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Is Back Market Legit – 2022 Review (Read Before Buying)

You may have jumped to a website Back Market while browsing on Google to buy any refurbished products and before buying you are concerned to know is Back market legit?

If you plan for a refurbished product it means either your budget is low or you don’t want to spend too much money on a new product.

So, you want to make some research before buying with your hard-earned money.

In this guide, I will share Blackmarket reviews done by me and many other people that will help you to make a decision whether to buy from the back market or not.

Let me first answer whether the Back market is Legit or not and then we will discuss the rest.


Is Back Market Legit?

Yes, is Legit and every seller who sells on the back market goes through their screening level before selling the products.

They have also received positive approval from popular publications like Digital Journal, TechCrunch, and Lifewire.

In order to authenticate this, I made many kinds of research that includes their technical check and reviews from different platforms like YouTube, Reddit, TrustPilot, and BBB.

While making research on the Internet I found many forums like Reddit where people ask if that is back market trustworthy and there were few positive and many negative reviews.

Reviews will be both negative and positive for every new retailer like Flight club which sells cheap shoes.

Anyone will get skeptical after reading these reviews especially if you have not heard of this website before.

Keep in mind every organization and business have both positive and negative reviews.


My Research on Back Market Reviews

The back market sells refurbished products on its website which is a 20 years old domain but the company was founded in 2014.

It’s more than 8 years now they are selling products in the United States and 14 other European countries.

How old is Backmarket
How old is the Back market

I understand on forums there will be both negative and positive reviews so I check a few videos on YouTube where they have created a review video after buying a product.

According to YouTube videos also Back market is Legit.


I spoke to several people in the United States whom I know and ask them “have you ever bought any product from a website called back market

Finally, I got 2 people who bought an iPhone and gaming console from the Back market website and they were also satisfied with their purchase.


How BackMarket Work?

The back market is a trusted third-party marketplace where sellers sell quality refurbished products at the best price and buyers buy those products.

According to Back market out of 3, only 1 seller gets approved which means they have strict seller screening.

The back market aims to provide quality refurbished products at cheap prices and this is the reason they are growing and millions of people visit their website every month.

For more customer satisfaction they have customer support where you can contact back market through phone +1(855) 442-6688, chat, and email.

Types of Sellers in BackMarket

There are 3 types of sellers in the Back market, Classic sellers, second-hand sellers, and retailers & distributors.

Classic Sellers – They are the first sellers who joined the back market and this includes

  • Recyclers
  • Repairers
  • Factories that refurbish electronic goods
  • Leasing companies who lease hi-tech products and resell the returned products on the back market.

Second-hand Sellers – They are the businesses that buy used products from individuals after testing. Then they repair, clean the product, and sell it on the Back market. Just like Easycash in France.

Retailers & Distributors – They are the product manufacturers and big retailers who sell the new packaged devices that have been returned by customers and were never used.

So these type of sellers list their products on the Back market after several quality tests and then it’s further sold to the customers


Is Back Market Legit & Apple Certified

While knowing Is the back market legit? or not you also wish to know related information like is Back market apple certified as the majority of the products on the Back market is of Apple.

According to GlobeNewswire, all Apple refurbished pre-owned products on the back market are Apple certified.

These apple products will come with a 12-month Apple warranty, protection, and accessories.


Back market Customer Reviews

We intend to share the complete and real information in this article is the back market legit?

In order to know customer reviews on the back market, we took the help of 3 review platforms that are Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Back market reviews as well.

Back market Reviews on Trust Pilot

Trust pilot is one of the biggest platforms where companies’ reviews are shared and that basically helps the customers to decide whether to deal with that business or not.

As this article is based on “is back market legit or not” I want that you should gain full details and satisfaction.

 Back market reviews on TrustPilot
Back market reviews on TrustPilot

.On Trust Pilot as of July 2022 there are a total of 9,536 reviews on the Back market (United States) with 4.5 ratings out of 5.

84% of the reviews are given as excellent which indicates that the back market is legit.

Back market Reviews on SiteJabber

There is a total of 960 reviews of Back market on SiteJabber where they have a 4.26 stars rating out of 5.
In the last 1 year, the back market has had 84.5% of positive feedback on Sitejabber.

Back market reviews on SiteJabber
Back market reviews on SiteJabber

So again from the back market reviews on Sitejabber, we can say that the Back market is a Legit business.

Back Market Reviews iPhone

iPhone is one of the most selling products that people wish to purchase at a cheaper price.

On the back market, there are a total of 13,166 reviews on the iPhone in the past 6 months and it’s been rated 4.3 stars out of 5.

Back market reviews on iphone
Back market reviews on iphone

Generally, they commit to delivering iPhones in the US within 3 to 4 business days but many people got the product within 2 business days.

I have even seen a customer who reviewed that 

I purchased an iPhone from the back market which I received yesterday but the phone is heating too much. I was very disappointed but the best thing I found was that I was able to connect to their support service and after all procedures, my phone was replaced.

So once you place an order with the back market you will get regular emails from them with shipping information.


Back Market Reviews on Macbook

There is a total of 2,867 reviews of Macbook on the Back market where they got 4.3 stars rating out of 5.

78% of the reviews are positive where people rated between 4 to 5 stars for the MacBook they purchased from the back market.

So these reviews prove that majority of the people are satisfied with the refurbished products received by Back market. If you are also one of them, please write your review whether that is back market legit or not?



Where is the back market located?

The head office of the back market is located in Paris, France but they are in business in over 13 countries.

They have over 480 employees with 4 offices located in New York, Berlin, Paris, and Bordeaux

Why the back market is becoming so popular?

A back market is a place where people get their desired devices at cheaper prices. 

For example, I wish to use a Macbook but I just have $400 in my pocket so it’s possible to get it from the Back market where you get refurbished products.

Currently, they are operating and delivering their products in around 13 countries.

Back Market Complaints

There are many complaints about the Back market as like for every business on BBB. People can easily write their complaints on the Better business bureau.

The best part of complaining here is that the Back market replies soon with the best solution and also with a few discount codes as well.

Complain at BBB only if you have been really facing issues.


Overall after taking all kinds of reviews online and also by talking to the people who purchased the products from the back market, this business seems legit to me.

Hopefully, you also know whether is Back market legit or not after reading all the information below.

Make sure when you receive the product from the Back market you make an unboxing video and also capture a close look at all possible parts for easy replacement and repair.

Let us know if you have any experience with the Back market in the comment section.

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