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Does Target take Apple Pay in 2022 – (Authentic Answer)

Target is the 8th largest retailer in the United States and welcomes around 2 million customers every day. Apple pay is another popular way to make easy and secure payments. So does Target take Apple pay in 2022?

Yes, Target accepts the Apple pay payment methods in all their offline stores, app, and self-checkout. But Apple Pay cannot be used on Target’s website for online payment. 

You might have a couple of questions like why Apple pay cannot be used for Target online shopping and how to use Apple pay at target.

This is the authentic information as I took this information from Target offline store staff and through the support chat on the target website.

Now after knowing does target take Apple pay, let’s see how to pay at Target with Apple Pay.

Does Target take Apple Pay? How to Use Apple Pay at Target? 

Yes, Target have Apple pay at their stores, self-checkout but not for online payments.

Apple Pay is basically a wallet where you store your debit or credit card and pay for things online or in the store.

The first thing that you need to do is to set up your Apple pay by adding your debit or credit card, so assure that your working card is stored in the Apple pay wallet.

You can quickly and securely pay Target stores with Apple pay by following the below steps.

Step 1 – Add Debit/Credit Card to Apple Pay

In order to add a new card tap on the + icon at the top right-hand corner of your iPhone Apple wallet.

Now add your card either by taking photos or entering card details manually.

Once the card is saved to the Apple wallet you can now pay any store like Target or Ross accepting Apple pay. 

Step 2 – Open Apple Pay and Pay using Target Terminal

Now once you are done with shopping open your Apple wallet and choose the right card that you want to use for the payment.

Once you have chosen the right card, bring your iPhone or Apple watch close to the machine and your payment will be done.

How to use Apple pay at target store
How to use Apple pay at the target store

Now Apple pay can also prompt you to sign in to your wallet using your thumb code or face ID.


How do I use Apple pay at Target self-checkout?

Target self-checkout is also a good way to quickly scan and pay for your purchase without anyone’s help.

Follow the below easy steps to know how to use Apple Pay at the target self-checkout.

  • Once you are finished shopping, enter the self-checkout counter and scan all the products one by one.


  • Once the products are scanned, they will be displayed on the screen along with the total price.


  • Tap on Pay and then it may ask for the total number of bags, so select it and then you will be displayed with all the payment options.

    How do I use Apple pay at Target self checkout
    How do I use Apple pay at Target self-checkout


  • You need to tap on the Wallet, then open your Apple wallet and scan the target payment terminal to complete the payment.

Before scanning your Apple pay at the Target payment terminal, kindly assure that the right card has been selected that you want to use or that has enough funds.


Apple pay not working on Target App

Probably Apple Pay option is not available on the target app or it may not show because of many reasons.

As you got the answer that does Target take Apple pay at their stores and websites you must be thinking of the Target app as well.

You can easily order at the target app for pickup or delivery address using Apple Pay. But many people have trouble ordering at the target app using apple pay.

However, there can be several issues with different people.

For many users, the Apple Pay option doesn’t appear on the Target app so for many, it fails to make the payment.

Appy all the possible fixes below to fix Apple pay not working on the Target app.

  • Restart your phone 
  • Reinstall the app
  • Update Apple Pay wallet and Target App
  • Update your iPhone

You can also recheck your funds in the card through which Apple pay is trying to make the payment.


Can you use Apple pay on the Target website?

No, unfortunately, you cannot use Apple pay on the Target website. You can use Apple pay at Target stores, self-checkout, and target apps only.

To authenticate this information I went to the target website and added a few products to the cart. While checkout there was no option of Apple pay.

So to further confirm this I spoke to target customer support through the chat on their website and they confirmed that they do not accept Apple pay on their website.

You can use Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Affirm, and gift cards like American Express and Visa on the Target website.

This might be because Apple Pay is more convenient to accept through the app or in the store via a payment terminal.



Is there any Reward or Discount for using Apple Pay at Target Stores

There is no such offer or cashback from Target to use Apple pay in their stores. But yes Apple Pay gives you 2% of cashback if you use an Apple card to pay through your iPhone or Apple watch.

Target has its branded REDcard for their shoppers who can earn 5% of cashback if they shop using REDcard. But the REDcard service should be used through only debit or credit cards.

Apple Pay users cannot use REDcard to enjoy 5% of cashback.

So it seems the only benefit is that you make a quick and secure payment through Apple Pay and can earn 2% cashback if you use an Apple card. 


Target payment Methods

I am sharing this information with you all so that if you have confusion it should be cleared.

Above while reading that does Target take Apple Pay you got to know that Apple pay is accepted in a store but not on the website.

Let me make it easier for you to understand by dividing this information.


Payment types accepted at Target Stores  

  • Cash
  • Target REDcard
  • Target Gift card, debit, and credit cards.
  • Debit and Credit cards
  • Contactless pay 
  • Gift cards like Visa, Master, AMEX, and Discover
  • Mobile payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay
  • Alipay in authorized stores only

These are a few major payment types accepted at target stores. You can read the full list of payment types accepted at Target stores on their official website.

Payment Types accepted at the Target website and App

  • Target REDcard
  • Third-party credit and debit cards
  • Target Gift cards
  • Third-party gift cards like Visa, Master, and AMEX
  • PayPal
  • Affirm and Sezzle


Payment Types not accepted by Target

  • Business checks
  • Foreign checks and currency
  • Money orders

Hopefully, this will help you to understand what payment types are accepted and not accepted by Target. You can also read the full list of payment methods on the Target help page.


FAQs on Does Target take Apple Pay

Does Target take Samsung Pay?

Yes, Target accepted Samsung pay at their stores and self-checkout. Samsung Pay is not accepted on Target’s website and app.

Does Target take Google Pay?

Yes, target accepted Google Pay at their stores and self-checkout. Google pay is not accepted at the target website and app.

Does Starbucks in Target take Apple Pay?

Yes, Starbucks in Target accepts Apple pay and also on Starbucks stores. You can use it in Starbucks stores, drive-thru, and Starbucks mobile apps.

How long does the target refund take Apple Pay?

Generally, it takes 3 to 4 business days once you submit the receipt for the purchase. Once the refund is accepted it will be credited to your original debit or credit card added to the Apple pay.



Target almost accepted all payment methods and Apple pay is one of them which is also accepted by most of the stores.

So after knowing does Target take Apple pay or not and all related information, let your friend and relatives also know about this who use Apple pay and regularly visit target.

There is no fee for using Apple Pay at Target stores and even you may earn cashback.

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