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How to report someone on Discord

In this article, we will discuss how to report someone on Discord which can be done with 2 processes for the Desktop users and easy process for the iOS users and also with an option of Kick out.

Discord has its own set of rules which need to be followed by every Discord users, groups and server.

Discord has become one of the best platforms for gamers and streamers to make a voice and text chat.

How to report someone on Discord


But periodically times come when we see people sharing some pornographic or harassing text that violates the Discord guidelines. Here we need to come in action and need to take some necessary steps like reporting them to keep our chat and server clean.

Now please check Discord Violation guidelines, if you want to know how to report someone on discord to make sure your issue comes under these guidelines

Discord Community Guidelines

  1. Threatening someone for the financial or physical state
  2. Illegal activities on Discord
  3. Sharing sexually or violent content
  4. Distributing Viruses and Malware
  5. Trying to hack data or another user account
  6. Sharing Images related to animal cruelty, glorification or any violence celebration
  7. Spamming
  8. Harassing
  9. Sharing content related to suicide promotion
  10. IP rights violation

There are few other guidelines as well, if you want to report someone on discord which fall under the above guidelines then follow the below steps

Note:- Reporting on the iOS phone is much easier than on PC (iOS instruction is at the bottom)


How to Kick out a user on Discord

To be honest it’s not easy all the time to report someone by going through the reporting process. Especially when you are busy with your work and you want to ignore such people who violate the guidelines.

To remove a user from the server you must have an admin right through which you can easily kick him out from the server. User can only be back if you or anyone else in your server having same admin privileges allows.

Follow the steps to kick any user out

  • Open the discord server channel where the user is added
  • Select the user from the user list whom you want to kick
  • Right-click on the username and select Kick
  • Click on Kick again to confirm
  • User is now kicked out from your server

Once you right-click on the username you will have multiple options like Kick, block, remove and ban. You can choose one according to yourself

how to kick out a user from discord


How to Report someone on Discord? PC

There will be 2 processes you need to go through to report any Discord user or server for violence. Please try to speak to the user before reporting someone to discord.

Note: – Do not delete the messages of the users you are reporting as their relevant ID codes will be required

If you still have a soft corner for that user or server and you feel to better kick out that user, then you have an option of a kick out from Discord.


Process #1:- Turn on the Developer mode

In order to report someone on discord, we need to get the user ID code through which Discord team would be able to investigate on the offended user and messages.

Once Discord developer mode will be turned on we need to copy 3 ID of the users. Don’t worry even if the user has used any Discord spoiler tag or any Discord text formatting you would be able to copy the ID.

Follow the instruction below to know how to turn on the developer mode and how to copy 3 user ID codes

  • Open your Discord and click on the user setting icon located at the left-hand bottom.
  • Now scroll down to look for Appearance and click on it
  • Scroll down again to Advanced section, you will get toggle label for “Developer mode” turn it on

turn on developer mode


  • Now go back to the server or users chatbox for which you want to report
  • Right-click on the username and select “copy ID” and paste somewhere to make a note


how to report someone on Discord


  • Now right click on the offending message and then select “copy ID” and paste this at the same place where you copied the username copy ID


how to report someone on Discord


  • Finally, make a right-click again on the icon of the server which is just on the left of the username and select copy ID. Paste this at the same place where you copied username ID and message ID


copy server ID


  • Now you have all the 3 ID which are

Username ID

Message ID

Icon ID

copy ID of users


This was the first process you completed on how to report people on discord or how to report a discord server

Note: – Even the  user changes his username, ID will remain the same


Process #2:- Send your Report to Discord

Finally, we have 3 ID codes of the user through which we can now send the reports to Discord.

You need to visit the link to send your report to Discord where you need to specify

  • Your email address
  • Report type (Click on the drop-down to choose your report type)
  • Subject
  • Description (describe your issue and mention all the 3 ID codes)
  • Attachments (I would recommend to take a screenshot of the offending message and attach to this option)

Click on Submit and Discord trust and Safety team will now investigate it and will revert on your email address.

Till now you must be aware of how to report someone of Discord, but I would request you to read the complete article where we will explain how to send clearance report to discord if you reported someone by mistake.

how to report someone on Discord

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How to report someone on Discord? (iOS)

The easiest way to report someone on Discord is through the iOS device where you need to simply hold down your finger on the offending message. Doing this will give a couple of options on your screen where your need to look down and click on Report

As this option is the easiest one and possibly many people would be going with this option without following the guidelines.

Chances are your report might not be responded by the Discord team, here I would also recommend you to send an email for the same describing your issue and limitations.

This would be the best and easiest way for the best who want to know how to report someone on discord with the iOS phone.    

How to report people on discord


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How to Report a Discord user? (ANDROID)

If you want to know how to report a Discord server or how to report a discord user on Android, then follow the steps below

  • Open Discord app settings and click on Behavior
  • In the Chat behaviour turn on the Developer mode
  • Go back to the user profile to whom you want to report
  • Tap on his username at the top and then tap on 3 dots, tap on copy ID and save somewhere
  • Now tap and hold on user offended message which will give few options, tap on copy ID again and save at the same place where you saved username ID
  • Submit a ticket to Discord Trust and Safety team by filling the information and Copied ID in the description and click submit

How to report someone on discord Android                                            turn on developer mode                                                                     How to report a discord server on android                                                                    How to report a discord user


Note: – If you have reported someone by mistake who doesn’t fall under the Discord violation guidelines or you reported by mistake then you can send a clearance report for that user. False reporting also violates Discord violation guidelines


What to do for report clearance in Discord

Somehow if you feel that the user your reported was done by mistake or it doesn’t violate the Discord Guidelines, then you can directly speak to the Discord member on Discord twitter explaining to them what exactly happened.

You may need to share details like your same email, ID codes and description for the report clearance.

Please keep in mind creating false violation report also violate the Discord community guidelines and Discord may take action against your account for filing such a fake report.


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)


Question: – How do I report a raid on Discord?

Answer: – To Report a raid or ex-raid, you need to post a recent screenshot in #reports-raid where Pokenav will create a raid coordination channel automatically.

You can download PokeNav app to check reported raids and other details



Question: – Is reporting on Discord anonymous?

Answer: – Yes, once you report to Discord T&S, all information is between you and T&S which are never shared to the reported user. 

You won’t be able to know what steps were taken to block the users, so there is no way a reported user can know who blocked them



Question: –  Can Discord call Police?

Answer: – Reporting someone on Discord can only be banned from Discord. Discord won’t call Police as they already have Discord Trust and Safety team to take care of such things.


Question: – How do I contact Discord staff?

Answer: – You can contact them by email at support@discordapp.com



Question: – Can you get banned from Discord for spamming?

Answer: – Discord considers spamming as a raid and can ban you. Spamming is not considered good anywhere to please don’t do it.


If you properly read the article you must know till know how to report someone on Discord. I would request you to consider first with KICK out option and then go with the full process of reporting.

In case if you still have any question or doubts please leave your comment in the comment section, please.

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