Can You Get Scammed on Cash App Sugar Daddy

Can You Get Scammed on Cash App Sugar Daddy – 2022 Alert

Most of the cash app users like you have a question “can you get scammed on cash app sugar daddy”. The answer is Yes, you can get scammed with a sugar daddy Cash App scam.

This scamming procedure is done in different ways where mostly scammers send fake money to the victim’s account and then ask for some money back through different ways like gift cards.

Now, this is not only the way these people scam as there are many different ways these people can scam you.

I spoke to many victims and I will share here how they were scammed. After reading this whole article, I promise you will know everything about this sugar daddy cash app scam and will be capable enough to deal with these scammers.


How can you Get Scammed on Cash App Sugar Daddy?

Depending on your age you may meet people online who can be either sugar daddies or sugar girl scammers. These scammers mostly contact through dating sites, social media, and sometimes also through text or phone calls. 

They mostly offer to be a sugar daddy and promise to send you some good amount of money which is fake.

Let me explain first what is Sugar daddy or Sugar Girl.


What is a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Girl?

Sugar Daddy or mommies are basically the old and richest seniors who basically look for younger people as their companions and in return, they offer a good sum of money or gifts.

But these days their many scammers who identify themselves as a sugar daddy or mommies or sugar girl and try to scam people.

This process works in 2 ways, first, you must know in which category you are.

  • Sugar Daddy scammers look for sugar girls and scam them.
  • Sugar girls scammers look for sugar daddies or mommies and scam them.


How does Sugar Daddy Cash App Scam work?

In Sugar daddy scams, these scammers will connect you through dating sites, social media or text messages, and even phone calls.

Now as these fake sugar daddies offer some good sum of money or gifts, many girls fall into a trap and give it a try by accepting their offer.

These offers work in 2 conditions or scenarios.

  1. These people will connect with girls and say that he is looking for a sugar girl and want to spend money on her. He will offer you like $3000 p/m and then ask you to send some processing fee or an upfront fee to complete the transfer.

  2. Scammers will send you fake money and further apologize for sending some extra money. Then they will ask you to send the extra money back to them in a different way.


Sugar Daddy Scammers asking for Upfront Cash App Fee from Sugar Girls

Once sugar daddy scammers are connected with sugar girls, they will start making conversations. 

During conversations, these sugar daddy scammers will ask about your personal life like your financial problem as they need a strong point to start their scamming procedure.

Mostly these sugar girls start talking about their financial problems and then these sugar daddies reassure her that they will help and offer money.

Fake sugar daddy cash app
Fake sugar daddy cash app


They take any random amount like he will send $3000 and will for your cash app ID.

After getting your cash app tag ID they will send you a screenshot of the cash app that says “sending money needs a fee of $20 or $30 to complete the payment”.

He will request to send that money and once that money is sent to them, they will just block you or either try asking for some more money.

Victim’s conversations with these Sugar Daddy Scammers

Victim 1 – Met a guy named John on Instagram through a comment on her reel.

  • John:- Hey, you look so beautiful, I am John from California. I have something for you can DM me, please.


  • Victim:- Hi John, you asked me to inbox you. How are you?


  • John:- I am good, where are you from?


  • Victim:- I am from Illinois.


  • John:- Honey, I am looking for a loyal sugar baby and I will pay you $5000 every month and also take care of your bills. Can I trust you?


  • Victim:- Yes, I will try to continue your trust in me.


  • John:- Sounds good to me, I am sending you $5000 now, need your cash app tag ID and email ID as well.


  • Victim: Okay and Thank you.


  • John:- Honey, I am trying to send money but it’s asking for a $100 free deposit that you need to do in order to verify the account. Please send this and I will $5000 right after that.


  • Victim:- Okay, I am sending

Once she sent the payment, I realized this sugar daddy was a scammer as he blocked on CashApp and also on other social accounts.


Victim 2 – About a month back, I got a DM on my Facebook from a guy called Kevin Richards that is probably his fake name 

  • Kevin Richards:-  Hello Beautiful sugar I am a Sugar daddy and looking for a sugar baby to help financially and spoil with my money. If you are interested I will be giving you $2000 every week and will sort all your bills and take your full responsibility. Are you interested in my love?


  • Victim 2 – I was a little suspicious so I visited his Facebook profile that seemed legit so I responded to him back after a day. “That is sweet and I am interested”.


