YouTube Comments not Loading – FIXED (2021) – Phone & PC

YouTube is one of the top social media platforms and you must have a problem where YouTube comments are not loading and the circle keeps moving.

So either on phone or PC several times we have trouble loading YouTube comments and even it’s you may get a message saying Restricted mode has been enabled for the videos.

In this article, I will brief how to quickly load YouTube comments both on the phone and PC.


Why are YouTube comments not loading?

There can be multiple causes for YouTube comments not showing depending on the device and exact problem. I want to share the first few basic problems that YouTube users are facing.

  • YouTube comments not loading and stuck with a spinning circle
  • Comments section not showing

Though there are many other issues in this article we are discussing how to fix YouTube comments not loading or showing.

Basic Causes behind YouTube Comments not loading or Showing

  • Not signed in to YouTube Account
  • Browser or App Cache
  • Restricted mode on
  • Internet Issue
  • Comments disabled by the YouTube Creator


How to Fix YouTube Comments not loading (PC)

Here I am sharing 6 methods to fix this problem but before proceeding to the steps, I would recommend you to please reload the page and check again.

Many users ask how can I load all comments on YouTube quickly, so I would recommend follow the below steps or try opening YouTube in Incognito mode.


Method 1:- Make sure you are signed in to YouTube

In order to like, comment, or subscribe to any YouTube channel you must be signed in to YouTube. But several users reported that they also had trouble loading the comments just because they were not signed in.

You must have a Google id to log in to the YouTube account. You can easily sign in by clicking on the sign-in button located at the very right-hand top.

Sign in to YouTUBE
Sign in to YouTUBE

Once you are signed in the page will be reloaded and hopefully, your problem will be fixed.


Method 2:- Check your Internet Connection

Not only YouTube any webpage won’t load properly if the internet connection is slow or if there is a high frame drop.

This is another common cause behind YouTube comments not loading.

Turn off your Router, Modem, and PC for at least 2 minutes and then restart again. Try connecting through cable if you are connected to Wi-Fi. In case of a mobile hotspot reboot your phone and take the phone at the best network range.


Method 3:- Check other video comments

There are many videos for which comments are disabled by the YouTube creators and possibly you are on the same video.

Try browsing few more videos and check if you can access the comments for those videos or not. If yes then there is no problem on your end as it has been disabled by the uploader and if no then proceed to the next method.

Youtube comments not showing
Youtube comments not showing


Method 4:- Clear YouTube Cookies and Site Data

This is the most effective method to fix YouTube comments not loading problem. Web and App Caches are the common cause behind such related issues like pornographic virus alert pop-ups.

In this method, we will only clear YouTube Cookies and Site data from the Chrome browser.

Step 1:- Click on the 3 dot icon located at the very right-hand top of chrome and choose settings from the drop-down.

Step 2:- Now click on the “Privacy and Security” tab from the left-hand panel and then click on “Site settings”.

Chrome site settings
Chrome site settings

Step 3:- Scroll down to content and click on “Cookies and Site Data”. Now scroll down again and click on “See all cookies and site data”.

Chrome cookies and site data
Chrome cookies and site data

Step 4:- Here you will find Search cookies on the right top. Type YouTube on it and hit enter. Delete all the cookies of YouTube.

Youtube comments not loading on chrome
Youtube comments not loading on chrome

Step 5:- Once done restart the browser and check again



Method 5:- Reset Browser, Clear Browsing, and Cache Data

If Clearing YouTube cookies and site data didn’t work then probably some other web caches are creating problems.

Here we will clear chrome’s entire browsing data and reset to the default settings.

Step 1:- Click on the 3 dots located at the very right-hand top and choose Settings.

Step 2:- In the settings windows scroll down to Privacy and Security and then click on “Clear browsing data”.

Clear chrome browsing data
Clear chrome browsing data

Step 3:- Clear browsing data box will now be up. Click on the Advanced tab, select Time range to “All time” and check all the boxes except “Password” and “Autofill form-data”.

