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Does sonic take apple pay

The sonic drive-in is one of the biggest restaurant chains in the United States. You have probably been there or planning to but want to make sure that does Sonic take Apple Pay or not.

Apple pay is one of the popular payment methods to pay your bills and order from your iPhone.

No need to carry cash or cards all the time if you have Apple pay access but do all restaurants and stores accept Apple pay.

In this guide you will get complete information that does sonic accept apple pay and if yes then how to pay at Sonic drive-in with apple pay.


Does Sonic Take Apple Pay 

Yes, you can place orders at Sonic drive-in using your Apple pay. But there are more things that you must know about Sonic payment with Apple pay.

Does Sonic charge an additional fee to use Apple pay or are there any discounts and rewards while paying from Apple pay?

However, there is no additional charge from Sonic while paying from Apple pay.

So as you are now aware that Sonic takes Apple pay, I want that you should have complete information related to Sonic pay orders with Apple Pay. Many restaurants like Popeyes do not accept Apple pay and so you must know of the restaurant that is accepting apple pay.

There are many benefits of using Apple pay for Sonic orders, but the best I feel is that it makes orders quicker and more convenient.


Does Sonic give any Discount or Reward for using Apple Pay?


Yes, Sonic gives additional discounts and rewards if you use Apple pay payment method for orders.

There are seasonal special discounts and rewards offered by Sonic. So now you better know that does Sonic take apple pay or not you must also know how to pay using Apple pay.

You can activate Sonic offers and discounts via text message. Simply type JOIN and send to 876642 to start receiving their exclusive offers and news.

Keep checking offers for both offline and online payment options and also consult the Sonic restaurant manager or staff for updated offers.


How to Use Apple Pay at Sonic Drive-In


The very first thing that you need to assure is that you have added your debit or credit card to your Apple pay wallet.

Also, make sure that you have been signed in with your Apple ID so that you can use Apple pay from other devices.

  • Once you are ready to check out and if you have an iPhone with face ID then double-tap the side button and glance at your iPhone or enter your passcode. For touch, ID rests your finger on the home button.


  • Choose the card through which you want to pay.


  • Now hold your iPhone near the Sonic card reader until it’s done.

Hopefully, you understood this easy method to pay Sonic orders with Apple pay. In case the transaction fails try scanning again or use a different card.


Benefits of using Apple Pay at Sonic

There are several benefits of using Apple pay at Sonic drive-in restaurants and stalls. Apple pay keeps working with restaurants and stores to make transactions easy and beneficial.

A few benefits that you would find using Apple pay at Sonic are.

  • Its easy, fast, and convenient to pay for your order at Sonic using Apple Pay.


  • You may also get 3% of cashback as well.


  • Apple Pay is safe and secure to make payments. Your card information is kept totally safe by Apple pay and is not shared with the Sonic app or device.


  • No need to carry cards and cash to make payments. You will surely have your iPhone or Apple watch with you and that’s enough to make payments.


  • Enjoy temporary or season benefits and rewards from Sonic for using Apple pay for your orders.

That’s more than enough reasons why you should use Apple pay at Sonic and other stores.


How to Pay at Sonic Drive-In | Sonic Payment Options

Customers have multiple payment options today but do all restaurants and stores accept those payment options.

Today, in this guide we are talking about Sonic drive-in and I want that you must know all payment modes that are accepted and not accepted by Sonic.


Payment Modes Accepted by Sonic

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Cash
  • Apple Pay
  • Sonic Gift cards


Payment Modes Not Accepted By Sonic

  • Sonic does not accept PayPal
  • Sonic does not accept Google Pay and AliPay
  • Amazon Pay, Shop pay, and Cryptocurrency payments are accepted.
  • Sonic does not accept Samsung Pay

I am sure payment methods like PayPal and Google Pay will be added very soon by Sonic. Though there is no announcement from Sonic that is what I expect.



How to pay with Sonic pay after ordering?

You can pay for your Sonic order through Sonic pay. If you park in a stall and place your order, you will see a number on the stall display. You need to enter that on your sonic app and then you can make the payment.

Keep in mind that not all Sonic drive-in accepts Sonic app pay.

How to enter the stall number in the Sonic app?

Once you have successfully placed the order at the Sonic drive-in stall, you will see a stall number on their display.

On the Sonic app, you will find an option to enter a payment code. Simply type the stall code number displayed on the Sonic stall screen. Make sure you have entered the right number and then tap on Submit.

Sonic app payment not working?

Sonic app payment does not work for all Sonic drive-in stores and so kindly confirm whether the stall or restaurant accepts Sonic mobile app payment or not.

The problem can also be because of typing incorrect stall numbers, insufficient balance, or network issues.


I am pretty sure that you have got the answer does Sonic take Apple pay or not. Along with the answer, you must have read other related information like the benefits of using Apple pay for Sonic orders.

Apple Pay is a convenient way to pay for your orders not only on Sonic for also on other restaurants and stores.

Still, it’s recommended that you must carry a secondary payment source as there are few restaurants and stores that do not accept Apple pay.

Please share your thoughts or any experience while making an order from Sonic.


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