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How to leave a discord server

In this article, I will show you how to leave a discord server on a PC and phone which is very simple and easy to leave.

I will also share few frequently asked questions at the end of this article which will clear other doubts on your mind like does deleting a discord server deletes your messages.


How to leave discord server


  • Once you leave a Discord server you won’t be able to send and receive messages from that group.
  • You won’t be getting any notification alert for that group.
  • If you are a basic member of any Discord server then you can easily leave.
  • You can’t leave a discord server if you are the owner, you need to transfer your ownership to someone before leaving discord


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How to leave a Discord server on PC

You might be logged in to Discord from your Browser or Desktop App, follow these easy steps to leave a discord server on PC.

1. Open your Discord dashboard

2. Look at the left-hand panel you will find all the servers listed with their icon, select a Server you want to leave.

How to leave a discord server


3. You will now see the server dashboard, look at the left-hand top you will see your server name with an arrow down sign just beside it.          

4. Once you click on the arrow down, you will see multiple options coming up. Look at the last one which says Leave Server.

How to leave a Discord server


5. Click on Leave Server, you will be getting a confirmation message where you need to click again on Leave server.

6. You successfully left a Discord group.


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How to Leave a Discord server on Phone (Android & iPhone)

It’s as easy as on PC, Below steps will explain the process for both phone and tablet.

1. Look for the Discord icon and tap on it to open the Discord dashboard.

2. You will now see all the server icons on the left-hand side, click on the one which you want to leave.

3. Now on the top, you will see 3 dots just beside the server name, tap on 3 dots.

click on 3 dots of discord

4. A new box will be displayed of that server where you will find Leave server in red color, tap on it

How to leave a discord server










5. A confirmation box will appear, tap on Leave server again to confirm.

6. You successfully left a Discord group.


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Frequently asked question


Question: – Does deleting a discord server delete your messages?

Answer: – Yes, the entire server will disappear from your Discord server list. You won’t be able to receive, sent, or see the messages from that server anymore.



Question: – Why I can’t leave a Discord server?

Answer:-  This basically can be fixed with 3 methods, try to see which works for you.

  1. You are the Owner of that Discord server and can only leave that server once you transfer the ownership
  2. Update your Discord and restart the device
  3. Log out of Discord, and log in again



Question: – Can you leave a discord server without anyone knowing?

Answer: – I am afraid to say, there is no way to leave a Discord group without anyone noticing.

If you see any violent activities in the server, you can simply report to discord briefing your issue.

Still, there are two hacks, which may work for you but are very complicated

  1. Create a new account, and leave the old account and server as it is (only for those who don’t have enough data or accounts synched with an old account )
  2. You can try changing username, profile pic and be invisible for 1 day



Final Words

Discord is an amazing app for gamers and streamers, in fact for many people now. In this article you learned how to leave a discord server, so make sure you keep your group neat and clean and report to discord if someone is not following violation guidelines.

I tried sharing many other doubts and questions but still, if you are left with some doubts, brief your question in the comment box.

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