Click on “Clear Data” and wait until the process gets completed.

Youtube comments not showing on chrome
Youtube comments not showing on chrome

Step 4:- Once done scroll down to the bottom and click on “Advanced”. Again scroll down the bottom and click on “Reset settings” or “Restore settings to their original defaults”.

How to reset chrome settings
How to reset chrome settings

Step 5:- Restart chrome and check again if this fixed the problem. Also optimize your computer to remove all junk.


Method 6:- Check Restriction mode on Chrome

If you are unable to see the comments and get a message like “restriction mode has hidden comments for this video“.

This means you have enabled the restriction mode on chrome To turn off open on your chrome and then click on the profile picture. From the options choose Restriction mode that will be at the very bottom.

A small box will appear which says ACTIVATE RESTRICTION MODE. Click the switch to disable.

How to turn off youtube restriction mode
How to turn off youtube restriction mode


Method 7:- Disable Extensions like Ad Blocker

According to many users, they had a problem with YouTube comments not loading or showing just because of few chrome extensions like adblocker.

I would recommend removing all those extensions that you don’t identify or you don’t need. Disable Adblocker extension also to check if this is topping comments to load.

Step 1:- Click on the 3 dots, hover up to “More tools” and choose “Extensions”.

Step 2:- A new window of the extension will now be up with the list of all extensions installed. Look for all the extensions you don’t identify or not in use and click on remove.

youtube comments not opening
youtube comments not opening

Step 3:- For ad blocker there is a switch to enable and disable, click the switch to disable and restart the chrome browser.

How to Fix YouTube Comments not loading (Phone)

So far we discussed how to resolve YouTube comments not loading on chrome browser but here I will also explain how to fix this issue for the mobile users.

I am sharing 4 major fixes that will quickly resolve this problem.

Method 1:- Disable Restriction Mode

On your android and iPhone YouTube app if you can’t see comments or get the “Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video” message then it means restriction mode has been enabled on your device.

Follow the below instructions to turn off restriction mode on mobile.

Step 1:- Launch the YouTube app and then tap on the profile picture located on the very right-hand top. If you are not signed in to YouTube then please sign in with any google account.

Youtube comments not loading android
Youtube comments not loading android

Step 2:- Tap on Settings > General and then scroll down to the bottom to Restricted Mode. Tap on the switch to disable it. Reload the page and you will find the comments can now be seen.



Method 2:- Check comment of other videos

Like as discussed above many YouTube video comments are locked by the creator and you won’t be able to see those comments.

So in order to verify whether the comment is locked or the problem is on your end, kindly open any other videos and check the comment section.


Method 3:- Open YouTube in Incognito Mode

There is a private mode in YouTube call Incognito where the app doesn’t save any history or caches. Copy the link of the video URL and paste it in incognito mode to check if it’s working over there.

Launch YouTube app, tap on the profile picture on the very right-hand top and choose “Turn on Incognito mode


Method 4:- Clear YouTube Cache and data

This is another best and effective solution for this problem and worked many times for me as well as for the other users.

Step 1:– Open your phone settings, look for Apps or App manager and tap on it to open.

Step 2:- Now scroll and look for the YouTube app or you can also search by typing in the search option.

Youtube comments not showing android
Youtube comments not showing android

Step 3:- Tap on the YouTube app and then on Storage. Now at the bottom, you will find Clear Data and Clear Cache. Tap on both of them to clear, once done restart the phone.

I am sure if nothing worked this will surely work for you.



YouTube comments play an important role as this helps us know the conversation and feedback about any video. Many times we get our answers from the comment box either from the creator or any other user.

However, YouTube comments not loading or showing problems are not all the time but still it’s quite frustrating.

I have shared the most working methods for both phone and PC. Let me know which method worked for you and also let us know if you have any better solution.




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