Top 10 ways to keep your Computer and Online Credentials safe and secure 2019

Top 10 ways to keep your Computer and Online Credentials safe and secure with Internet Security threats  2019

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We all consider to be safe  in this high technology world with Internet Security threats 2019 

No matter we are using an outdated or updated version Device

Securing our Online credentials and Private Data is our own responsibility and we have to take some basic steps to keep everything secure from Internet Security threats 2019.

We should understand 80% of time device get compromised because of our small mistakes that we do on the Internet, what are those mistakes you can read in this article.

Most of the time out device get hacked just because of our own mistake. Not having any proper Firewall and Antivirus Protection results in stealing personal information, tricking you into revealing private data. Using that data to steal and extort everything from your business secrets and bank account to your identity.

Protect your Computer from Internet Threats

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What you should do to stop the Hackers and get secure with Internet Security threats 2019

All the below steps have their own importance if you follow all the instructions collectively than you are almost 95% safe.

1. Enable FIREWALL Protection

Firewall is very similar to a security guard at your home and office who only allows the authorized people entry and whomever he feels suspicious, guard stop them outside. Similarly, Firewall blocks all the suspicious and malicious websites to get on your device and only allows trustworthy content to come in.

In two major Operating system Microsoft and Apple its build in by default you just need to turn it on and make some proper settings. In case if you are sure how to do all this please don’t take much time to take the help of your IT technician.

If you have big scale business you should  purchase Firewall device

2. Enable ANTIVIRUS and ANTI SPYWARE Protection

Antivirus may slow down your Computer but it really plays a major role in protecting your data and privacy. Virus, Trojans and Key loggers are everywhere on the Internet, Antivirus Programs block such activities and keep secure with Internet Security threats 2019.

Anti-spyware is a program to prevent and detect unwanted spyware program installations and to remove those programs if installed.

Well, these are the paid protection which gives you the advanced option for the higher protection, please go ahead and get one if you don’t have any.

Please uninstall if you have any Free Antivirus or Anti-spyware software because instead of protecting it might create trouble for you.

3. Keep Strong and Complex password for Computer and Router

The more the passwords are stronger and complex more difficult it becomes for hackers to attack. The password should be long and of at least eight characters and a combination of numbers, upper- and lowercase letters, and computer symbols. You can use any of your secret stuff to make such a password.

Make sure if you get  a new Computer or Router, the very thing you have to do is to set a strong password to get secure with Internet Security threats 2019

4. Spam Emails and Phishing

Try ignoring your spam emails, only open once you are instructed by any of your service provider or by your know people as if their emails are not displaying on inbox.

Spams are full of suspicious emails that can create may contain phishing contents and adware, so be away of it.

Phishing is a very common tool and trick used by hackers, they create a phishing page of any legitimate institution to get individual personal information like their banking details, any online account details, and credit card information.

5. Ignore Sleep mode and shut down your Computer

Most of the time an Individual user business users do not shut their Computer off and simply leave it or put in sleep mode. We should know this more and more we are connected to the Internet more the chances are to be hacked. So please shut down the computer when you are not using it or before going for sleep.

You can also shut down your router when you are outside or before going to sleep because the devices demand rest too.

6. Encrypt your Local Data

Please Encrypt your data on Computer and other drives such as USB drive. In case even if your data has been compromised the hackers will just have the encrypted data which won’t be of any use for them. This also reduces the next hacking from them on the same device.

You can use Bit locker, File Vault or other similar programs to Encrypt the data.

7. Use VPN  and safe browsing tricks

Similarly like Encrypting Local data try to encrypt your internet(Http) data as well. If you are browsing on VPN internet your all data will be also encrypted and would be very hard for anyone to hack.

Browser and shop only on secure web traffic websites which has https on it

For all tricks

Safe internet browsers and tricks

8. Use two-factor Authentication

Passwords are very important for hackers, and their first priority is grabbing the password details.

Now, most of the online companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft let you enable two-factor authentication. This requires you to type in a numerical code in addition to your password when logging in.

Enable two-factor authentication to login into your account to get secure with Internet Security threats 2019.

9. Always Install updates of OS, Browser and Antivirus programs

Keep your browsers, OS, Apps, and Antivirus updated because most of the updates are for security.

Do not feel like you are always getting an update and its getting irritating. Whenever their is any security bug or new virus the company immediately launches its update to protect you against such online thefts and secure with Internet Security threats.

10. Keep Optimizing your Device

Even following all instructions sometimes we do make mistakes and allow some programs to get installed on our Computer.  Sometimes even we go on malicious websites like any porn sites. Optimize your computer twice a month to check all your mistakes and security. Optimizing device also improves the performance of your computer and make it faster.

Click the link  to follow how-to Optimize Computer

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Hope you follow all the above instructions, this might sound little time taking and difficult but trust me it’s not at all.

Its very simple to follow all these steps, once you start doing you will feel yourself.

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