Is Expedia Legit

Is Expedia Legit? (2022 Reviews) – Read Before You Book

While booking your hotels or flights you look for some discounted platform like Expedia but also comes with a question is Expedia Legit or is it reliable?

Good News, I have personally researched Expedia.

So, you will get all detail on Expedia and would be able to decide whether to deal with Expedia or not.

Expedia pricing is impressive and cheaper in comparison to and Airbnb.

But cheaper services also raise the question of whether is Expedia trustworthy to book hotels and flights.

Now, let’s start giving answers to your questions.


Is Expedia Legit?

Yes, Expedia is a legit and reliable travel agency to book your hotels, holiday home, flight, and cars. But when it comes to cancellation and refund. Expedia services are really not good.

You also need to compare prices from direct hotels, airways, and other travel agencies so you may have no complaints with prices.

Expedia is an old company that was founded as a division of Microsoft in 1996 and further sold to IAC in 2002.

Later IAC spun off Expedia and now it’s operating as a private travel agency. 

I guess this may assure you that this is a big, legit and reliable organization.

Still not satisfied, no problem let me share a few more points.

On average approx, 70 Million+ people visit the Expedia website and this clearly indicates that huge people have trusted this travel agency.

Is Expedia trustworthy
Is Expedia trustworthy


Let’s also see Expedia app ratings 

Expedia has 10M+ downloads on the Play store with a rating of 3.6 which is not too good. But when I read their reviews most of the people were complaining about the cancellation and refunds.


Expedia Customer Reviews (2022)

As we are clarifying whether is Expedia legit or not, customer reviews will better give you an answer.

It’s important to let you know what experience customers had with Expedia.

Here we are taking a few trusted and big review platforms like Trustpilot where Expedia customers have rated the service of Expedia.


Expedia Customer Reviews on Expedia Reviews (4.0 )

On Expedia’s official website they have got around 89,766 reviews over the last past year with a rating of 4.0 .

Expedia Reviews
Expedia Reviews

According to the reviews, people are happy with Expedia but seem to be disappointed with the service and the rental company listed on their website.

Let’s see a few more reviews on other platforms that will help to get a better answer whether is Expedia legit or not.


Expedia Customer Reviews on Trustpilot (1.1)

On Trustpilot, there are a total of 6,107 reviews of Expedia and they have got a bad rating.

Expedia got 1.1★ out of 5 which is really very bad.

Expedia Reviews on Trustpilot
Expedia Reviews on Trustpilot

When I read the reviews all the reviews were either related to their service or price comparison.

If you take my honest review on Expedia, after reading all reviews and details I found their customer service is worst with unprofessional staff

The customer satisfaction level is also very low and Expedia needs to work on this.


Expedia Customer Reviews on SiteJabber (3.3 )

Sitejabber is another good platform where people visit to review their experiences with the businesses.

There are a total of 2,111 reviews on SItehabber, customers have rated 3.3★ to Expedia.

Expedia Reviews on Sitejabber
Expedia Reviews on Sitejabber

Again customers have been complaining about Expedia services like unprofessional staff and issues with cancellation.


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Is Expedia Legit for Booking Flights?

Expedia is mostly used for flight booking and hotel booking. But you may have a question like should I book from Expedia or directly and which will be better. 

Let’s see how suitable Expedia will be for you or reliable for booking flights.

I am sharing my honest review on booking flights with Expedia.

I am also a frequent flyer and what I have noticed is that the prices really fluctuate on Expedia. 

Sometimes you may get a good deal on Expedia and sometimes flights rates are cheaper on the direct Airlines website.

You better check the prices both on Expedia and direct airlines for the best deal. If the price is almost the same then I would recommend that you should directly book from the airline’s company.


Is Expedia Legit for Hotels and Vacation Homes?

Most of the hotels and holiday homes are listed on travel agency websites like Expedia.

When it comes to hotels and vacation homes, I recommend booking through Expedia.

Let me explain, why Expedia is recommended for hotels and Vacation homes.

According to my personal evaluation and many other frequent travelers, hotels, and vacation homes, prices are cheaper on Expedia.

When it comes to staying at any small hotel or holiday home, there is a safety and service assurance from Expedia. 

In such cases, it’s better to book through a legit platform instead of booking with them directly.

But in the case of any high-class and reputed hotels or vacation homes, you can compare the prices and then accordingly book it.


Is Expedia Safe?

Expedia has its own pros and cons and so you must be a little smarter to avoid risk and save money.

There are major concerns of people while booking or making transactions online are like 

  • Personal Safety at the property
  • Safety of service and assets.
  • Safety of payment and personal information
  • Safety against booking frauds and scams.

