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how to play music through mic

Let me guess, YOU want to know how to play music through mic because you have been watching streams or you tubers and you want to start your own stream.

In this article, you will learn how to play music through mic with an Audio mixer and manually with your computer and Discord

Or maybe YOU want to entertain your audience or your friends by giving an audio effect or music while talking through your microphone.

how to play music through mic


We all want to perform and show our best efforts to make our self best. So if you also want to learn streamers hack on how to play music through mic then read this article carefully. I will let you know how to play music through mic with and without an audio mixer.

LETS ROCK and start using this trick in a couple of minutes to show the people what you learned and what you can do


How to play music through MIC Discord?

Windows users can only take the benefits of this trick by making a few changes with sound settings. Perform these steps carefully: –

  • In the Windows search box type SOUND SETTINGS and hit Enter.
  • Now from the Sound settings box scroll down and click on the Sound Control Panel.
  • A new box of Sound will come up, click on Recording tab
  • Now Right-click on the default microphone device and click on Disable
  • Right-click on Stereo Mix and click Set as default (in case option is not highlighted, click enable first and then try)
  • Click Apply and OK    


how to play music through mic


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Discord settings, follow the below steps as well

  • Click on the Discord setting icon located at the left-hand bottom
  • Now from the side menu select and click on “Voice and Video”
  • Change the input device to “stereo mix” from the drop-down
  • Look below for Input mode and make sure “Voice Activity” is checked
  • Turn off “Automatically determine input sensitivity” and set to -10db
  • Close and Restart Discord to see the changes

how to play music through mic

If you want to play music from YouTube while playing games then you need to install some plugins like Rhythm or MedalBot. Follow the instructions below to know how to play music through mic.

In case of MedalBot which I am using now, what I do is write command to MedalBot

To start: – m!play Song name

To end: – m!stop


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How to Play Music through Mic with Audio Mixer?

We have seen many streamers or You Tubers playing different music while playing games or streaming. We love hearing that and we also wish to play such audio and sounds.

Don’t worry I will list you with some software’s through which you can play music through mic.



Voicemod is real-time voice changer software for PC with tons of superb voices and effects. You can check a few demos from

Voicemod is specially designed for gamers and streamers to entertain their audience.

Voicemod is compatible with almost all streaming software like Discord, Skype, Steam, Hangouts, and Twitch etc.


How to use Voicemod software on PC?

  • Visit Voicemod site to download and run on your Windows PC
  • Once installed open Voicemod to configure audio options like the mic, headphone and audio drivers
  • Choose your voice and speak
  • Start using in online games
  • Now you can record your audio to share your funny voice
  • Change my voice




Voxal is another voice changer app which can be used to enhance any games or apps that uses Microphone.

Through Voxal you can add different effects like echo and pitch.

Few of Vocal Voice changing features are:-

  • Real-time effect application
  • Works with existing apps and games.
  • Apply effects to existing files
  • Maximize performance by using a low processor

Voxal audio mixer

Voxal is available for both Windows and Mac PC.



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3. Clownfish Voice Changes

Clownfish is another amazing Voice changer app which is available for both Windows and MAC PC.

Through Clownfish voice changer you can use multiple effects like Robotic, Male, Female, Slow and many others.

Clownfish is compatible with almost every popular streaming app like Discord, Skype, Hangouts, Mumble and Teamspeak etc.





4. VoiceMeeter + Soundboard                                                                                           

If we talk about the best way on how to play music through mic free, then I would recommend this as the best option.

This is the most versatile app through which you can create your own PC soundboard and play them while playing games. You can use your microphone to speak without configuring an audio source.

              VoiceMeeter is a virtual audio device and behaves like a virtual audio mixer with many inputs and outputs. VoiceMeeter also has a virtual audio cable which routes audio signals from the soundboard.

              Soundboard is an audio source application which loads and saves our audio files

Follow the steps for the installation

  • Download Voicemeeter and Soundboard from the above links.
  • Enable these two apps from task manager start-up, so that these apps run automatically when your system starts
  • Enable VoiceMeeter Input and Output
  • Set Input of Voicemeeter as the output of soundboard
  • Choose your Microphone and Speakers as your hardware input and output
  • Please assure that game is using Voicemeeter output as its input device.

You are all set, try using any music from soundboard app to play from your mic. Follow the steps carefully if you don’t succeed in the first attempt try again.


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5. MorphVOX Junior

Through MorphVOX you can change your voice online and in-game. So if you are still thinking about how to play music through mic MorphVOX will be another good choice.

MorphVOX is available for both Windows and MAC, you can go with a trial version first and then upgrade with paid if you like the service.

Key Features

  • Optimized for Online Games
  • Excellent Voice changing algorithms
  • Free Premium Sound Packs
  • Add Background effects

How to play music through mic with morphvox

You can try and download a few sample sounds from the below link

                                                       Download MorphVOX


Ok, here we end with the options, try all the options and continue with anyone you like. Discord users or any streamers if you have Antivirus on your computers like Avast or AVG and if its detecting threat IDP.GENERIC then have a look at what is idp.generic and how to fix it.



FAQs (Frequently asked questions)


Question: –  How do you play music through your mic in Rust?

Answer: – You can use the same Audio mixer for Rust as well or if you have an audio cable of two in/out ports then follow the below steps

  • Put one end in 2nd audio in and the other end at 2nd audio out
  • Set 2nd Audio-in as your default mic on stream
  • The audio you will send now to the 2nd audio-out should be heard by others when you hold V



Question: How to Play music through Mic and Talk?

Answer:  By activating Push & Talk, Microphone will only work when you push a key to speak. This can be done by going to Discord settings> Voice & Video settings > Check the box of Push to Talk



Question:- How to play music through mic in-game?

Answer:- Change your default microphone to system sounds. To do so Go to Control Panel > Hardware and sound > Manage audio devices > Recording > Enable Stereo mix > Right click and make the stereo mix as default



Question: Are this audio mixer software safe?

Answer: Yes, all audio mixers I mentioned above are safe to use



Question: How to talk and play music at the same time?

Answer:  It’s easy when you are on call and want to play music at the same time then go to your audio mixer and play music. Now you can talk while music is played.



Question: How to test mic on Discord?

Answer:  User settings > Voice and Audio > talk now to check if the bar is green. If you are getting a green bar while speaking, it means its working




Finally, we learned how to play music through mic, now the most important thing is how we implement these methods and audio mixer.

Playing music through mic while talking to someone or while streaming give us and our audience a sweet flavour.  So let’s start making some experiments by spending some time on these methods.


I would recommend you to go with a paid version later if you like any one of the above audio mixer software if you are planning to grow bright in future.

My dear friend, we need to spend some time in order to gain something big.


Best Wishes for the Future !!!

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