.

You may check your Internet Connection for issues like Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration and test use Internet speed from Speedtest.

If your speed check fails to load or indicate weak connection you should contact your Internet service provider to fix your Internet connection.

Make sure you fix your Internet before following other troubleshooting steps and if your Internet is working fine you may try the next steps to fix Netflix unexpected error.



Method #2. Make sure streaming apps are allowed by your Internet Service provider (Netflix error code nw-2-5)

Many times we are accessing our Netflix streaming from a different location such as school, restaurant, hotels, and shopping mall which have a public internet connection and can have a limitation on streaming or may have a slow connection.

Using Public Internet connection can also result in Netflix code nw-2-5 error.

Keep in mind, Cellular Data or satellite connection may have the same issues.

So if you feel Netflix download not working or get Netflix error code nw-2-5 to try switching to a proper Wifi connection.


Hotspot uses may also have the same error.

Try to find the exact issue which is creating trouble, it’s not necessary that the problem is only with your Netflix it can be also with your Internet or on the Device you are using.

If you are using on Computer, a slow computer or any virus on it can also be an issue.



Method #3. Restart your Device (Netflix code nw-2-5)

Most of the time Device restart fix the problems, so do not forget to follow this step.

Below are the instructions which will let you know how to restart your devices like Roku, Smart TC, Play station, etc.


3.1 Restart your Blu-ray Player(Netflix code nw-2-5)

  • Unplug the device from power and leave at least 120 seconds.
  • Once the device is unplugged press and holds the power button for at least 10 seconds to discharge it, if there is no power button then just unplug for 180 seconds and plug it back.
  • After finishing the above step plug the device back in and turn on the device.
  • Now open Netflix again, hopefully, this may fix Netflix error nw-2-5 on Blu-ray Player.


3.2 Restart your Roku (Netflix not working on Roku)

  • Unplug your Roku device from power for at least 20 seconds and plug it back again.
  • Turn on the Roku device from Roku remote.
  • Once the device is up, wait at least for 120 seconds and open Netflix
  • Once Netflix is up, wait for a few seconds and avoid pressing any key, hope this will fix Netflix not working on Roku or Netflix code nw-2-5.

Do the same for Play station


3.3 Restart your Smart TV (Netflix error code nw-2-5)

  • Unplug your Smart TV from power and leave it for at least 120 seconds.
  • Now press and hold the power button of the TV for 5 to 7 seconds to discharge it, if you don’t have the power button let the TV unplugged from power for at least 4 minutes.
  • Now connect your TV back to power and turn it on.
  • Open Netflix.
  • Hopefully, this fixes your Netflix error code nw-2-5 on Smart TV.

Do the same for any streaming media player like a set-top box


3.4 Restart your Xbox 360 after checking DNS settings (Netflix unexpected error)

  • On your Xbox’s controller look for the Guide button and press it.
  • On the next screen look for
  • In the Settings, section look for System Settings and then for Network Settings.
  • Select your network and go with Configure Network.
  • In Configure network look for DNS Settings and choose
  • Now restart your Xbox and try using Netflix.
  • Hopefully, this fixes the Netflix code nw-2-5 error.


3.5 Restart your Play station after checking DNS settings (Netflix unexpected error)

  • Go to Settings from your Play station main menu.
  • Locate to Network settings and select Internet connection settings.
  • Now press OK to confirm and select
  • Then, you will be displayed with two options of Wired connection or Wireless connection, you have to choose one depending on your connection.
  • For Wired connection, select Auto-Detect.
  • For Wireless go to WLAN section, select Enter Manually and press the right directional> button 3 times to get your IP address setting. This will populate your SSID, Security, and password.
  • Now for the configuration go to IP Address setting and select
  • Choose Do Not Set for DHCP hostname and Automatic for DNS Setting.
  • Now for MTU select Automatic and Do Not Use for Proxy Server
  • Select Enable for UPnP and press the X button to save the settings.
  • Now you need to test the connection, select Test Connection, if the connection test goes successful then you can try Netflix and if fails proceed to further troubleshooting steps.

Netflix not working on Roku


Method #4 .Now restart your Modem/Router (Netflix unexpected error)

As we know now most of the time problems are fix by just restarting the device, so if method 2 does not work then you are still left with the Internet Modem or Router restart.

Let see how you can do that.

  • Unplug the Modem/Router Cable from Power.
  • Remove the LAN cable from the Modem/Router and wait for at least 120 seconds.
  • Now plug your cable and power back as it was before.
  • Turn on and wait until no new indicator lights are blinking on.
  • Now try Netflix again hope this fix Netflix downloads not working as well.


Method #5. Bypass the Router (Netflix download not working)

If method 4 also doesn’t work try bypassing your router and connect your device directly to your Modem which can fix Netflix code nw-2-5 error.

Many times the problems pursue with the router and we keep on restarting every device.

Let’s bypass the router and connect your device directly to Modem and try using Netflix if it works you can continue using it and make complain to a Technician to fix the problem or contact your Internet service provider.

The following steps may also fix Netflix download not working issues.

  • Turn off all your Modem and Device
  • Connect your device directly with Modem
  • Turn on your Modem and Device back again
  • Wait for 120 seconds and Try using Netflix error code nw-2-5


Method #6. Make sure to get best Wi-Fi Signal (Netflix not working on Roku)

for best wifi connectivity


If nothing is working make sure you to improve your Wi-Fi Signal, because in many cases this was also a reason which gives Netflix code nw-2-5 error especially where Netflix not working on Roku.

What you can do to improve the connection.

  • Put your Router and Modem at the top of the shelf or to any place which is on the high location.
  • Make sure devices like Microwave, Phone, Cordless, Oven or any similar device are not very close to your Router and Modem.
  • Also, try changing the location of your Modem and Router.
  • Call your Internet service provider and ask them to change the cable and Cable jack which connects to your Router and Modem.
  • Disconnect other devices, if multiple devices are connected to your network.

Method #7. BT Parental Controls (Netflix error code nw-2-5)

BT Parental Controls is especially for children to maintain web safety through which we can disable many websites or apps.

So make sure if you are also using such service then make sure you or somebody else at your house did not disable Netflix which can also give you Netflix unexpected error like Netflix code nw-2-5.

Netflix code nw-2-5


Follow these steps to enable Netflix

  • Login to your BT Parental account.
  • Once logged in, you will see the dashboard where you need to navigate at My Extras page and then to Personalize your settings.
  • In the settings just switch off BT Parental Controls and wait for at least 5 minutes.


Method #8. Check for Virus and PC Configuration if you are using Netflix on PC (Netflix code nw-2-5)

Yes, Virus or slow working computer can also create a problem to play Netflix on your PC and may give your problems like Netflix error code nw-2-5, Netflix unexpected error, Netflix download not working or maybe some other errors.




What you can do to fix Netflix code nw-2-5 or other Netflix problems

  • Make sure you have proper antivirus protection, if yes run the scan and if no kindly contact the Security geeks at 1-215-857-8124
  • The slow working computer can also create such problems, so optimize your computer or Call Online technician for an instant fix at 1-215-857-8124
  • Check your firewall to make sure it’s not blocking your app.

There can be many other problems faced by Netflix users, just mention your issue on comment and we will get back very quickly with another blog to fix that problem.

People who have some other ways to fix the problem, please mention your help in the comment box

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