How to Recover Deleted Post on Facebook Group & Wall in 2021 (2 methods)

In this article, you will get a brief and step-by-step tutorial on how to recover deleted post on Facebook group and walls.

You might have accidentally deleted your post or got deleted from the Facebook group.

I understand this post might be important for you or you need it just for any evidence.

I am sharing two methods on how to retrieve your Facebook deleted posts.


Can a Deleted Facebook Post be recovered?

Yes, you can recover deleted Facebook posts but there are some conditions.

By default when you delete your post it moves to the Facebook recycle bin and remains for 30 days.

So, in case you change your mind or need it for any reason you can recover it back from the recycle bin of Facebook.

After 30 days it’s automatically deleted permanently.

In case you are locked out of Facebook you should follow the instructions or call Facebook customer support.

How to Recover Deleted Post on Facebook Group & Wall

You might be wondering, what if it’s more than 30 days.

I am sharing the methods of how to recover your deleted post from Facebook within 30 days and also after 30 days.

Hopefully below method will resolve your problem.        

NOTE: – All the methods process will be almost same for PC and Phone


Method 1 – Recover Deleted Facebook Posts from Recycle bin (within 30 days)

With this method, you can recover any deleted post from Facebook within 30 days from the Facebook recycle bin.

  1. Open Facebook and click on the Account drop-down icon which is on the very right-hand top.

    How to open facebook settings
    How to open facebook settings
  2. From the drop-down click on “Security & Privacy” and then on “Activity Log”.

    How to open facebook activity log
    How to open facebook activity log
  3. Now from the left–hand Activity log menu options, click on “Recycle Bin”.
  4. Here you will see the deleted Facebook post along with the date.

    Facebook undelete post
    Facebook undelete post
  5. Now hover up to the post that you want to recover, click on the 3 dot icon in front of it and choose “Restore to Profile“.

Go back to your profile and check the post as your post is now recovered and moved to your profile.



Method 2 – Recover from “Download Your Information” (More than 30 days)

This is another best method on how to recover deleted post on Facebook groups and walls.

Here you can also recover messages, pages, and polls as well.

Follow the below steps to undelete Facebook posts by recovering them from the download your information.

  1. Open Facebook and click on the account drop-down icon located at the very right-hand top.


  1. From the suggestions, drop-down choose “Settings & Privacy” and then click on Settings.


  1. Now from the left-hand menu option click on “Your Facebook information”.

    How to recover deleted post on facebook group after 30 days
    How to recover deleted post on facebook group after 30 days


  1. Under Your Facebook information, you will see the option of “Download your information“. Click on View which is at the very right-hand side of it.


  1. Download your information box will now be up, under Request copy choose the date range which will show you all the deleted items within that date.

    How to recover deleted posts on facebook
    How to recover deleted posts on facebook


  1. From media, quality choose “High” and in the format section choose “JSON”  


  1. Now scroll down a bit to Your activity across Facebook and here you will see the complete list of items to recover like messages, posts, and polls.


  1. You can choose whatever you want to recover but as I am talking about posts so click on Deselect all and then click on Post.


  1. Once done click on Create file and just below it you will get a message of “A copy of your information is being created


  1. Now wait for some time and as soon as the information is created you will be notified from Facebook.


Click on the notification and then you can download the data in the zip file. Make sure you have the zip extractor to view the file.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my post was deleted from the Facebook group?

Though, you should not post content that violates the group policy. But still, if you have posted and feel that it might be deleted, then there are 2 ways to check.

  • You may be notified that your post violates the policy and so deleted.
  • Check the post yourself by visiting the group


How to see friends deleted posts on Facebook

Due to user privacy on Facebook, you won’t be able to see any deleted posts of other Facebook users.

There would be no sense in deleting if anyone can see your deleted post.

Never make the mistake of searching any tool or software on the internet that claims to see your friends deleted Facebook post.

These people are scammers and hackers who will hack your device and steal your information.



Can Police recover deleted Facebook posts?

Yes, if the police need that post as evidence they may take the warrant from the court.

Facebook will hand over that deleted post to the police once they get the court warrant.



Bottom Line

Hopefully, this article helped you to know how to recover deleted post on facebook group and walls.

Try hiding your post that you may need in the future instead of deleting it.

You can also contact your lawyer if you need this post as evidence.

Let me know if you have recovered your post and also if you have any problems.   

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