Tue. Jul 5th, 2022
Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is well known for its crispy home-tasting chicken and fried chicken sandwich. But when it comes to paying for this tasty food you might have a question does popeyes take apple pay or not?.

According to a Statista report, there are around 507 Million users of Apple pay and so you must be aware of whether will popeyes will accept your order with Apple pay or not.

This guide contains a lot of useful information, so kindly read this article till the end.


Does Popeyes take Apple Pay in 2022

No, Popeyes does not accept Apple pay, and let me brief how I got this information.

In order to know does Popeyes have an apple pay payment method or not, I made detailed research on the Internet.

I got more confused as many websites said Yes and many NO.

To clarify I tried placing an order online and while making a payment I got an alert

We currently don’t accept Google or Apple Pay on our websites. Please select or add a new payment method”.

Does PopEyes accept Apple Pay
Does PopEyes accept Apple Pay?

I even called an offline Popeyes restaurant in MN, United States and they also denied accepting orders through Apple pay.


What Payment methods are accepted by Popeyes?

You can pay for your popeyes order in cash or with a debit card, credit card, and even gift cards as well.

Popeyes has clearly mentioned on their website privacy page that customers can pay through debit or credit card.

Does Popeyes accept debit cards
Does Popeyes accept debit cards?

Wallets like Apple pay and Google pay are not accepted by Popeyes.

Most of the cards are accepted by Popeyes but depending on Popeyes locations there are a few cards like American express credit that are not accepted by a few Popeyes restaurants.


How do I Know if a Restaurant accepts Apple Pay?

If you are planning to visit any restaurant like Popeyes and available with only the Apple pay payment method the better call them or ask directly if you are nearby.

Most of the retailers and restaurants accept apple pay but you should still confirm to avoid payment disputes. 

On your iPhone open the Apple maps app and search for the restaurant for which you want to know whether they accept payment with  Apple pay or not.

Most fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger king accept Apple pay payments.

For restaurants accepting online orders, you can check their website whether they accept Apple pay or not. Try placing an order and come to the payment page to check if the Apple pay option is available or not.



Do popeyes take Apple Pay in the drive-thru?

No, Popeyes does not accept Apple pay either you pay for pick up, drive-thru, or dine in. You will have to use cash or through your debit/credit card. 

Do Popeyes take the Cash App?

There can be no reliable answer to this question as few Popeyes restaurants accept cash apps whereas many do not.

It’s better to check on their website or make a direct call to your nearby Popeyes restaurant.

What Popeyes do not accept Apple Pay?

Like every store and restaurant, Popeyes has its own payment policy, and currently, they do not accept Apple or Google pay.

They have not shared any reasons for not accepting the Apple pay but probably they will start accepting payments through these wallets.


FINAL WORDS on Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay

Wallets like Apple pay, Google Pay, and Cash app have become very common to make payments online and offline as well.
No need to carry cash or a card all the time. But for some stores and restaurants like Popeyes, you will be unlucky as currently wallets like Apple pay or Google pay are not accepted.

Hopefully, you know that does Popeyes take apple pay or not let me know your feedback. 

Have you ever faced any experience with Popeyes payment method and what do you think should Popeyes accept wallets as Apple pay?

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