So, am I safe if I book with Expedia?

If you are booking hotels, vacation homes, and cars then at least you have all the above safeties.

Your payment details are safe as the Expedia website is SSL secured and has a trusted payment gateway.

This is safer at any hotel or vacation home when you book through Expedia as your record is saved at Expedia and even they have an insurance policy.


Does Expedia guarantee the Reservation?

Expedia has a hotel price guarantee program for Expedia rewards members only.

If you are registered in this program and find a lower price for any hotel that you booked from Expedia, you will be eligible to get a refund of the difference.

Does Expedia guarantee the reservation
Does Expedia guarantee the reservation?

This works in 3 simple steps

  1. Check if your Expedia booking qualifies for the refund. 
  2. Take the screenshot of the page with the lower price, and send the screenshot and page URL to Expedia.
  3. If you are eligible, you will get a refund. 

Under the program, if you find a lower rate online for the same hotel booked through Expedia, up until the day before check-in, it will refund the difference. 

But that guarantee only applies to “Pay Now” reservations and not for “Pay Later” bookings.


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Why Expedia is Cheaper

Expedia is cheaper because they buy hotel rooms and flight seats in advance at discounted prices.

Let me explain in simple words

Very common like stores that buy products wholesale at a cheaper price and then retail those products to the customers.

Why Expedia is Cheaper
Why Expedia is Cheaper

The discounted price is so good that they even provide cheaper prices to the customers compared to direct Airlines and hotels.

The majority of the time flight tickets, hotel rooms, and vacation homes are either cheaper or equivalent to direct Airlines and hotels. They manage pricing according to the season and demand.


Tips to Avoid Expedia Scams?

Before going to plan your next international trip, you need to read this complete article. 

So far you got to know that Is Expedia Legit or not? and its reviews, here are some tips to avoid all scams on Expedia.

Here we will give you the best tips to avoid Expedia scams and get the best deals for your hotel and flight reservations.

In order to protect yourself from scams and frauds, it is important to know a few tips on how to use this website efficiently.


1) Check the website address

It is best to check the URL bar periodically to see if there are any strange or unfamiliar characters that have been added throughout your browsing session. 

This could be a sign of a potential scammer on the site, so beware.

How to Avoid Expedia Scams
How to Avoid Expedia Scams


2) Stay away from third-party vendors

These vendors usually offer discounts for payments made via wire transfers or cash-based money orders only. 

Know as you that is Expedia legit or not you only need to be aware of other third-party vendors.

They are always suspicious because they give you no way of redeeming your coupon code or canceling your purchase in case you want to return something you bought.


3) Be Aware of Fake calls & Emails

It is always a good idea to stay informed about the latest scams and hacks that are going on.

This can be done through various blogs and websites, or by speaking to an Expedia representative.

There are many scammers who may either connect you through calls, email, or fake ad pop-ups on your PC just like they send fake Pornographic virus alerts.

With Expedia, the process for booking a flight is very easy. All you have to do is enter your departure city, the name of your destination, and the dates.

After entering all of this information into the search box, you will be given a list of flights that correspond with your criteria as well as some prices for each flight.

Expedia even offers hotel bookings and car rentals so that you don’t have to go anywhere else when you want to book those items too!


Expedia Safety Tips (Is Expedia Legit)

Expedia is an online travel company that offers customers to easily book flights, hotels, or other travel services. 

It’s a safe way to book your vacation, but pay attention if you see these red flags (red flags are mentioned below).

Google found that more than 60% of Expedia scams advertised flights at ridiculously low prices and then tricked people into paying for extra services and products

Avoid being scammed by Expedia by following these tips.

  1. Be skeptical when the price of the flight is just too good to be true Do your research with reviews from previous customers -Get support from a trusted contact before you purchase anything on Expedia.


     2. Use payment methods like Paypal or a credit cardExpedia does not sell travel packages, fares, or travel vouchers through unauthorized channels.

The company has a strict refund policy which is one of the main reasons why it’s one of the most reputable online travel companies.

When you purchase a ticket from an airline or other authorized reseller, you have a legal contract with that company. Expedia can’t provide refunds for tickets bought from third parties

The goal of the introduction is to give readers information on how to avoid getting scammed by Expedia.



Many of you also ask which is better or Expedia, so both the websites have their own drawbacks and pros.

As you know whether is Expedia legit or not you should always compare the price on a few websites to get the best deal.

What Expedia needs to improve is its cancellation & refund policy along with customer satisfaction.

Please share your feedback or experience with Expedia here and also if you still have any doubts related to this article.

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