Computer running Slow | Computer running slow windows 10

The computer is running slow, how to fix Computer  Issues

My computer is slow

Computer running slow windows 10 ? and you cant use it smoothly or maybe you are trying to do some important work and computer keep on hanging and stuck in between. Even the people love to play Online games they have more issues
No need to worry try all the instructions and you won’t be having any issues.

Before Fixing

  • Make sure you follow all these instructions at least twice a month, it won’t take more than 8 to 10 minutes.
  • Regular optimization prepares your device and makes it run smoother and faster.
  • Anywhere you feel confused while doing this feel free to call 1866-244-3059 for free support (only Senior Citizen) for others just $29.99.

Let’s Start Optimizing your Computer (WINDOWS)

or call support 1215-857-8124

1. Stop and End all the process running in the background from Task Manager

  • Go to task manager and End all the apps in the apps section which you are not using, more and more apps you open your Computer will go more slowly or may stop responding.

2. Uninstall all your Applications which are not in use to stop Computer running slow Windows 10

  • Go to Control panel and look for Add or Remove Programs  or type RUN in the search box which is on the bottom left
  • a small box of RUN will appear on the left-hand corner
  • in the Run box type appwiz.cpl and click Ok
  • You will get a box of add or remove programs, select the applications which are not in use or you don’t identify and uninstall it by making right-click on it.
    How to open Uninstall or change program though run an

3.  Manage start-up Programs and bring all processors on work.

When you boot(start) your Computer several programs and applications under startup boot at the same time with Windows and make it load very slow, so the first thing we need to do is to disable all those apps and programs from start-up and bring all processors on work. Computer running slow windows 10

  • Open RUN again and type MSCONFIG and click ok,
  • System Configuration box will appear,  go to the Startup tab and click open task manager.
  • All Programs will appear on the screen with status, disable all those third party programs and hit ok and apply. (disabling startup won’t affect your programs)
  • Again in System Configuration box you will find the Boot tab, click on it and go to Advanced options and check the box of Number of Processors and from the drop-down select the maximum number you see hit apply and ok.
  • Manage start-up programs from System Configuration

Start up screen in System Configuration

How to increase number of processors on Windows Computer

Still, do you think its a challenge to do all, Contact me for Free Support

4. Delete Browser History, Temp or you can run any cleaner software like CCleaner.

While working on Browsers and browsing sites related to Social media, Banking, Online Games, etc it gives very bad performance just because there are a lot of junks inside your browser.

So as soon as you clear them all you will find big changes, follow the steps

  • Open RUN and type temp and hit ok, temp screen will come up select all files by clicking Ctrl+A  and than Shift+Enter to delete those file permanently
  • Go to Run and type %temp% and hit ok, temp screen will come up select all files by clicking Ctrl+A  and than Shift+Enter to delete those file permanently
  • Open RUN and type Prefetch and hit ok, temp screen will come up select all files by clicking Ctrl+A  and than Shift+Enter to delete those file permanently
  • Go on settings of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome and delete the history and reset the browser.


This all will definitely help you if your computer is not more than 3 years old

if it is more than 3 years old and you want your Computer to work as like Brand new Computer

Call me at +1215-857-8124 for free support(only for Senior Citizens )

Still, if your problem is not listed, please mention it in the comment section. Or if you want me to help you with some other problems write the subject on the comment.

Thank you for being with, if you liked the article please spread it


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