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Is flight club a legit

You may wonder whether is flight club legit or fake, you need to know that a lot of people ask the same question every day. 

To help you with your question, we’ve prepared an article that includes information about the company and its products.

Flight Club is an online store selling shoes and clothing. You can find authentic high-end sneakers, but there are some people who say they are fake.

There are two sides to the story so it’s hard to tell truth from lies but we reviewed customers’ opinions and gathered some details about it.

We value your money and want that it should spend on the right product. Below you will read about Flight club reviews and can flight clubs be trusted for an online purchase?

Is flight club authentic
Is flight club authentic

Is Flight Club Legit?

Yes, Flight Club is a legitimate website and a store. Every shoe sold on Flight club goes through a quality and review process before putting them on store shelves.  

Most people like to clarify that is Fight club legit or not before making a purchase from them.

Flight club mostly sells shoes online on their website The domain is about 20 years old but they are in business since 2008. This means they can be trusted as they are selling their products for the last 14 years.

Is flight club a legit website
Is flight club a legit website

Now if I talk about the product and customer reviews many people have given negative reviews for Flight club. Most of the review was on 

  • The sneaker received from the Flight club was fake
  • The problem with returning shoes
  • Wrong shoe size

However, there is no such organization that doesn’t have negative and bad reviews. According to me, Flight club is a legit organization but their service and management are very poor.


My Personal Review on Flight Club (Is Flight Club Legit)

My first experience using flight club will be 100% honest and would only share the information that will help you to understand whether is flight club legit or not.

I went on and I ordered my desired shoe. It’s crazy because a lot of people are making these people videos of their shoes being fake so I’m mentally prepared just to see what’s going to happen.

  • What I found was that the product came from DHL hong kong the one thing that really made me mad as it was from overseas.

  • The second thing that made me upset is that after placing the order they took a long time with an answer that they won’t be able to ship the order because of Covid as I placed the order in March.

  • It seems because most of the products come from either overseas or they even display the product that is even not in stock.

I finally decided to cancel the order and when I spoke to their customer support, they gave a lot of excuses and apologies. Further, I warned them that I am going to the bank to create a chargeback and then they finally decided to ship my order.


Should You Buy from Flight Club

As I said flight club is legit but their services are really worse. They do have their offline stores in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami which I think are better to visit and buy.

If you are from these places or currently at this place then you should visit their store for amazing Jordan and Nike sneakers.

But for online purchases from Flight club, I am really not sure. There are people who get their right orders at the right time but there are many who don’t.

So still you might have a question can flight club be trusted for online purchases and Is Flight Club Legit?

Try placing an order from Flight club by talking to their customer support first. Assure everything and keep a recording of your conversation. Wait for the delivery and if it gets delayed or goes anything wrong then warn them that you will go for a chargeback.


What is Flight Club

Flight club is one of the most well-known sneaker resellers and a popular place to shop sneakers in the united states

There are rarely any other places where you would get these sold-out Jordan sneakers and Nike sneakers.

Flight Club keeps restocking its products regularly just like Ross and Lululemon.

Flight club is basically a retail store where people sell their used and new shoes. Once you create your account as a seller you can sell your product and 20% of the commission is taken by flight club.

I wish they had more stores in the United States and other countries as well. I would also request them to improve their service as it seems they work more for money rather than customer satisfaction.


How does the Flight club work?

When people get choosy they surely see some good articles in the flight club collection. Flight club does not have its own products and so they have different ways to fill their stores with attractive shoes and sneakers.

The major source through which flight club works are

  • They have collaborated with many manufacturers and shoe suppliers from Hong kong.
  • They have seller’s accounts where people list their old and new shoes to make money from flight clubs. 

This is why people seek limited edition or 90s AirJordan shoes on Flight club as the owner lists them on the website.

Flight Club has a review team who verifies the products listed on their offline and online stores. But it doesn’t seem to be working as per expectation because many customers receive either the wrong product or the wrong size.

They even don’t have a proper refund and return policy that is really mandatory today for an online store.


How to Sell Shoes on Flight Club?

Hopefully, you have information now on “Is Flight Club Legit or not“There are many people who are making good money by selling shoes on the Flight Club website.

Probably you have a few good collections or are already in the same profession then you can also try your luck here by listing a few best varieties of Jordan, Nike, and Adidas sneakers.

How to Sell on Flight Club
How to Sell on Flight Club

In order to start, you need to create your account on their seller page.

  • Visit the Flight club sellers page and create your account by filling in all the information.

  • Once you have created the account, type the name of the shoe brand that you want to sell and then choose the shoes from the list.

  • Look for the shoe that you want to sell and then click on it which will take you to the next page to enter details like shoe size, quantity, lowest price, and lowest consignment price.

  • Once you have submitted these details you need to either ship your shoes to them or you can also drop at their stores.

The commission fee charged by Flight club is 9.5% plus a $5 seller fee. When you decide to cash out, there is an additional 2.9% cash-out fee charged by them.



Is flight club a real store?

Yes, Flight club is a real store and currently they have three offline stores in the United States located in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

They mostly do their business online through their website.

Does flight club sell fake shoes?

No, Flight club does not sell fake shoes but most of their shoes comes from Hong kong. Why people think as this fake because their tag and most of the things are in chinese language.

This feels weird but they are the original products. They have a review team who verifies the shoes first before listing it but there are again exceptions and few people may get fake shoes.

Are Flight Club shoes brand new?

Flight club sell both brand new and old shoes. So you will all limited editions and unworn vintage sneakers on their website and stores.

Currently they have thousands of customers and they ship their products around the world from these 3 stores.



In spite of several bad reviews on Flight club, they are selling their products all over the world and that means they are legit but very poor in their service and management.

You now have enough information on whether is Flight club legit or not. So if you are planning to buy shoes from their stores then you must do some research like compare their price to other stores and take precautions by keeping their records.

If you are nearby to their offline stores then you have luck as you can easily pick the right product.

Please share your experience if you made a purchase from them or if you have any other queries.

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