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Are you getting Discord no route error while using Discord voice channels, Calm down as many people face the same issue and easily fix it in just a few minutes.

This error comes while connecting to any voice channel in the Discord server. Below you will get 12 solutions to fix this problem of Discord no route.

Discord has become very popular since 2015 not just because it’s free but it provides very reliable features like voice chat.


Discord has become very popular in the gaming and business community.

Please look at the bottom to read frequently asked questions which will cover many doubts related to Discord no route

Discord no route

Why do we get Discord no route Error? Reasons

While using Discord voice over IP feature you may face issues like Discord no route, Discord rtc connecting or ICE checking which may be because of Discord having a hard time connecting to other side users due to their network issues.


Discord rtc connecting can also be because of some issues on your end like

  • Discord blocked by the network admin
  • Discord blocked by Firewall, antivirus or any VPN program
  • Any third party software stopping discord
  • Change of IP address
  • Quality of service(QoS) compatibility with current network
  • Compatibility with users side voice server


There can be few more reasons, but these are the major reasons found in the last few months which was creating the problem of Discord rtc connecting no route.

Now we will see the methods which fix this problem very quickly. Make sure you follow every step carefully one by one.


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Let’s fix Discord no Route

Solution #1: Modem and Computer Restart

I know this is a very common way and method to begin, but we all know most of the time our Apps and Device issues get fixed just by Restarting.

Restarting the computer may release some stuck system resources which are creating the problem.

As network can also be a cause of Discord no route, so restarting modem and router may fix the issue.

So restart your modem as well and restart your Discord.

In case this doesn’t work go with method 2 and have patience as a part of fixing, you are also learning to allot of things.


If your range from WIFI Router/Modem is more than 5 meters then kindly go with NETGEAR WiFi range Extender through which you will get high and stable speed even from a long-range.


Solution #2:  Check with Network Admin for Discord no route

By network admin I mean if you are trying to use Discord in public places like Library, shopping mall, or restaurant, chances are it should be blocked by the network admin of the network you are using.

So if still, you want to use Discord it then you can simply ask the network admin to remove the restriction.                               

If you don’t find a way to connect to network admin, nothing to worry I have a way through which you can fix Discord rtc connecting by just completing a few simple steps.

WINDOWS (Discord no route)


  • Open RUN box by pressing Windows + R key
  • Type NCPA.CPL on the run box and hit Enter




  • A new box of the Network connection will come up showing all networks
  • Right-click on the network which you are connected with and click on properties to open Network properties
  • Once the properties box is up, double click on Internet Protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4)
  • Now a new box will come up where you will see 2 options

           Obtain an IP address automatically, and

           Use the following DNS server address

  • Check on use the following DNS server address to highlight

           Preferred DNS address, and

           Alternate DNS address

  • Type in preferred DNS address and in alternate DNS address
  • Press OK and restart the computer and try using Discord again.


MAC (Discord no route)


  • Open System Preference by locating at the left-hand top on Apple icon
  • Choose a Network and then select your network, click Advanced
  • From the above tab click on DNS and click on + to add a DNS server 
  • Now Enter the primary and secondary  IP address and click OK to close
  • Restart the Computer



Solution #3: Disable Antivirus and Firewall

  • Open RUN and type Control panel and hit OK.
  • Once the control panel screen up makes sure view mode is either a small icon or large icon.
  • Look for Windows Defender Firewall and double click on it to open
  • Now look for “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall” on the left-hand top and click on it to open
  • Next screen will come up with Allowed apps and  feature settings
  • Now click on Change settings to highlight all the options


allow apps for firewall


  • Look for Discord by scrolling down and make sure both the private and public boxes are ticked.
  • If anyone of them is not ticked, tick them and if both are already ticked then click on Discord and remove it.
  • Click OK and Restart the Discord again, now the permission box will be prompted to grant permission for private and public networks.
  • Connect Discord voice channel again to make sure it’s working.


For other 3rd party Firewall

If you are using other Firewall protection then go to firewall outgoing connections and make sure all permissions are granted

If this doesn’t work, then quit your Antivirus completely

  • Close Discord
  • Press Windows + R key to open RUN and type taskmgr to open Task manager


How to open task manager


  • Look for your antivirus in both Apps and Background process, and end the process


Task manager apps and process


  • Run Discord again, if it still doesn’t work uninstall your antivirus program to fix Discord rtc connecting no route.



Solution #4: Disable Discord QoS Voice Settings

Quality of service manages data traffic, latency, and jitter on the network.

Discord no route can also be because of QoS as it manages network resources by setting priorities for specific types of data on the network.

Most of the time Discord no route got fixed just by disabling Discord QoS setting.


This is how you can disable QoS from Discord.

  • Open Discord and look at the left-hand bottom for settings icon, click on it to open
  • My Account screen will come up, look for Voice & Video at the left-hand side in the APP SETTING section
  • Scroll down to look for Quality of service and turn off by clicking on the blue icon


Discord quality of service


  • Restart Discord and check again by connecting to a voice channel to see if Rtc connecting discord or no route has been fixed


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Solution #5: Change Voice server region

Discord no route can also occur if you are trying to connect to a user from a different continent, as there is a different voice region.

We always prefer and choose the nearest server source as we know the closer we are to the server, the lower ping and latency will be.

Well in this case changing voice server region can fix rtc connecting discord or Discord no route.

This can be done easily if you have the admin rights and if not you can request admin to change the server region.


