Computer Online Training for Senior Citizens

Computer Online Training for Senior Citizens with personal Trainer

According to the Pew Research Center computer use among older adults has doubled and today, 67 per cent of seniors are using the Internet. Basic Computer classes for seniors making it possible for computer newbies to understand computer basic- and mid-level to advanced users.

Computer training school helps Seniors Citizens to learn many tricky and basic things about computers and their uses. Basic computer literacy is very important for Elder adults that help to keep themselves updated with all social site uses and Internet Security.

Many Seniors these days in the United States are the victim of Depression and Loneliness and according to a few surveys adults involvement in Computer helps a lot to divert their mind and they can also become a member of computer clubs for seniors through us.

Basic things we will train you with Live Trainer

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Computer Basic Lessons

Computer basic covers full information about all kind of devices, how to operate and full user guide.

These Basic Computer classes for the Seniors will help you to know all the basic information required


Be an Expert in Microsoft Office, Basic Computer classes for the Seniors

You need to be good in Microsoft office as well, see why

  • You can do any database job
  • you can maintain your business record
  • you can teach anyone
  • you can do research



How to be Safe and Secure on the Internet

Internet Security Threats has been increasing day by day, and we should be alert enough to understand the risk caused due to this. So we should know the tricks and way that how to do safe browsing. We also update with all kind of Online SCAMS like Pornographic Virus Alert from Microsoft scam.


Lessons on Social Media and Online Games

Many of our seniors have a challenge using social media accounts properly. Even they face any trouble while playing online games. Now in a few days, you will be an expert.

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