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How to transfer ownership of a discord server

In this article, you will learn how to transfer ownership of a Discord server and why people change discord server ownership.

People also ask “can you transfer discord server ownership”   

Answer is YES                    

Day by day people are showing their trust in Discord and using it to connect to their community. Gamers and other business owners are creating their server on Discord to add people for similar communication.

How to transfer ownership of a discord server
How to transfer ownership of a discord server


Reasons for Ownersship Transfer

  • Once your discord server grow-up to full-fledge it becomes challenging sometimes to handle and manage discord server.
  • You might be planning for a trip or vacation
  • Discord owner left the server
  • Internet failure at the place you live
  • You are ill or not well to handle the discord server
  • Discord owner deleted his discord account
  • Discord owner got banned because someone reported to discord as the user might not be following discord violation guidelines.


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How to Transfer Ownership of a Discord Server

It’s very easy to transfer ownership on Discord. Please follow the steps below to know how to transfer ownership on discord.

  1. Open Your Discord dashboard
  2. Now navigate and click on the server for which you want to transfer ownership of a discord
    select server
    select server


  3. Click on the arrow down symbol beside to Discord server name
  4. From the drop-down click on server settings
    click on server settings
    Click on server settings


  5. Now look for Members under user management on the left-hand panel and click on it
  6. You will see all the members of the Discord server
  7. Hover down to member to whom you want to transfer the ownership, and click on 3 dots
    how to transfer ownership of a discord server
    select a member from the server for ownership transfer


  8. From the options choose Transfer Ownership
  9. Click on Transfer ownership again to confirm
  10. You successfully transferred the ownership



You can also submit a request to Discord Team at to transfer discord ownership. There are few conditions as well to process this request like

  • You should be an admin to send this request
  • Your server must have at least 100 users



Select “Help & Support” > “Server Ownership Transfer Request”

You must know till know about Discord how to transfer ownership

transfer discord ownership form
transfer discord ownership form

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Frequently asked question


Q: – How do I find the owner of a Discord server?

A: – Go to Discord server settings > Members > look for all the members > One with the mark of Crown is the Discord server owner


Q: – Can a Discord server have two Owners?

A: – NO, there can only be one real owner of a Discord server. Though you can give all permission to another user which discord server owner has.



Q: – I Owned a Discord server with members above 300 users, I got banned from Discord and my ID is disabled what will happen to the server I created?

A: – Probably your Discord server will be deleted. You were banned on Discord which means you got complained to Discord Trust and Safety team of not following Discord community guidelines.


Q: – Can admin delete a Discord Server?

A: – NO, only a Discord server owner can delete a server.


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I am sure till now you know how to transfer ownership of a Discord server though Discord server settings and Discord form. You are also aware of reasons on why to transfer discord ownership.

Please if you are Discord owner and ever feel that you can’t be regular on discord or can get banned, please transfer your ownership as soon as possible.

If you still have any doubts or problem related to transfer discord ownership, please leave your comment.

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