How to enable DApps on Trust Wallet

How to Enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet (Android & iPhone)

In this guide, I will brief step on step how to enable the DApp browser on Trust Wallet in iPhone and Android.

The DApp or Decentralized application browser feature was no longer available for apple ios users this change only impacted those on ios that installed the update after June 2021 and android users were unaffected.

Trust wallet stated that they removed this Dapp feature to comply with the new app store guidelines.

DApp browser removed from iOS Trust App
DApp browser removed from iOS Trust App

However, there is a way to add the Dapp browser back into your trust wallet so that you can connect your favorite apps via your wallet.


What are DApps on Trust Wallet?

Dapps stands for decentralized applications and it’s a Web3 browser that helps to use decentralized apps like PancakeSwap.

I know you might have a question, how do I access PancakeSwap? So you can access it with Dapp on Trust wallet.

Now, this becomes more important because of its security as it creates a seamless and secure connection between you and the centralized apps like Binance smart chain and Ethereum network.

So let’s see how to get the Dapp browser on Trust Wallet on Android and iPhone.


How to Enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet (iPhone)

When you open up your trust wallet you will find a change and it looks a little different and as you may have seen before.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see three options available in the menu which are wallet, decks, and settings.

So now to add and enable the DApp browser to this menu, follow the below steps

  • The first thing that you need to do is to pull up your safari browser on your ios device.


  • Now on the URL type trust://browser_enable and then tap on Go.

    Trust //browser enable
    Trust //browser enable


  • A pop-up will be prompted that says Open this Page in “Trust”?. From the option, tap on Open.

    Trust wallet browser enable
    Trust wallet browser enable


  • Now when the trust app loads up you will see the browser (DApp) option has been added at the bottom.

In order to check and use tap on the DApp browser and look for any apps like PancakeSwap.


How to Get DApp Browser on Trust Wallet (Android) 

Though DApp is still available on Android as Trust did not make any changes with android.

There is no need to go with trust://browser_enable on android as it’s already added and you just need to enable it.

You can enable it by following simple steps

  • Launch the Trust wallet app on your android phone and then tap on Settings located at the right-hand bottom.


  • Find and tap on Preferences and then tap on the DApp browser.


  • Now here you will find the option of Enable, simply tap on the toggle to enable it.


  • Once done go back to the dashboard and you will now see the browser option added at the bottom menu of Trust.


Trust //Browser_Enable not working

Many users reported that this  trust://browser_enable is not working for them and after looking into we found 3 major reasons.

You need to follow these 3 below tips to enable trust Dapp browser.


Solution 1 – Use Safari Browser only 

Most people are enabling this option on iOS devices as trust removed this option.

Now, many people open the trust://browser_enable link through the other browser like Chrome where mostly it doesn’t work.

So what you need to do is to open this link from your safari browser and then simply tap on Open where it says open this page in trust.

If you have already tried this on the safari browser and still don’t work then follow the next solution. 


Solution 2 – Clear Safari Browsing data and Reset Safari

Few of the users suggested that the trust://broswer_enable link on the iPhone was not working just because of the safari cache and data.

Clear browsing data and reset safari first. 

  • Open Settings on your iPhone, then look for Safari and tap on it.


  • Now tap on Clear History and Website Data.


  • Give the permission again by clicking clear data and following further steps to clear cache, cookies, and browsing data.

Once done restart your Safari browser again and check back again if this fixed the problem.


Solution 3 –  Trust://browser_enable does not work on Android

Probably if you have read the above part then you must know that the DApp browser was never disabled for Android users and so the link won’t work either.

If you don’t find a browser option on the trust app android then you need to manually enable it from the settings as instructed above.

You can even try restarting your phone.



Why does the trust //browser enable deep links not supported and not working?

This deep link may not work on Chrome and Opera in the case of iOS devices and so won’t be supported for Android users.

How do I enable PancakeSwap on my iPhone Trust wallet?

Once you have connected Dapp through the trust://browser_enable link, the Dapp browser will be added to your Trust app dashboard.
Once added tap on Browse at the bottom of the app and search for PancakeSwap. 
You can even scroll down to find PancakeSwap under the Popular apps section.

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