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How to log out of Discord

Hello Guys, in this article you will know how to log out of Discord from PC, Phone or Web in next few seconds. We all know now that currently around 10 millions of people in the US are searching Discord on Google which proves the popularity of Discord amongst the people now.

How to log out of Discord The Gamers, streamers and business people mostly use Discord now, and day by day the Discord users are growing. Passionate people who want to become Streamers want to know how to play music through Mic. So when we are new on Discord we must know a few basic things about it, like

  • How to log out of Discord?
  • How to log out of Discord from all the devices?
  • How to secure our Discord account to keep it safe?


Note:- Please read Frequently asked question below which clear many other related doubts

How to log out of Discord?

Very Easy, follow the steps

  1. Click on the Discord icon to open Discord dashboard

For Windows open from desktop icons or from the task manager if already opened

For MAC open from the launchpad

Discord icon on task bar


  1. Once Discord dashboard is up, look for user settings icon near to your user name at the left-hand bottom.

 setting icon


 3. As soon as you click on the setting gear icon, the user’s settings screen will be up.

 4. Scroll down and at the bottom, you will find Log out in orange text colour, click on Log out.

how to log out of discord


5. Now it will ask again Are you sure you want to log out. Click YES again


how to log out of discord


       6. You are now logged out of Discord.


Now as you know now how to log out of Discord, your purpose of coming to this article is completed but I would request you to spend some of your precious time in reading how to secure your Discord account.

I am sharing 3 steps related to discord log out which will keep your account safe and assure you of not getting compromised. You need to make this in practice.

  1. Keep changing your Discord Password

I will explain to you why

  • Changing your password every month will limit access gained by keystroke loggers.
  • Will limit breaches to multiple accounts
  • It prevents user of saved password


  1. Log out Discord once you are done

You should log out of your Discord once you are done, I mean once you are not using it.

Discord log out is even recommended by Discord. Below are the reasons

  • Once you log out of discord on your device, it logs out from all the other devices.
  • If someone is using your Discord will be immediately logged out
  • In case you forgot to log out your discord from any other device which doesn’t belong to you will be also logged off.

This basically happens when you are outside and ask your friends or relatives device to access your Discord but you miss to log out. 

Also read:- How to report someone on Discord


  1. Use Discord Two-Factor Authentication

Why I am sharing this option because many of us won’t be suitable with the above two instructions nor take it seriously. I know it happens.

But please put one-time effort and enable Discord Two-Factor Authentication.

While enabling Discord two-factor authentication you have to enter 6 digit codes with your password every time you use discord.

So if your query was how to sign out of discord from all the devices then you can just turn on Discord two-factor authentication or the above two steps.

If you have already enabled two-factor authentication, then kindly disable and enable it again

How to Enable or disable two-factor authentication

  • Open you Discord dashboard
  • Scroll down at the very left-hand bottom and click on user settings gear icon
  • Two-factor Authentication will be now in front of the screen
  • Click on the blue tab of Enable Two-Factor Auth

how to enable two-factor authentication


Frequently asked question 


Question: – How do I log out of all Discord accounts?

Answer: – Once you are at Discord log out, you will get an option of Discord Sign out of all devices button. You will get a confirmation email as well for that device which triggered for sign out of all devices in discord.



Question: – Does changing your discord password log you out?

Answer: – If you change your Discord password on any of the devices, it will log you out from the all other devices where you were logged in. You need to sign in again on those devices with a new password.



Question: – Why someone will hack or use my Discord?

Answer: – Why do you care for your social account, so that no one can see your personal data and messages. Discord is a social and business app designed especially for the gamers, where they share text, images, important files and even do a Discord screen share.

So once you will be growing you will need to secure everything



Question: – How to log out of Discord mobile, will I get the same dashboard with the same instructions?

Answer:- YES, Discord dashboard is the same for all the platform that is Mobile, PC and Web



I believe apart of learning how to log out of Discord you learned many more related things which will help you later.

If you need any other help, please leave your comment in the comment box below, I would be more than happy to help you.

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