Does McDonalds take Apple Pa

Does McDonald’s take Apple Pay – (2022 Updated) Full Details

In this article, we will be talking about Apple pay and McDonald’s and more specifically we’re going to answer the question that does McDonalds take Apple pay or not.

Can you use Apple Pay at Mcdonald’s windows or drive through, if yes then how to use it.

McDonald’s has tons of restaurants and their customers enjoy their meals every day. Now most of their customers use Apple pay and want to assure that

Does McDonald’s have Apple Pay?


Does Mcdonalds take Apple Pay?

Yes, as of 2022, McDonald’s takes Apple Pay at their restaurant, drive-thru, and through the Mcdonald’s app. Their policy of accepting Apple pay may be different for other countries but all McDonald’s across US and Canada have Apple pay in their restaurants and for drive-thru.

I recently visited Mcdonald’s restaurant in California and ordered a Burger combo with my Apple pay.

In order to confirm for drive-thru and app, I asked Mcdonald’s staff and they reassured me that Apple pay is also accepted through the drive-thru and Mcdonald’s app.

If you’re not familiar with Apple Wallet, it is a popular payment system that you can use on your Apple phones

You just need to load your credit cards or your debit cards into your Apple pay wallet on your phone.

Once the card is registered you can make purchases at various retailers across the US and many other countries without even using your plastic card.


How to Use Apple pay at McDonald

Apple pay can be used in Mcdonald’s restaurants dine-in, drive-thru, and also through Mcdonald’s app. So as you know that does Mcdonalds take Apple Pay you must know how to use it.

The first thing that you need to do is to set up your Apple pay by adding your debit or credit card details to your Apple Wallet. Also, assure that your working card is stored in the Apple pay wallet.

You can quickly and securely pay Target stores with Apple pay by following the below steps.

Step 1 – Add Debit/Credit Card to Apple Pay

In order to add a new card tap on the + icon at the top right-hand corner of your iPhone Apple wallet.

Now add your card either by taking photos or entering card details manually.

Once the card is saved to the Apple wallet you can now pay any store like Target or Target accepting Apple pay. 


Step 2 – Open Apple Pay and Pay using Target Terminal

Now once you are ready to pay at McDonald open your Apple wallet and choose the right card that you want to use for the payment.

Once you have chosen the right card, bring your iPhone or Apple watch close to the McDonald’s NFC machine and your payment will be done.

Does Mcdonalds accept Apple pay
Does McDonalds accept Apple Pay?

Now Apple pay can also prompt you to sign in to your wallet using your thumb code or face ID.


How to Use Apple pay at McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Mcdonald’s drive-thru is a convenient and quick way to order your delicious food from your car when you are nearby to McDonald’s drive-thru restaurant.

The good news is that you can use Apple pay to pay at Mcdonald’s drive-thru.

The process is almost the same as when you pay in a restaurant. In the drive-thru, Mcdonald’s worker will come outside the window with a payment terminal so that you can scan and pay through your Apple Pay.

Mcdonald’s drive-thru orders will be only accepted when you are in your car as they scan your Car number before the order.


How to Use Apple pay at McDonald’s App

Mcdonald’s app is another best way to place your favorite order. If your card is registered on Apple Wallet then paying will Apple Pay option will automatically appear on the Mcdonald’s app.

So when you order at McDonald’s for pickup, choose Apple Pay from your iPhone or Apple Watch at the time of transaction and complete the payment.

It might ask for you to place your thumb or face ID, so follow the instructions.

In case your payment fails then kindly check the primary card linked to Apple Wallet.


Apple Pay not working in Mcdonald’s App 

Now as you know that does McDonalds take Apple Pay or not you may have tried using Apple Pay at Mcdonald’s app to order your delicious food.

Did your payment fail or maybe you are not getting the option of Apple Pay on the Mcdonald’s app.

Below is a few best solution that you can apply and fix the problem.

  • Restart your iPhone (Recommended by many Apple Pay users)
  • Check your Internet Connection
  • Clear the Mcdonald’s app cache and data.
  • Reinstall the app
  • Check if your primary card linked to Apple Wallet is working and have enough funds.

These are the few best solutions you can try to fix Apple pay not working on Mcdonald’s app.


Is there any Cashback or Rewards using Apple Pay at McDonald

There is no such offer or cashback from Mcdonaldsnot only for Apple Pay but also for other payment methods. But yes Apple Pay gives you 2% of cashback if you use an Apple card to pay through your iPhone or Apple watch.

However, few Mcdonald’s franchise owners may give some cash back to their customers.  I have seen a few McDonald offering free fries Friday with Apple Pay so you can check with your nearest Mcdonald’s for any offers.

McDonald’s has no such policy of providing any cashback and so you may only enjoy cashback offers from Apple Pay.


Is it Safe to Use Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

Apple is well known for its security and enhanced feature and so Apple Pay is one of the safest and quickest ways to pay at McDonald’s or any other merchant.

Apple wallet keeps your debit and credit cards safe and none of the details are stored either on the device, apple server, or the place where you do the transaction.

They also have the face and touch ID which makes them safer from fraudulent transactions. 

Apple way is considered one of the safest way to pay as it’s protected with many layers of security that protects you from all fraudulent transactions.


How to Set up Apple Pay

While reading can you use Apple pay at McDonald you must have known its benefits as well.

So if you have an iPhone or Apple watch then you must set up Apple Pay now.

  • Keep your credit or debit card handy that you want to add to Apple pay.

  • On your phone open the Apple Wallet app and it may ask you to set up your location, so go ahead and do it.

  • Now tap on the + icon at the right-hand top and a bunch of options will come up to add payment options like Debit or Credit card, Apply for Apple card, and many others.

  • Here we will take debit or credit cards so tap on “Debit or Credit card” and then on Continue.


  • Now here in order to add your card, you can either scan your card by bringing the card into the scanner frame area or can also enter the card manually. 

Once the card is added it may ask for additional verification and then you will all set to use Apple Pay.


FAQs on Does McDonalds take Apple Pay


Does McDonald’s take cash app?

No, unfortunately, McDonald’s does not accept Cash App. But they accept Cash app cards with almost all debit and credit cards.

Be aware of the Sugar daddy cash app scammers

Does McDonald’s take apple pay at the Window?

Yes, McDonald’s takes Google Pay in restaurants dine-in, take away, drive-thru, and also on Mcdonald’s app.

Does McDonald’s take Google Pay?

Yes, McDonald’s takes Google Pay in restaurants dine-in, take away, drive-thru, and also on Mcdonald’s app.
Google pay is another best way for paying any merchant by keeping your card safe and secure.

Is there any fee for using Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

No, there is no additional fee charged by McDonald’s for Apple Pay users.

In fact, Apple pay may give your some cashback or rewards for using Apple pay at different stores and merchants.



Apple pay is growing day by day and becoming people’s choice for paying at places like Sonic and McDonald’s. 

Even I like and prefer everyone to use Apple Pay because it has multiple benefits like

  • No need to carry a card or cash
  • Quick payment
  • Safe and Secure
  • Chances to earn cash back and rewards.

In this guide, you came to know that does McDonalds take Apple pay or not. You must start paying using your Apple pay not only on McD but also at other places.


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