Follow the steps to change the server region

  • Open Discord and click on the user or server with whom you are having trouble


clcik on username for server settings on discord


  • Click on the server or arrow which is on the very left-hand top
  • From the drop-down choose server settings


server settings on discord


  • Server overview screen will come up
  • Look for server region and click on change to select the region


server region change in Discord


  • Once you change the region restart the discord to check if Discord no route is fixed or not.
  • Try connecting voice channel



Solution #6: Close VPN to fix Discord no route

Discord may not be compatible with the VPN service which is not using the User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

So if you are running any VPN on your computer make sure your VPN runs with User data protocol and if not then close your VPN and start Discord voice channel to confirm the solution.                                                     

However, if you were using Discord voice channel before while running VPN before and you think your VPN was compatible with Discord, then make sure you have not updated your VPN or made any changes with it.

Updating or change in VPN may also result in Discord no route.

You may also try this VPN for better gaming which supports Discord and may give you the best performance.



Solution #7:  Release/ Renew IP address

Recently one of my friends had similar Discord rtc connecting issues and he tried this solution in the first attempt and it worked for him.

So what happens sometimes when our computer is set to automatically obtain an IP address through DHCP, IP address keeps on changing which may also cause network change and give you Discord no route.

You can try this method as well, let’s start



  • Close Discord
  • Type cmd in the search box and run as administrator

run cmd as administrator


  • Type ipconfig/ release and hit Enter, this will release IP address assigned to you.
  • Now type ipconfig/ renew and hit Enter to get a new IP address

discord no route


  • Restart your computer and try connecting again



  • Open System preference by locating at the left-hand top on Apple icon
  • Once system preference is up, look for Network and click on it
  • Now choose the connection you are using between WiFi and LAN
  • After selecting your network, click on Advanced which is located near the bottom corner.
  • New windows will come up, select TCP/IP tab from the top row.


Renew DHCP lease in MAC


  • Now look right next to IP address you will find a button “Renew DHCP lease” click on it
  • Once done restart your computer and try connecting to a Discord voice channel to check whether you have fixed Discord no route or not.


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Solution #8: Flush DNS Cache

The Domain name system (DNS) translates the domain name to IP address on your computer so that the browser can load the web resources.

The DNS Cache saves a record of all web address and pages which you recently visited, which helps to load those web pages faster when you visit next time.

Probably sometime the location or address of the webserver may changes before it gets updated on the DNS Cache and give you Discord no route.

This can be simply done clearing discord cache                                            

Note:- These all solutions are tested as recommended by many users

Let’s fix this problem



  • Type CMD in the search box, right-click on cmd to run as an administrator.
  • Type the command ipconfig/flushdns and hit Enter


  • Wait till you see the message “Windows IP configuration successfully flushed the DNS resolver Cache”
  • Restart the computer and try connecting to your Discord voice channel to check if your Discord rtc connecting no route has been fixed or not


  • Open Terminal, you can open directly by typing on the search box located on the right-hand top or by going to Applications, selecting Utilities and then Terminal
  • Once the terminal box is up, type dscacheutil –flushcache and hit Enter
  • Now type sudo killall –HUP mDNSResponder and hit Enter
  • Make sure you have the admin password as it will ask you the password before running the command
  • Restart the computer and check your Discord voice channel



Solution #9: Update Discord

We have to try all possible ways to fix this Discord no route problem; I personally recommend this way as well.

Sometime our outdated Discord may create a problem while connecting to the Discord voice channel. So please update your discord if updates are available,

Follow steps to update Discord

  • Type Windows + R key to open RUN box
  • Type %appdata% in the box and click OK


%appdata% for roaming folder



  • Roaming folder will come up, look for Discord folder
  • If Discord updates are available, you will find the update.exe file within the Discord folder


update discord


  • Run the file and restart the Discord



Solution #10: Close all other Apps

Several apps running may cause the Discord no route issue as many third-party apps block some features

Follow steps to close all other apps

  • Press Windows + R key to open RUN box
  • Type taskmgr in the box and click OK
  • Task Manager will now come up, look for all apps in the Apps and Background process which you don’t need and close them for a while to make sure none of those apps is creating problems



Solution #11: Run WebRTC to fix Discord no Route

WebRTC is an amazing ground-breaking technology that is not just for Audio/ Video but also capable of transmitting other high-speed data.

Discord Voice and Video features are carried out by using WebRTC.

You can run WebRTC from to test your computer or browser supports or is compatible with WebRTC or not.

This test will check the network, microphone, camera, and other settings.


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Solution #12: Use Browser to access Discord

This solution is just to make sure whether the problem is with the Discord app or network. Use any browser to open

Once the website is up, follow these steps

  • Once the website comes up, you will see two buttons saying Download for Windows or Open Discord in your browser
  • Click on open discord on your browser
  • Put your credentials and start using a Discord voice channel

If this works, you can continue using Discord as this fixed Discord no route.



Frequently Asked Questions


Question: –  What does no route mean in Discord?

Answer: –  No route in Discord occurs when your ISP is unable to connect to voice channel in a Discord server.

This can be because of link dropouts, VPN, and Firewall restrictions.



Question: –   What does RTC mean in Discord?

Answer: – RTC (Real-Time Chat Service) is a real-time chat service through which we chat on Discord, so if RTC is stuck connecting, you won’t be able to do voice chat




Discord has been loved and accepted by many users especially in the gaming industry.

People connected with friends and clients on Discord can’t afford to lose them just because of any technical issues.

While streaming or doing daily business meetings/conferences we really hate facing any issues.

The good news is that we quickly bring some good troubleshooting steps to fix such problems so that you can continue your work.

As we understand the priority and delay. Users new on Discord can learn Discord screen share and other features.

Please let us know if this article fixed your issue, and if not please leave your message in the comment box.

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