How to Change Billing Address on Amazon – (App & Desktop)

Amazon gives you the flexibility to change your billing address at any time but there are some exceptions. In this article, you will see how to change the billing address on Amazon desktop and mobile app.

I will also take you through a few related pieces of information like, can you change the billing address once the order is placed?

But before everything, I think it’s important to clarify the difference between the billing address and the shipping address.

Billing Address in Amazon – The billing address is the address on which your debit or credit card is registered. Amazon will generate a bill on the same billing address.

So basically this is a kind of your permanent address where you live.

Shipping Address in Amazon – The shipping address is the address that you specify at the time of order and instruct amazon to deliver the product to that address.


How to Change Billing Address on Amazon (Desktop)

Amazon allows you to change the billing address easily both from the desktop and app. First, let’s see how to change it from your desktop PC.

  • Open and log in with your account. 

  • Hover up on the Account & lists drop-down located at the right-hand top of the screen and from the list click on Account. 

  • Once the Account page is up, look for Your Payments and click on it.

    How to Open Payment option in Amazon
    How to Open Payment option in Amazon


  • Here you will see all the cards in the Wallet tab linked with Amazon. Click on the card that you are currently using and for which you want to change the billing address. 

  • Now click on Edit and on the right-hand side you will see your billing address.

    How to change card details on AMazon


    How to change card details on Amazon


  • Below the address, you will find the change option, click on it and fill in your updated billing address.

    How to Change billing address on Amazon


    How to Change billing address on Amazon

Once done save the settings, and from now onwards this new billing address will be used for that card on Amazon.


How to Change Billing Address on Amazon (Mobile App)

Changing the billing address on Amazon mobile app is also very easy and you can easily change it by following the below simple steps.

  • Launch the Amazon app and make sure you are logged in with the right account for which you want to change the address.

  • Tap on the hamburger icon ≡ at the right-hand bottom corner of the Amazon app and then tap on Account or Account Settings.

    Manage Payment Option on Amazon app


    Manage Payment Options on the Amazon app
  • Now scroll down to the Amazon Pay section and then tap on Manage Payment options.

  • Here, under Wallet, you will see all your cards linked to Amazon. Choose the card for which you want to change the billing address and tap on Edit. 

    How to change billing address on Amazon app
    How to change the billing address on the Amazon app

  • Now you will see your billing address here, tap on it and then tap on Add an address to update your new billing address.

Okay, so you have now successfully changed your billing address on Amazon.

When to Change Billing Address

I am sure you may have your own reason to change your Amazon billing address and that is the reason you are here.

But there can be many other circumstances where you should change your billing address.

  • You are purchasing something from Amazon on behalf of your friends, colleagues, or relatives.
  • Your billing address is different on the debit or credit card.
  • Recently moved to new location or house.

These are a few major circumstances where you must change your billing address.  You may need to enter your routing number and account details in case you add a checking account of a bank like HarborOne.

At the same time keep the shipping address also in your mind where you want the order to be delivered.


Does Amazon Verify Billing Address

Amazon always keeps customer security on priority and so there are many circumstances where you will have to verify your billing address.

If you place an order on Amazon with your friend, relative or colleague card you may receive an email from Amazon to verify the billing address of the card through which you have placed the order.

Now, this is for security purposes where Amazon wants to assure that there is no fraudulent transaction.

Amazon may ask you to submit the following documents of the card owner.

  • Complete Address of the Owner
  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof (that contains the billing address)

You need to submit these all documents within a time frame decided by Amazon or else your account will get suspended.

NOTE:- Be careful and verify that the email you have received is from Amazon only. You can also call Amazon customer support in order to recheck.


Can Amazon’s billing address be different from the shipping address?

Yes, the billing address and shipping address can be different on Amazon.

As explained above Amazon’s billing address is to verify the card owner and the shipping address is where Amazon will deliver the product.

How to change the billing address on Amazon for the order already placed?

You can change your billing address on Amazon for the order already placed. Now your question might be that can I really change the billing address from Amazon when an order is placed from another person’s card.

You just need to follow the above steps and change the billing address. In the worst case, your order may get canceled but at least you will not have to submit the document of the person from which you have placed the order.

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