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Discord screen share no audio

Discord Screen Share no Audio error can be because of multiple reasons which can be fixed with few easy simple steps. I understand you might in the middle of something where you got this issue and want it to be quickly fixed.

We all know Discord is one of the most popular VoIP application specially made for gaming. This is why it has a bigger focus on voice communications, video chatting, push-to-talk, and more.

After looking on complains of Discord Screen share no audio, I came across that Discord users are having such problem because of multiple different reasons.


Discord screen share no audio

FIX NOW with the below steps 

Please use these methods step by step starting from the beginning and do not skip any of the methods.

Note: – Sometimes our issues get resolved by a single restart both in computer and mobile. While we run Apps and Programs on the devices, Discord may conflict with other programs and cause Discord screen share no audio, so restart your computer before proceeding with the below fix methods.


1. # Exit full-screen mode to fix Discord screen share no audio

Probably it’s been seen that game screen share has not been working properly whenever the user’s game or application is in full-screen mode.

So we will start with this as a first method where you need to restart your computer and then set the Game video option to Windowed mode


2. # Check Administrative Access

In many cases, Apps and programs do not work properly in normal mode as there are some security and privacy factor. So, we will try granting administrative rights to Discord which might fix Discord share screen no sound and if not we may proceed to method no 3.


Follow these steps to grant Admin permission to Discord

  • Open RUN box by pressing Win + R key and type C:\Users\maish\AppData\Local\Discord and then OK
  • This will directly navigate to the Discord installation folder if above doesn’t work for you then go to your computer C drive and look for this location

how to open discord folder


  • Double click the Discord Folder and then on app-0.0.306
  • Now look for Discord App Icon, right-click on it and choose properties.


Discord screen share no audio fixed by giving admin rights


  • In the Discord properties box click on the compatibility tab
  • Look below for Run this program as an administrator and check the box.


Enable Discord admin rights

  • Click Apply and then OK to save the changes. Restart the computer and check if the issue is resolved.



3. # Update Audio Driver to fix Discord screen share no audio  

Outdated, Corrupt or missing audio driver can also be the causes of Discord screen share no audio.

An audio driver can be updated with Driver Booster without putting extra efforts. Driver booster will update the driver and help you to fix the Discord no audio issue.

You can update the audio driver manually as well by following the steps below carefully to fix Discord screen share audio not working.


            Update Audio driver manually

  • Open RUN by pressing Win + R key
  • Type devmgmt.msc on the RUN box and click ok(In windows 10 you can also type device manager in the search box)

open device manager


  • Device Manager window will now come up, look for Sound, Video and Game controller
  • Double click on it and look for the name of your sound card
  • Once you find it right-click on it select update driver.


Discord screen share no audio fixed by updating audio driver


  • You will be now displayed with two options where it will ask                                              Search automatically for updated driver software                                                            Browse my computer for driver software


how do you want to search for drivers


  • You can try updating with search automatically or else you need to download the updated audio driver on your computer and then select option Browse my computer for driver software.

Here are few links for RealtekCreative LabsIntel HD Graphics and AudioAMD (High Definition Audio Device), or NVIDIA (High Definition Audio Device) 

  • Once updated restart your computer.


           Update Audio driver with Driver Booster

  • Click on the above driver booster link to open the website
  • Download and run the Driver booster

Discord screen share no audio fixed by driver booster


  • Click on the SCAN button, which will start searching all outdated drivers on your computer


Discord screen share no audio fixed by driver booster


  • Look for Sound, video and game controller box, select it and then click on update to update the drivers


Discord screen share no audio fixed by driver booster

  • Once updated restart your computer


Most of the time issues like Discord screen share no audio get resolved just by updating the driver. If still, your issue is not resolved move to the next method.



4. # Update Discord to fix Discord screen share no audio  

Sometimes recent updates can also be a cause of Discord screenshare no audio which can be easily fixed by available updates from Discord. Follow the steps to update your Discord.

  • Open RUN box by pressing Windows + R key, altogether.
  • Type %appdata% on the RUN box and click ok to open the Roaming folder.


%appdata% for roaming folder


  • Now look for Discord folder and double click on it to open
  • Look for update.exe by scrolling down


update discord


  • Run the file and restart your Discord

In case you are unable to find update.exe, don’t worry it means there are no available updates. You simply proceed to the next step



5. # Check Audio Settings of your Computer

If you failed with the above steps, you must check your Computer Audio settings as probably they might not be connected or configured properly.

We need to make sure that Discord is allowed with proper access to Microphone settings and we also need to make sure that it has correct recording input device.

Follow these steps

Microphone settings

  • Type Microphone privacy settings in the search box and hit Enter.


microphone privacy settings


  • Microphone settings will now come up, look for “Allow apps to access your microphone” and make sure it’s turned on.


