Can you Deposit a Paper Check on Cash App

Can you Deposit a Paper Check on Cash App in 2022 – Revealed

There is a new mystery that comes out when it comes to the question of that can you deposit a paper check on the cash app.

This mystery has reached the level of Mount Chiliad mystery on grand theft auto online nowadays. Now some people say yes you can deposit and some say no you can’t.

So, I spent many hours researching by digging into this topic to find the right answer for you.

In this guide, I will take you through the answer that can you cash a check on the cash app or not, if yes then how to deposit a check on the cash app.

Can you Deposit a Paper Check on Cash App?

Specifically, the answer for can you deposit a check or money order through the cash app platform is basically both yes and no based on a few reasons

Now many users have this feature and many do not, as it depends on the eligibility.

As most of the users see the option of cash app mobile check deposit, so you can simply check if this feature is available on your app.

However, the check deposit option seems to be a mandatory option where this really satisfies the customer and makes it convenient to deposit a check through the cash app only.

So how you can check whether you have the feature of check deposit or not.


How to Find the Check Deposit Feature of my Cash app?

Recently I have seen in a forum where a user commented that the check deposit feature is only available when you upgrade your account.

But, this doesn’t seem authentic information as many others replied that they tried upgrading their account but still can’t see this feature.

You can check the availability by tapping on the dollar sign with the amount and on the next screen, you can look for the Check deposit option.

In case it doesn’t appear on the main screen then tap on Deposit & Transfers and if you still do not find then it means you don’t have this option on your cash app.

If you find the option of “Deposit a Check“, follow the below steps to deposit a check.

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How to Deposit a Check on Cash App?

If you see the option of check deposit on your cash app then you can deposit the electronic check. This means you need to take the image of the paper check and submit it to the cash app.

Follow the below steps to deposit a paper check on the cash app.

  1. Launch Cash App on your phone and then tap on the balance dollar sign that would be probably at the left-hand top or bottom.


  2. From the options look for Deposit a Check and tap on it. In case you don’t find it then probably your cash app doesn’t have this feature.


  3. The next option would be to enter the amount, so you need to enter the same amount as in the check.


  4. In the next step, you need to submit the image of the check. Take a picture of both the front and backside of the check. 

Note:- Check should be endorsed and you must mention “for deposit only” just below the signature. 

So now you know how to deposit a paper check on the cash app, let’s see a few more related information about this procedure.


How long does it take to Cash Check online in Cash App?

If the scanned check is deposited to the cash app before 7 pm (EST) and between Monday to Friday then it would be available in your account within 4 business days. 

Once the check is deposited with the cash app mobile, generally the cash app team reviews the electronic check and may accept or reject the check.

So make sure you do not make any mistakes or it would get rejected and this may take a longer time to cash the check.

Once the check is successfully accepted and approved you will be notified either on the app or through the text message. Make sure you keep the check somewhere safe until the check is cleared as you may need it again.


Fee and Limit of Mobile Cash app Check Deposit

Okay here is the good news there are no charges to cash a paper check through the cash app.

I have not found any information and according to one of my relatives, he was not charged any money for depositing the check. So, I can say that the cash app does not charge any money to cash a check through the cash app mobile.

If I talk about the limitations then a check with the maximum amount of $3500 and 5 checks for the total amount of $7500 can be deposited every month with the cash app mobile.

I think that’s fair enough where you can deposit this kind of amount every month from the cash app without any charges.


Contact Cash App Customer Support for any Doubts or confirmation

I understand you still may have doubts or questions related to cash app check deposits even after reading this article.

Cash app customer support would be the best solution for you, where you can speak to them in order to verify either the information I shared here or consult them that can you deposit a paper check on the cash app.

  • Open your cash app and tap on the profile picture located at the right-hand top of the app. 
  • Scroll down a bit and then tap on Support and then choose Chat Support.
  • Once the agent is live, explain your issue and look for a satisfactory answer.

You better take your time and ask or clear all your doubts related to cash app check deposit on mobile.


Why is Cash App Direct Deposit not showing up?

If you don’t find the cash app direct deposit option in your app then you might not have this feature available for your cash app.
You can try updating the app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
You can also try connecting to Cash App customer support and let them know about this issue.

Cash App direct deposit bank name

There are two different banks for two different types of transactions. To issue a cash card the cash app bank is Sutton Bank and for direct deposit cash app bank is Lincoln Savings Bank.

Can I Deposit a check again on the Cash app if rejected?

It depends on the reasons why your check is rejected by the Cash App team. If the check deposited requires additional information then you can add it and resubmit it again.
But in case of any errors or mistakes in check will not be able to submit again as there can be no editing in check.
So you need to get another new check to apply again.


Cash app check deposit is an amazing feature and so far you learned that can you deposit a paper check on Cash App or not.

The answer was both YES and NO as few users have this option and few do not.

I would request the Cash App team to work on this and avail this feature to all-cash app users.

Let me know if you still have any doubts related to paper checks or money order deposits in the cash app. If you have additional tips, please share that too with our readers in the comment box.

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