How to Fix “VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT” scam pop-ups

Please read the article very carefully these articles are for everyone (Senior Citizens can skip it and  call +1215-857-8124 for free support) Virus Alert from Microsoft scam pop-ups

In this article, you will find the details about the Virus Alert from Microsoft scam pop-ups and How to fix it


Pop-ups are social engineering attacks that directly attacks your computer browser and won’t allow you to do anything even you won’t be able to close it through X close.

Sometimes the pop-ups are so strong that even it won’t allow you to do anything on the computer.

The truth is these are just the tricks to engage the people in these fake messages and would ask you to call on a specific number, once you call the number they offer you fake solution for this problem in return of some money. Virus Alert from Microsoft scam pop-ups


VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT                                                                  Virus Alert Microsoft Pop ups Scam

This computer is BLOCKED
Do not close this window and restart your computer
Your computer’s registration key is Blocked.
Why we blocked your computer?
The window’s registration key is illegal.
You are using pirated software.
This window is hacked or used from an undefined location.
We block this computer for your security.

Windows Support Alert
Your System Detected Some Unusual Activity.
It might harm your computer data and track your financial activities.
Please report this activity to


Hold down! Do not need to worry

This is a scam of


Everyone loves to enjoy and watch porn videos by visiting different porn websites, even I am a regular visitor to these sites.

But let me tell you that PORN sites are not safe at all, as there can be a virus, malware, or trojan attack through these sites, even many apps automatically get downloaded.

This message may also come while watching porn on any porn websites. Check out a few screenshots, or read more details about Pornographic Virus alert from Microsoft and Apple.


Microsoft fake Virus Pop-up blocked the Computer


This step would just bring you out from that pop-ups blocking your screen

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del Key altogether
  2. The computer will go back to lock screen where you will find Task Manager if this does not work follow step 3

How to open Task manager in Windows

3.  Right-click on your taskbar to open Task Manager and hit Task Manager from the options

4. In the Task Manager, you will see APPS section first, here you need to END TASK all the browser showing by making right-click on it.

5. Now restart the computer.

Once Computer restarted follow the following instructions

  • Run scan on your paid Antivirus  security (If you don’t have contact +1215-857-8124 we can recommend )
  • Follow the instructions from this page to optimize the computer.
  • Run any Malware security scan once, delete after scanning. You can also use Web Root 

Webroot Internet Security with Antivirus Protection Software | 3 Device | 1 Year Subscription | PC/Mac CD with Keycard


This is just a temporary way to get rid of this pop-up, but this pop-up or similar infection may come again in the future.

So you must have proper protection with a regular tune-up of the device. You can hire us as well at a very affordable price with annual security.

Still, if you have any trouble or questions leave your comment or feel free to contact us for free support.

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