Allow apps to access your microphone


  • Look for other apps for which you want to turn on the microphone
  • Scroll down and look for “Allow desktop apps to access your microphone” and make sure it’s turned on.


allow desktop apps to access your microphone


  • If not, turn it on and restart your Discord


Recording Input device 

  • Type Sound settings in the search box and choose sound settings from the search result to open it. (You can also do this by making a right-click on the sound icon located at the very right-hand bottom)

sound settings on windows 10


  • Scroll down and look for Sound Control Panel and click on it.


sound control panel in windows 10


  • A new window will come up, now click on the recording tab.


recording device on windows

  • Look for the correct recording device right-click on it and set as default.

Make sure you made the right selection as Discord screen share no audio can also be because of the wrong selection of recording device.



6. # Discord Game Activity

Sometimes Discord application gets confused between games and apps while screen sharing and audio. In this case, we need to manually select the activity.

Follow these steps to add your current activity

  • Navigate to the Discord settings at the very left-hand bottom, click on it.
  • Now scroll down and look for Game Activity on the left-hand panel, click on it.
  • You will now see an option of Add it!
  • Click on it and choose your game from the drop-down and click on add game again.

Discord screen share no audio fixed by Discord game activity

Wrong or no selection of game activity can also cause Discord screen share audio not working and can be fixed by adding your current game.



7. # Disable Antivirus/Firewall temporarily

An Antivirus or Firewall protection may conflict with your App/ Game Audio settings or Audio driver. So as we are not sure what exactly the problem is so we will disable our antivirus program or Firewall.

If you have any third party Antivirus then go to its running icon tray on the very right-hand bottom. Make a right-click on it and choose disable.

If you don’t have any third-party antivirus program then you need to disable your Windows Defender and Firewall. You can type a Firewall in the search box and follow the instructions.        


8. # Reset Discord Voice settings

Many times settings of any apps or programs get changed automatically and may cause Discord share screen no sound. The best way to correct the changes is by resetting the settings to default.

Follow these steps to reset Discord audio settings

  • Click on the Discord setting icon which is on the left-hand bottom
  • Look for Voice and Video on the left-hand panel and click on it
  • Scroll down till the bottom until you see Reset Voice Settings

Discord screen share no audio fixed by resetting voice settings

  • Click on it and then click OK to confirm
  • Restart the Discord now



9. # Delete Discord Roaming Data/Cache

Caches are used to save temporary data and user preferences for the next time browsing and usage. Discord screen share no audio can be solved by clearing Discord Cache from the Discord roaming folder.

Follow the steps, as we need to quit and close Discord first

  • Close Discord and its process from task manager.
  • Press Windows key and type %appdata% in the search box and hit Enter.

CLear discord cache


  • Roaming folder will now come up, look for a Discord folder, right-click on it and click delete.


Clear discord roaming data



10. # Uninstall Recently installed programs

Yes, issues like Discord screen share no audio can be because of any apps or programs which is not compatible with Discord Audio and creating bugs.

We need to properly look over the installed applications and uninstall all those apps which are not identified or currently installed. You can later reinstall those apps.

Follow the steps to uninstall

  • Press Windows key and type appwiz.cpl on the search box and hit Enter.
  • Programs and Feature box will now come up
  • Look for all those apps you currently installed, not in use or you don’t identify.
  • Right-click on it and click Uninstall
  • Restart the computer once done


 Discord screen share no audio Chrome

If in case you are having trouble only while accessing Discord on Chrome, then try using Discord App or any other browser like Firefox, Safari or Edge. If it works fine on other browsers and App then the problem is with your Chrome browser.

You need to reset, delete Cache and browsing history

  • Open Chrome browser and click on the 3 dots at the very right-hand top.
  • Look for history and locate your cursor to history until it shows the result and clicks on History.
  • A new window of History will come up, look for Clear browsing history and click on it.
  • In the next screen click on Advanced and set Time range to all time.
  • You may see all the below boxes are checked leave Password and Autofill data unchecked and click on Clear data.


Frequently Asked Question


Question: – How do I enable audio on Discord screen sharing.

Answer: – Once you turn on the screen share, you will get a new window which will display you with 2 tabs

  • Your entire screen
  • Application Window

Click on Application Window, where you will get an option of Sound, toggle sound to turn on the Audio



Question: – Why my Discord screen share volume low?

Answer:- Probably check the volume of your device.



Question: – Discord screen share no audio with headphones

Answer: – Resetting Discord voice settings to default may fix this issue if not try above steps in the article or try using another headphone.



These are the top 10 working methods for fixing Discord screen share no audio. I tried explaining the steps, which will surely work for you. If not you can call our technician team who can take care of this issue and fix it within a few minutes.

Discord has been an important part in our gaming industry and we all are dependent on it. But you don’t worry you focus on your work and I will focus on my work by bringing all the solution and easy fix for Discord and Computer.

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