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Can You Use a Gift Cards on DoorDash

Gift cards, plastic cards, and other online payment systems have been more convenient now to pay your bills and your orders. But can you use a gift cards on Doordash to pay for your orders?

There is no perfect answer to Yes or No. Keep reading the article and you will get to know that does Doordash take gift cards, if Yes then what kind of cards are accepted.

I will brief everything in this guide that can you pay Doordash with gift cards if yes then how to use a gift card on Doordash.


Can You Use a Gift Cards on DoorDash

Yes, you can use a gift card on Doordash but that should be a Doordash gift card.

Other standard gift cards like Visa, American express, Vanilla, or Walmart gift cards are not currently accepted by Doordash. Even any restaurant gift cards are also not accepted.

So only the Doordash gift card would work on Doordash and it can only be purchased with a credit card. 

Now you might have a couple of questions, so keep reading to get all your answers.


NOTE :- Be aware of Pornographic Virus Alert on PC asking for Gift Cards


What is Doordash Gift Card?

Doordash allows you to share your love with your family and friends. You can gift them a Doordash gift card through which they can have a good time by ordering food from restaurants.

Doordash gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash and can be used in restaurants, grocery stores, pet supplies, and more.

If you are confused about what to gift your loved ones then better pick a door dash gift card and let them have a wonderful day. 

These cards can be gifted through email, mail, and text messages. So, let’s see how you can purchase it as you must be aware of everything.


How to Purchase Door dash Gift Cards on Mobile App?

Purchasing gift cards from Door dash can be easily done from both mobile and PC by simply visiting their website.

How to Purchase Door dash gift cards from the mobile app?

  • Launch the Door dash app and then tap on Account at the very right-hand bottom. 
  • From the Account look for Gift Cards and tap on it. Then tap on Buy Gift Card. 
  • Now choose the amount, Delivery option, Recipient name, and other detail.  
  • Once done tap on Add to Cart and then enter your card details to purchase a gift card.



How to Purchase Door dash gift cards from PC?

  • Open any browser like Google Chrome on your PC and open Doordash website. 
  • Scroll down to the very bottom of the footer of the website and click on Gift Cards which will be under the “Get to Know us” category. 
    How to Buy Doordash Gift Cards
    How to Buy Doordash Gift Cards



  • Click on Buy Gift Card, choose Gift card Value, Delivery option, Recipient name, and other information. Once done click on Add to Cart. 
    Does doordash take gift cards
    Does Doordash take gift cards?



  • Enter the payment details and you are all done.

However, there are a few occasion-based Doordash gift cards offered from other retailers like Amazon and Walmart that you can check on the Internet.

So how people can redeem these Door dash gift cards to order food.


How to Redeem and Use Doordash Gift Cards?

If you have purchased or been gifted with Doordash gift cards then you can easily redeem them by below simple steps.

    • Launch any browser like Google Chrome and open a Doordash website.  
    • Make sure you are logged in to the door dash account. If you don’t have an account with Doordash, then click on Sign up to get registered. 
    • Once logged in click on the ☰ hamburger icon at the left-hand top and from the drop-down choose Gift Card. 
    • The gift card page will now be up. Here you will see Have a gift card here? Redeem it here. 
      How to Radeem Doordash Gift card
      How to Radeem Doordash Gift card


  • Type the gift card pin that you have in the box and then click on Redeem Gift Card.

I hope this was easy to do and you can easily redeem the Door dash gift card and use it for Doordash orders.


Can you use a Visa Gift Card on Doordash?

No, unfortunately not and as of now, you can only use Doordash gift cards on the Door Dash. 

Even you can not purchase a Doordash gift card with a Visa gift card. So, the answer to can you use a Gift Cards on DoorDash or not is only yes for Doordash gift cards.

In order to know the cause I made some more research and got no specific reason from Doordash for not accepting Visa gift cards.

I have seen people asking why my Visa gift card has been declined on Doordash? It’s actually not declined, as they don’t accept Visa gift cards.

They only apologize saying they will have this service soon.


Can I use a Vanilla gift card on Doordash?

No, Doordash does not accept Vanilla gift cards for ordering on Doordash.

Vanilla gift cards are another best gift cards that never expire. It’s one of the best ways to gift someone or make safe payments.

Apart from Visa and Vanilla, door dash does not accept any other gift cards as well like AMEX and Walmart.


Can you use Restaurant Gift Cards on Doordash?

No, door dash does not accept Restaurant gift cards on Doordash.

Restaurant gift cards are an amazing way to purchase for yourself or gift any of your foodie friends and family members.

Most people might be thinking that restaurant gift cards should be accepted as Doordash is also a part of food delivery.

But unfortunately no and I am expecting that door dash may accept these gift cards in the future soon.


Can you use a Mcdonald’s gift card on Doordash?

No, Mcdonald’s Gift cards cannot be used on the Door Dash. You will need to buy a Doordash gift card to use in Doordash that can be purchased with your credit card.

I have rechecked all the information as of June 2022 and no other gift cards are accepted by door dash.

However, we are expecting that Doordash would soon accept these gift cards in the future. Kindly speak to Doordash customer support and make a request for this and hopefully, Doordash would consider this on priority if requested by several people.


CONCLUSION on Can you use a Gift Cards on DoorDash

Hopefully, you are now aware that can you use a gift cards on Doordash or not. All the information shared in this guide is authentic and updated.

I understand many of you might be disappointed because Doordash doesn’t accept gift cards like Visa, AMEX, Vanilla, and Restaurants.

While doing research for this article, I spoke to the Doordash team and got to know that is working on this and will surely be available with this feature in the future.


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