Error 1962 No Operating system found 2019 | Fixed

Error 1962 No Operating system found | Fixed

Recently many people asked about the issue of getting Error 1962 No Operating system found on their Computer especially on Lenovo Computers while booting up the computer. If you think the problem might be because of installing any current third party software or programs than according to me NO.

Sometimes the Computer works fine maybe for a few days but again it might be giving you the same Error 1962, Operating system not found. People  might be recommending several steps for troubleshooting, but what I recommend trying this first as I have already fixed my Office Computer having the same problem with following Troubleshooting steps


1. Swapping the Hard Disk  SATA Cable or Change the Cable

The Error 1962 is an error message that refers to the cable from the hard drive to the motherboard. Well, it might be not an easy task for everyone, trying my all steps if you succeed then I would congrats but if no please refer to local Technician.

Swapping the hard disk sata cable


2. Change the current option of Legacy First to UEFI First from BIOS.

Follow the following steps to fix Error 1962 No Operating System found

  1. Next, you see the Error 1962 message, press and hold the key combination of Ctrl+Alt +Delete to reboot your computer.
  2. Now quickly start tapping on the F12 key to enter in BIOS set up.
  3. The next screen will be displayed where you will see Setup, hit Enter.
  4. On the very top of the screen select the startup tab and select CSM and select the Enabled option.
  5. Locate down and look for Boot Priority and hit Enter
  6. Now change the current option of Legacy First to UEFI First.
  7. Press F10 and hit Yes to save the changes.

Change to UEFI first from Legacy first


Hope this will fix your issues

Please let me know if this fixes your issues and if no please mention your next comment.

If you have a query on any other problem please let me know, I will definitely write an article on that

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