Does Wendy’s take Google pay

Does Wendy’s Take Google Pay in 2022 – (Authentic Answer)

Wendy’s is a popular American fast-food hamburger restaurant with over 6,705 locations in 50 states of the United States. These days most people use Wallets like Google Pay and want to know does Wendy’s take Google Pay or not.

Unfortunately, Wendy’s does not accept Google Pay in their restaurant’s dine-in, drive-thru, website, or app.

Google Pay is one of the popular options in mobile pay or in android to pay through your phone without carrying a card or cash. 

You might be disappointed with this answer as these days majority of the stores and restaurants accept wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

The information in this post is based on the research that we made in June 2022 by visiting Wendy’s restaurants and apps.

Does Wendy’s take Google Pay?

NO, as of June 2022 Wendy’s does not accept Google Pay in their restaurant’s dine-in, drive-thru, website, or app.

Does Wendy’s take other tap-to-pay options or mobile pay? No, Wendy’s does not have any Wallet option included in their payment options list.

Even Apple Pay is not accepted by Wendy’s and only common payment options like Cash and cards are accepted.


Does Wendy’s take Google Pay at Drive-thru?

NO, Wendy does not accept Goggle Pay at the drive-thru as well. Drive-thru is a quick service provided by restaurants that allow customers to receive their orders from their car parked in their drive-thru area.

If Wendy’s accepts Google Pay it may be more quicker and convenient for customers to order.

However, you can only pay at Wendy’s using cash or a card.


Does Wendy’s App accept Google Pay?

No, Wendy’s does not accept Google Pay on their app and website as well.  Once you come to the checkout option on Wendy’s app or website you will only find the option of debit or credit card to pay.

Keep the reading the article as you must have related information like

  • Will Wendy’s accept Google Pay?
  • What payment options are accepted by Wendy’s
  • What places take Google Pay

As I guess you are a Google Pay user and you must be aware of the above information.


Will Wendy’s take Google Pay?

There is no update from Wendy’s that when they will start accepting mobile wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay. In this article we are discussing on does Wendy’s take Google Pay or not so we will also update you once Wendy start accepting Google Pay and other Wallet.

But we assume that Wendy’s will start accepting wallet tap-to-pay options very soon. I asked one of the managers of Wendy’s in California about this payment option. He told that there is a discussion among Wendy’s team about adding mobile wallets.

I personally love Wendy’s food and want that it should be more convenient to pay them.

As of now, there is no other option to wait, and probably it’s middle 2022, and I expect Wendy’s must have Google pay by 2023.


What payment does Wendy‘s take?

There are not too many payment options accepted by Wendy’s and they accept a few basic payment methods listed below.

  • Cash
  • Debit Cards
  • Visa Cards
  • Master Cards
  • American Express (AMEX) Cards
  • Discover Cards
  • Wendy’s Gift Cards
  • Prepaid Cards

As of June 2022, only the above payment methods are taken by Wendy’s. If there are any changes or new payment options added then we will update them here.


What places take Google Pay?

Google pay is accepted in many major stores including a few banks and across the world.

As this is a Google payment option with the tagline “Pay for whatever, whenever with Google Pay”, soon this will be taken by almost all stores and restaurants. 

All major businesses like American Eagle outfitters, Airbnb, Doordash, and Starbucks take Google pay.

Restaurants and Fast Food that take Google pay

  • Burger King
  • Dunkin
  • Starbucks
  • Mcdonals
  • White Castle
  • KFC
  • Papa Johns
  • Philz Coffee
  • Subway
  • Super1foods
  • FoodMaxx


Stores that Accept Google Pay

  • Best Buy
  • Sweetgreen
  • Bevmo
  • BJs
  • Bloomingdales
  • Disney Store
  • Farm Fresh
  • Giant Eagle
  • Star Market

There are many more and you can check the complete list of stores, apps, websites, and transit agencies that take Google Pay.


How to use Google Pay at Restaurants & Stores?

Google Pay can be used to make contactless payments in stores, make purchases online, and send money to friends and family.

Unfortunately, you can not use it at Wendy’s but you can use it at many other stores and restaurants that are mentioned above.


How to Setup Google Pay

  • Download Google Pay app on your phone. Once installed, open the app and tap on get started.

  • Connect your Gmail account if you want Google Pay to easily find things like coupons and boarding passes then select your location preference.

  • To add a card for payment, you can press “Payment” at the bottom and then press the “Payment method” button. You can link a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.

    How to setup Google pay
    How to set up Google pay

  • Go through the prompts of adding the card, and Google will then verify it’s you before you use your new payment method.

You may need to add more details to a card if it prompts you to set up in-store payments. You can change what card you use as your default in-store payment by pressing on the card and choosing the “Default for in-store payments” option. 

Once you are verified and your cards are set up, here’s how you can use Google Pay in a store.


How to Pay with Google Pay at Restaurants and Stores (Offline)

Using Google Pay in-store is only available for Android users. Make sure NFC is enabled on your phone in its settings and that contactless payments are on and set to Google Pay.

Google Pay not working
Google Pay not working
  • If the store’s payment terminal accepts Google Pay, it will typically have one of these symbols on it as shown in the image below.

  • Unlock your phone. You do not need to open the Google Pay app. Position the back of your phone close to the payment terminal for a few seconds.

    does wendy's accept google pay
    does wendy’s accept google pay

  • The placement of where to put your phone will vary based on the terminal. If you see a contactless payment symbol, try to get close to that.

  • You may be required to enter your PIN or use the fingerprint reader, but after a moment, you should see a checkmark appear, indicating that the purchase is complete


How to Pay Online with Google Pay?

Paying online through an app or website is also very easy to pay using Google Pay. 

After knowing does Wendy’s take Google Pay or not, you cannot use Google pay at their app, website, or store as well. But you must know how to pay online using Google Pay.

When you’re paying for something online, you may notice Google Pay as an option. Press it and follow the prompts when you are ready to check out.


How to Send Money to someone using Google Pay?

Open your Google Pay app and press the “Send” button, then press the “Send or request” button.

Search for your recipient using a phone number or email address, or choose it from your contacts. 

Choose your amount and press “Send“. Google recommends adding debit cards to send the money, which is also one of the fastest methods of transfer. You can also add a bank account or a Google Pay balance to make the transfer.

Your recipient must also use Google Pay and claim the money within 14 days, or it will be returned back to you.

CONCLUSION on Does Wendy’s Take Google Pay

Sometimes I really feel bad that why these stores and restaurants like Wendy’s do not accept wallets like Google Pay. I also use Google Pay to send money, pay bills and also use it in many restaurants.

In this post, you learned that “does Wendy’s take Google Pay or not” what do you think is why these stores and restaurants are still not accepting these wallets.

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