  • Kevin Richards:- I hope you will be loyal to me and I just want that you should talk to me on phone, make me happy. Give me your cash app ID and email.


  • Victim 2:– I was again suspicious but still I have him my cash app tag ID and email.


  • Kevin Richards:- I am sending you the first $2000 now, let me know once you receive it.


  • Victim 2:- I got an email from the cash app saying payment is on hold and I need to pay a $200 clearance fee to accept the payment.


  • Kevin Richards:- Sorry honey for this but sometimes the cash app does this so just pay $200 to clear your $2000 and I will pay you $200 extra in the next payment.


  • Victim 2:- I was totally in a trap and unfortunately, I paid him $200.

As soon as I sent him the payment he blocked me on the cash app and Facebook as well. Further, I realized that the email was not from the cash app and I got scammed.

They may even ask you to pay through a check deposit on the cash app, so you need to be careful everywhere.

Scammers Paying Extra money to Sugar Girls and then Asking Back

This method of scamming is more dangerous where girls get scammed with more money. 

So basically they will transfer money to you which will reflect in your account. Then they will say that they have sent some extra money and ask you to return that back.

Now the money these scammers sent is either fake or sent from someone else account. 

  • They may use stolen credit or debit cards to send money. So the money will come to your account but as this is from a stolen debit/credit card bank will take the money back.
  • You may receive a fake email from the cash app that you have received the money. 

There are different and many more ways used by these scammers to steal your money. You may also read about Pornographic Virus Alert Scam and IRS Scam as well.


How to Spot Fake Sugar Daddy Cash App Scam?

This may become difficult to spot sugar daddy or sugar girl cash app scams as there are many legitimate sugar daddies and sugar girls.

Let me explain with an example if any sugar girl receives such an opportunity to get a sugar daddy she would never want to let that opportunity go out of her hand.

So the problem is how to know you are dealing with a legit sugar daddy or a scammer.

  • Real Sugar daddy won’t be in so hurry as like these scammers.

  • Sugar daddy scammers will ask you to pay someone as a clearance or upfront fee on the cash app.

  • He may send you to a local store like Walmart to get gifts cards.

  • Scammers may even ask for your cash app login credentials with an excuse that their cash app limit is exceeded and they will directly deposit money in your wallet.

  • If they really send you money and say that by mistake they sent you some extra money, please return it back then they are scammers. 

What you can do to clarify and catch these sugar daddy scammers. 

  • Investigate their social profiles, and look at their profile like friend lists.

  • He starts flirting very quickly.

  • He will not ask for any emails until there is any genuine reason.

  • Ask him to meet first and sugar daddies scammers will always avoid this and would deny a meeting.

  • If you receive an email from the cash app then please check the full email address as verified emails from the cash app will always be from,, or

When he asks you to send the money for clearance, negotiate with them saying that you don’t have that kind of money in your account.

If he says how much you can afford now or pay whatever you have, then he is a Sugar daddy scam.



Can I get scammed by giving someone my cash app?

Sharing your cash app tag ID won’t be a problem but never share your cash app login credentials with anyone.
So yes, you can get scammed by giving someone your cash app login details.

Can you get scammed on the cash app sugar daddy bitcoin?

Yes, you can get scammed on the cash app sugar daddy bitcoin. These scammers would ask you to verify your bitcoin with a small fee like $80 or $100 to complete the payment roll verification or a clearance fee.

So better avoid such people, they are scammers, and keep in mind anyone who offers you something and asks money first is mostly a scammer.

Can you get in trouble for accepting money from a sugar daddy?

It totally depends, if you accept money from a legit sugar daddy they will just move forward with a deal and you won’t have any problem.

But if any sugar daddy first sends you the money and then asks for some money back then he is probably a Sugar daddy scammer. 

This is a part of the Cash app sugar daddy scam where they first send you either fake or stolen money and then ask for some money back.

Sugar daddy asking for cash app and email  

Be careful, there are many cash app sugar daddy scammers who scam through your cash app.
They also ask for your email so that they can send you a fake email from a cash app to scam you.
Keep in mind if you receive an email asking to deposit any kind of clearance fee, then it’s a scam.

How do sugar daddies transfer money?

These days fake Sugar daddies are mostly using cash apps to transfer the money. Real sugar daddies may make a direct deposit in your bank account.

In Sugar Daddy’s scams, they may ask for your cash app credentials, your PC access through remote software.

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