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Discord spoiler tag

In this article, you will read about Discord Spoiler tag that allows you to write text to the users or to a group which can be only read by the people who wish to read it.

Once you texted someone with a Discord spoiler tag it will be hidden with a grey background and can only be seen once the user hovers over the text or tap on the text in case of mobile.


Discord spoiler tag

Discord has become as one of the most lovable social apps for gamers and businesses. Discord Features like Text, Audio, Video and Discord screen share are much liked by the discord users.


Discord Text Formatting and Spoiler tag Discord

Many of the Discord users want to send an attractive text to their friends by using a different feature of Discord Text Formatting like

  • Discord Bold
  • Discord Italic and Underline
  • Discord Strikethrough
  • Discord Single line
  • Discord Multiple lines
  • Discord Colors
  • Discord Spoiler tag


Why to use Spoiler Tag Discord?

You can cover your text with a grey background layout by using spoiler tag discord so that it can be only viewed by tapping or hover over it 

People chatting with each other


Let’s go through with an example:-

There is a college Discord group where students are added and few of them are quite notorious and they keep on questioning and answering a few dirty jokes by using a few dirty words.

Many of them don’t want to see those dirty words in the group.

So this is how it will go

Peter:- Hey, what kind of porn turns you on?

Joe:- I love watching  threesome  porn

Now this answer got Discord spoiler text and can only be seen by them who will click on it.


How to use Discord spoiler tag (Text, Image, Link and Video)

By using Discord spoiler tag we can hide text, link, images and videos. Let’s start learning using spoilers in Discord.



Discord spoiler text as we know now is basically used to cover the specific text so that it can be only be seen by the people who wish to see it. There are two ways to use spoiler text discord.

  1. The easiest way to use Discord spoiler tag is to highlight the specific word or sentence by making a right-click on it and click mark as spoiler. Once you mark it you will see the 2 bars in front and the back of the word or sentence which you highlighted to use spoiler text discord.

Input: – I Love Spoiler Text Discord

Discord spoiler tag


Output: -I  Love  Spoiler Text Discord


Discord spoiler tag


  1. The second way to use discord spoiler text is through markdown where you can add 2 vertical bars before and after the word or sentence.

If I want to use spoiler for the word dancing in the sentence I am dancing, I will use

Input:-     I am ||dancing||


Discord spoiler tag


Output:-  I am  dancing 


There are many markdowns which you can use in Discord while texting and sharing.



Discord Spoiler Image can be used very easily where you need to select an option of the mark as spoiler before sending an image. Let’s see the steps how you can use spoiler while sharing the image on discord

  • Locate to the user or group chat box where you need to send Discord spoiler image.
  • Now click on the + sign and select the image from the location which you want to share

browse image to share


  • Once you click on the image, a new box will come up where you can add a comment and below that you will find a box of mark as a spoiler.


Discord spoiler Image

  • Tick on the box of Mark as a spoiler and click on send.


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Like Discord Spoiler Text and Image we can also use link spoilers in Discord. This is also very simple to use and like Discord spoiler text, link can also be done in 2 ways.

  1. Make a selection of the specific word or sentence for which you want to use a spoiler. Right-click on it and choose spoiler symbol which looks like an eye and hit enter to send.

  1. You can also use Markdown to put Discord spoiler tag by adding 2 vertical bars before and after the word or sentence.


FAQs (Frequently asked questions)


Question: – Can I share Discord spoiler Images and Videos on mobile?                                                      Answer: – NO, Images/ Video spoiler is only on the desktop client



Question: – How do you get an invisible name in Discord?                                                              Answer:- Actually, this is a Discord spoiler tag through which you can make your content invisible on chat



Question: – Is it possible to disable the Discord spoiler tag?                                                             Answer: – You can disable Spoiler tag Discord feature on the Desktop/Browser app



Question: If text marked as spoiler within code blocks will work in Discord?                               Answer: – The text marked as spoiler within code blocks will not be hidden




As all, we know Discord started as a VoIP application but now working on multiple features and its growing day by day. Discord spoilers tag is of great use for the people who are games or are on Discord chat most of the time.

Discord performance and their increasing number of users prove that Discord may launch many new features. So we should be connected with Discord and keep on learning all new features and fixing bugs through Skyshield.

Finally, I tried my best to explain Spoiler tag Discord and hopefully, you learned and enjoyed. Please leave your comment and feedback to appreciate or for improvement.


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