Does Subway take Apple pay

Does Subway Take Apple Pay in 2022 – (All you need to Know)

Most iPhone users have an Apple Pay payment option on their phones and watches. You might be one of them and want to clarify that like many other restaurants does Subway take Apple Pay as well?

You must have such information for yourself and also for others that do subway accept Apple pay at their restaurant, curbside and online.

In this guide, I am sharing the verified answer on can you use an Apple wallet at Subway, if yes then how to use Apple Pay at Subway

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that makes it possible to make contactless payments with a credit or debit card, mobile phone, and an NFC-enabled device.


Does Subway Take Apple Pay in 2022?

Yes, as of July 2022, Subway take Apple Pay at their restaurant, curbside, and also on the Subway app. Apple pay is not accepted on the Subway website.

However, Subway customers are enjoying Apple pay at Subway since 2014 when Apple Pay was released.

In the beginning, Apple pay was only available for Subway in-store purchases but later in a few years was accepted.

So need to carry cash or cards now, and order your favorite Subway foods with your Apple pay.

Apart from these, there are many of useful information in this article for you especially if you visit Subway regularly and are also an Apple Pay user.


Does Subway Curbside take Apple Pay?

Yes, Subway curbside or drive-thru accepts Apple Pay as well. Just place your order through the Subway app and once you reach the curbside parking spot press the button “I am here” in the subway app.

You cannot use the Apple Pay payment option to place the Subway Curbside orders from the website. 


Can you use Apple Pay on Subway App?

Yes, you can use the Apple Pay payment option on the Subway app. You can use it for both pickup and delivery options.

The subway app is more convenient to place your order without waiting in a queue line.

You can get your Subway orders delivered at your home or at the curbside spot.

There are several offers and discounts for using Apple Pay in the Subway app. Recently Subway and Apple Pay had a deal where customers get $2 off on subway orders if they pay using Apple Pay on the Subway app.

Now as you got the answer does Subway take Apple Pay? You must also read related information like

  • How to Pay at Subway restaurants with Apple Pay?
  • How to use Apple Pay in the Subway app?
  • What Payment method does Subway accept?


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How to Pay at Subway Restaurants with Apple Pay?

Paying for your Subway orders at Subway restaurants using Apple Pay is simple, easy, and quick.

You can pay at Subway restaurants using your iPhone or Apple watch. The very first thing that you need to assure is that you have added your debit or credit card to your Apple pay wallet.

Next, inform the restaurant or store employer that you will be using Apple for your purchase.

Similarly like you pay for your Chipotle order with Apple Pay.

Also, make sure that you have been signed in with your Apple ID so that you can use Apple pay from other devices.

  • Find your favorite food that you want to order.
  • Once you are ready to check out and if you have an iPhone with face ID then double-tap the side button and glance at your iPhone or enter your passcode. For touch, ID rests your finger on the home button.
  • Choose the card through which you want to pay.

    How to Pay at Subway Restaurants with Apple Pay
    How to Pay at Subway Restaurants with Apple Pay


  • Now hold your iPhone near the NFC card reader until it’s done.

Hopefully, you understood this easy method to pay with Apple pay. In case the transaction fails try scanning again or use a different card.


How to use Apple Pay in the Subway app?

You can now easily order on the Subway app using Apple Pay. Subway offers several footlong meal deals like in their apps. You will find deals like a $5.99 one footlong deal or the two footlongs for the price of one.

Before placing an order on the Subway app just make sure you have downloaded the Subway app and signed in with your account.

  • Launch the Subway app and tap on the START ORDER/MENU button at the bottom of the app screen.
  • Pick the food that you want to order and add it to your cart.
  • Review your order and then tap on Proceed to Payment.

    How to use Apple Pay in the Subway app
    How to use Apple Pay in the Subway app
  • Enter pick up or delivery time and other details. Once done choose the Pay with Apple Pay option. You may also see other options like Google Pay or Android Pay.
  • Once done you will get the confirmation message of a successfully placed order.


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How to use Apple Pay at the NYC Subway Station?

Now you no longer need the subway card only to ride the subway, You can instead use “Tap to pay” with your android phone, Apple Pay, or contactless card.

All New York City Subway stations are currently outfitted with the contactless payment system.

What you need to do is open your Apple Pay, hold the iPhone near the Subway NFC reader and the gate will be opened.

Does Subway Station take Apple Pay
Does Subway Station take Apple Pay?

The only downside is that the system currently only supports single ride payment and so you won’t be getting the potential monthly or weekly discounts of an unlimited subway pass

So now you don’t need to get panic looking for your subway card


What Payment method does Subway accept? Subway Payment Methods

Every customer has their own priority to pay at different restaurants and stores. Here we will let you know about all payment methods accepted by Subway.

The good news is that you can use most of the popular payment options at Subway. After knowing does Subway takes Apple Pay let’s see what other payment options are accepted.

Below are the most popular  Subway payment methods

  • Cash
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Subway Gift Cards
  • Paypal
  • Apple Pay

I am pretty sure you must have a couple of choices here and you use most of these Subway payment methods.


Where is Apple pay Accepted for Food?

Apple Pay is accepted in approx 85% of the stores in the United States but still, there are many restaurants and stores where Apple Pay is not taken.

So it’s better to confirm the restaurant where Apple Pay is accepted before stepping out to that place.

Though there is a huge list here I am sharing a few popular ones that accept Apple Pay.

  • Baskin – Robbins
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Jamba Juice
  • KFC
  • Mcdonald’s
  • Pizza Hut
  • Star Bucks
  • Subway
  • White Castle

There are few top food stores where Apple Pay is accepted. You can check more lists of restaurants, stores, and Retails where Apple Pay is taken.


Does Subway Take Google Pay?

Yes, as of July 2022 Subway accept Google Pay at their restaurants and also on the Subway app.

In order to verify I tried ordering from the subway app and at the checkout page, I found the option to pay with Google Pay.

I have seen most of the article on the Internet that says that Subway doesn’t have Google Pay, probably they have not updated their post as Subway recently started accepting Google Pay.


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CONCLUSION on Does Subway Take Apple Pay 

Almost half of the United States population has Apple Pay and it’s so convenient and safe to pay that everyone wants to use it in stores, restaurants, and online.

Hopefully, you got the answer that does Subway take Apple pay or not, you must have also learned many more things about Subway and Apple Pay.

So now need to carry cash or a card when you visit Subway next time.

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