Get Chime Spot Me Cash back

Get Chime Spot Me Cash Back in 2022 (Walmart & Others)

Chime is an amazing platform that provides banking services and Chime spot me cash back is one of the services through which you can enjoy the free overdraft service.

Chime offers a No-fee overdraft of up to $200 with spot me for which there is a minor condition.

In this chime guide, I will take you through the below topics

  • Can you get Cashback with Chime Spot me?
  • How to Get Chime Spot me Cash Back? And what does this service covers
  • Eligibility for Chime spot me cashback?
  • Chime Spot me Cashback at Wallmart, Wallgreens, and other locations.

Just stick to this article so that you can get the complete information in simple and easy words.

Can you Get Cash Back with Chime Spot Me?

Probably you are an existing Chime customer or want to be, but there might be a question in your mind can you get cash back with chime spot me?

Yes, you can withdraw chime spot me cash back from 60,000+ ATMs and 40,000+ retail locations like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, 7 eleven, and dollar general.

But you need to check the eligibility as well to enjoy the Spot Me cash back service, but first, let me tell you what is Chime Spot me in simple words.

With the Chime Spot Me service, you can even go with transactions that overdraw your account up to $200 without any fee.

The good news is that this transaction also covers cash, so let’s have a look at eligibility.

Eligibility for Spot Me Cash Back?

Chime is growing day by day and offering services like spot me is one of the reasons that make it more popular. This service gives customers a better option to go with chime as the bank on another hand charges fees up to $35  for an overdraft transaction.

I know after knowing the amazing benefits of Spot me you might be more interested in knowing whether you are eligible for this spot me, if yes then how to get spot me?

So let’s come to the point, in order to enjoy spot me cash back service, you first need to make a single deposit of $200 into your chime checking account within the last month.

Be careful this deposit should be done through Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) from your employer, payroll provider, gig economy prayer, benefits prayer, or by Original Credit Transaction (OCT).

So once the deposit is done, your limit for chime spot me cash back will appear in your chime app. This limit will be between $20 to a max of $200.  Once you agree with Chime’s terms and conditions you can start using Spot Me services.

How to Get Chime Spot Me Cash Back at Wallmart and other Stores?

I guess you have deposited the amount of $200 in your Chime account and you are now eligible to enjoy the Spot Me service.

So how to use this Chime spot me cash back. First, you need to check your available limit in your Spot Me account.

How to Set up and Check the limit of Spot Me Cash Back?

Once you have deposited $200 within the qualified time of Chime Spot Me terms, you will see a message at the top of the Chime app inviting you to set up Spot Me.

This means you are eligible for the spot me, click on Setup and follow the steps.

NOTE: You can not do overdraw transactions until you have gone through the SpotMe setup.

How to Use Chime Spot me Cash at Stores

Read the steps below carefully as this will help you to understand how Chime spot me cashback works.

  • Visit any supported store like Walmart and first check the main balance that you have in your Chime account.


  • Let’s say if you have $10 in your chime account, purchase any product from the store that comes under your SpotMe limit.


  • From the chime app, open the Self-checkout register and then scan the item you want to purchase.


  • Tap on the Pay button and then insert your card into the POS machine.


  • Now you will get an option Would you like Cash back?


  • Proceed with Agree and then choose the cashback amount (choose the cashback amount within your spot me limit).


  • Finally, enter your Chime card pin and collect your cash from the machine.

Hopefully, you are now clear that how basically spot me cash back works and how to use it. Let me share some more information with you about this Chime spot me cash back.


What does Chime Spot me Cover?

This is important for you to know what all types of transactions are covered by the Chime Spot me and what types are not covered.

You must be aware of when and how to use spot me cash backs.

Chime SpotMe Covers

  • Debit Card Purchases
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Cash Back 

Chime SpotMe does not cover

  • Funds transfer to friends or relatives
  • Auto debits of bills
  • Transfer to other apps like Venmo
  • Chime checkbook transactions

However, the basic and important part is covered where you can withdraw cash and shop with Spot Me in almost all the stores.

Do you Pay Back Chime SpotME?

Yes, you need to pay back Chime SpotMe later by depositing funds in your Chime checking account. If you transfer funds from another account to Chime account then you will need a Chime Routing number and account number.

Chime SpotMe cash back service is like a credit that you get at the time when you have either low or no balance in your Chime account.

This procedure runs in a simple way, use SpotMe cash back and pay them back later so that you can further also enjoy the service.

In case you fail to deposit the money, it may affect your credit score as well.

Chime SpotMe Cash Back not Working

Now there will be many points and circumstances where you may have trouble using SpotMe cash back.

There can be multiple reasons behind SpotMe cash back not working and you must keep all these reasons in your mind.

  • The SpotMe feature is not enabled in your chime account.   

  • SpotMe cashback works only when your Chime main balance goes in negative. So if the total shop amount does not exceed the chime balance, you won’t get cashback. 

  • You have exceeded the SpotMe cash back limit. SpotMe limit can be changed. So check your SpotMe limit in the Chime app and then accordingly do the transaction. 

  • Make sure you are using the proper way to shop through SpotMe to get cashback. You won’t be receiving any cashback if you purchase or withdraw from Chime’s main balance. 

  • You have made a transaction that is not covered by SpotMe for the cashback. Transactions like sending money to friends or transferring funds to other wallets are not covered by SpotMe for cashback.

If you have tried all the above instructions and still nothing worked then contact Chime support for more information. 


How to Use Chime SpotMe without a Card?

You can enjoy SpotMe services without a card. Two major benefits of SpotMe are cash withdrawal and purchase from the store, and for both of them, you need a card.

Chime SpotMe with a Negative balance?

If you have already exhausted the cash back limit given from SpotMe then you need to pay that back first by depositing funds in your Chime checking account.
It’s just like a credit that you get at the time when you have a low or no balance in your SpotMe account.

Can I overdraft Chime without SpotMe

No, you cannot overdraft with Chime without activating SpotMe cash back.
Chime only offers banking services and your transactions will be declined if you do not have enough funds in your account. 

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